Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What a washout!

Quite literally, Exmouth has been hit with rain upon rain upon yet more rain :(  It really gets you down getting drenched on every walk, soaked dogs even with coats on! and mud! oh non glorious MUD! its everywhere, my van, my house, my clothes (....anyone remind me why i have dogs again???!! )

So no canine updates really, no season for daizymay STILL, no training for a month now, and been out to find some non muddy walks ( not easy!)  my field resembles a bog, but it does now contain an A-frame! 

I figure i will try and keep the blog running and up to date as much as possible, and combine a bit of pregnancy stuff aswell now as its starting to get obvious ! So this week im 16 weeks, i have felt the odd flutters of movement, either that or some very odd gas bubbles lol!At 14 weeks, i had some really bad crampy pains, the midwife called me in for a heartbeat check, very surreal when you hear it!
As always with me, nothing is ever simple! To explain a little more my sister has a rare x-linked chromosome disorder meaning she has a high risk of having boys with severe hydracephalous, both boys she has carried so far only made to 20 & 22 weeks before having to be terminated due to this.  I've been to the genetics clinic a few times lately but they still arent sure if im at risk of carrying the same genetic marker, so its a 1 in 8 chance i may not get to 20 weeks just yet. but as its getting more noticable, its had to be made public, we are trying our best not to worry too much!!
Obviously i've had harry,which was my point i tried to make at the genetics clinic, but that could mean he has my good 'x' with tim's good 'y', hopefully new baby will also carry my good gene (if there is a defective one) and james' good one too, but until the next few scans we cannot find out more :( at the moment, i have scans at 17 and 20 weeks, and then a specialist MRI in Bristol to confirm if they suspect a problem, which hopefully they wont!! I have a very straight talking consultant im dealing with, so if any doubts im sure he will let me know!!

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