Monday, 30 April 2012

Seasons change...

Well my jumps are settled into their new home! we have been really busy getting these sorted, the dog walk is moving up once this horrid weather passes us by! 
I know the gardens need it, but my field has had plenty now!!! 
The ground here is taking a real beating, its only been about a week of rain, 
but wow it seems a lot! 

Loki is having another season, not as obvious as the last one, and a bit early too! 
So that has taken us by surprise!

Dogs in need schedule is out today, i find out what im judging too!! 
Looks like smalls and mediums, lower levels, so thats nice classes usually :) 
Now to get working on some courses! 

May sees me doing a local show in wellington, and a training day for canine capers too, 
plus working on the list of training things to get done, 
AND making an a-frame too!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New addition :)

sadly not the 4 legged fluffy variety! ( for now!!) 
We have found a caravan that suited us!! finally!
4 berth, end bath room (will actual shower!)

Really looking forward to some camping shows now!!!
It is bigger than our previous caravans so i will have to learn how to use this one!

Friday, 20 April 2012

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new ~ Albert Einstein

We hired Fi's field again last week as i was off for most of the week during the factory shutdown time, it gave us the opportunity to run a full course, break it down and train the harder parts :)

Daizy is jumping full height!! She is working on nice open courses, before we put things closer together, however this week i have managed to work on front crosses (a la laura chudleigh ;-) with her which were really good!

Chase is running all of his training now at full height, unless its a longer session when we drop down to medium :) He is learning things quicker now we are training more! We had a short break from his 2x2 sessions as i couldnt committ to daily sessions with it, but we have now re started, and are onto 4 poles, he is very keen, but can get carried away, and if he is too excited will wing wrap the poles! So i am careful to keep things less exciting if that makes sense by using food/food related rewards, as toys can make him really silly! Just to be clear, when i say silly, chases has issues not knowing where his nose finishes, so when we play with toys, he gets OTT and will try and grab toys while in your hand, more often than not, he misses, and it hurts SO much! He is very strong, very full on, and gets very frustrated if he cant get to a toy, so food toys and food rewards help him keep calmer without getting over the top and frustrating himself, so thats what i mean by keeping things low key!!

Terra, as you can see is working on little bits, we have decided to see how she goes...she can run with lydia or harry in grade one, so courses should be simple. She hasnt shown any signs of stiffness while building her back up :)

Loki Loki Loki, after an awful attempt in the ring at kernow, harry has seen that he has to train much much more!! She has resorted to sniffing an awful lot, so we have gone back to old style, putting her on a decent length lead, using toy or food and keeping it exciting, and keeping sessions short! so far so good! With weaves, she doesn't like our swivel bases, so we are trying something slightly different with her, if it works, i'll post how!!lol!

Zig messed around an awful lot at kernow, i think dropping her to veterans may be the best move now!!

Meg has been doing some nice training, we still have wait, and first pole issues!! weaves are improving, we have slightly opened some channels for her and zig, they are both working well using them :)

Harv has had a few play sessions, doing some low jumps and tunnels, he loves it, especially with lydia running him :)

We went to a training in the ring session at canine capers, it was really good, i ran chase mainly, but did have a couple of runs with meg and with daizy too, lydia did some with Daizy & Terra too :) at the end, harv and loki also had a little play, nice for her in a different environment, but she was VERY sniffy on the horsey floor!!!

All is looking good, i have a few training sessions planned and booked, and im holding a few aswell!!