Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Rib having a white xmas

Some new pics of Rib in the snow - he is soooo gorgeous!!!!

Monday, 7 December 2009

meet the pups...

Mama-Mia, and her babies are Ice, Belle, Pie and Bert


well ive neglected the blog a little lately, but we have been so busy its unreal!
romi sadly didnt work out and yesterday with great sadness we took him back to his breeder jenny. I think a home that is slower pace is needed for him, it was all a bit too much unfortunately for him, and while he's left a big hole with us, i know we have done the right thing for him, which is the main thing:(

The other news is that as some people know im a sucker for waifs and strays and helping to rehome where and when i can, well a little cantankerous shih tzu has landed here, complete with 4 pups! the pups were born on the same day as the first litter of harrjaks celbrate their birthday, and mum was in a very bad state, full of matts, poo and god knows what else! big thanks to spotless grooming in exmouth for helping me out that day too!

mia and the pups are doing well, mia is looking for ahome if anyone can pass the info about, she is only about 18 months herself, and with some 1-1 she will do really well. she is also good with other dogs ( bossy of younger dogs) and fine with the cats and rabbits. grooming is painful and she will snap if given the opportunity, but im to understand its a breed thing!

Monday, 16 November 2009

dartmoor show

well as normal we came away with nothing, but lack of training just latley hasnt helped! after the match next weekend i'll have all winter to get meg working on the things we struggle with.... that'll be everything then!!!!
Romi is settling in well now, a few mis haps here and there still but thats to be expected! although poo-ing on my sofa wasnt appreciated!!! :( git!
still working on the rabbit obsession, but his general focus is good, unless there is really mad and fast moving tempatation ( reef playing by the ring on saturday!!) then its hard, and i have to remove him from the situation to get the attention back - but he is more focused that daizy, so hopefully we'll be able to work on this!

went for a group walk with all 8 dogs on sunday, he was very good, it was his first time in the week of having him he has been off lead! he stayed with us and recalled really nicely, tried hanging from meg, but she soon sorted that out...now if only she would with daizy!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

UKA Cornwall

Big well done to Claire and Wren on Winning their class by a clear 5 seconds! fab stuff!

little zigwig also managed a 2nd...although it wasnt clear! i was still very please as she kept herself together for a whole run! her agility was nice, and she made the weaves without skipping the middle! so very good day for her! Meg was a bit hyper and is being silly at the mo, she decided to launch off the seesaw, both times ....i put her back over properly thanked the judge and took her out via the last jump...her jumping was much better, i think we took a tunnel by mistake, but i had forgotten where i was going by then! by the time steeplechase was running she was off her trolley and was pinging here there and everywhere!!!

ah well dartmoor next week!!

meet roman...

Meet our new addition - Roman, aka Redcharisma the merchant!
He is settling in really well, a little TOO well at times!
A bit of a monkey, he is finding his feet, and daizy thinks he is great!

Monday, 2 November 2009

well done wrennie!

BIG well done to the lil red blob wren!
2nd show, and a 2nd place!!!
fab stuff, im sure its a great start of things to come!!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

harrjak hounds visit hound tor

We popped onto dartmoor this weekend, Jak's all time favourite place, he knows when we are there and starts to cry when we go over the first cattle grid! Harv and terra are monkeys here as they like to run out as far as possible before i call them back in, and holly is far too much of a 'stock rustler' to be allowed off lead, since losing her for an hour as a young dog ( well 4 is young!)after some sheep, she's never been off lead up here with any animals in sight since! I fear she would still have a go at chasing them now, i have no fear of her hurting them, but i know how damaging the shock of being chased can be for the sheep, so dont allow her off the flexi lead anywhere they are likely to be. Daizy and meg like to eat all the bunny currants up here and zig loves to roll in the grass! so they all have their favourite parts of being up here! jak and harv enjoy climbing on the rocks, harv thinks everyone on dartmoor is his mate and has to stare intensly at them before running over to say hello, but 27 kilo of big black dog running full pelt at you isnt nice!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

a few phone pics...

Jak & Holly
Crazy smiley daizy
harry & daizy
boog bunny

Monday, 12 October 2009

bad times!

my oldies are keeping us on our toes, and i think we now have paid enough to have shares in the vets!!! holly started last week off being very iffy, with d& v quite badly, being old and creaky, i worry that something more serious is happening, so off we went to see sandra who thinks it was an anal gland infection , a week on with emptied glands and anti b's she seems much better and back to her normal self!

then there was kipper, he managed to have his ear ripped and a tooth hole in his head on thursday morning, so off to a more local ( and far more expensive) vet here in exmouth, £70 later he's back out on his puppy harness...we had getting in the box 'issues'

then over the weekend, Jak has managed to pick up cystitis....well we hope that is all it is, he has umpteen tablets to take at various times, but had blood in his wee and has been very uncomfortable, i just assumed he was excited as we had james' parents down for the day, he was panting and running in and out, hardly weeing each time he was lifting his leg, in the end i caught some and had a look, not good, so i spoke to sandra who advised me what to give him that evening until surgery was open the following day, he managed to go from midnight to 5am without needing to go out, but at 5 was rushing around again to go, but until then he was a lot more settled, after the vet visit and a few tablets later, he was obviously feelingbetter as he had a few sleeps in between puffing, and slept all night too, i let him out at 12, then harry was first up this morning to let him out too, i have caught some more since then and its still looking bloody, sandra said there was a lot when she catheter in yesterday too ( james took him in while i sorted the pups at laurens for her)
have to ring in with a progress report on him today. seriously having fingers crossed it isnt anything more sinister x

Saturday, 3 October 2009

devongem pups

i went to see the popi reef pups today, they are very cute, nice and outgoing and really cheeky, the other dogs are really good with them, altho popi proper smiling when i came in was still the best bit! ( sorry pups!) some very different shapes within the litter, so will be interesting to see how they change in the next few weeks...!!
pop is being a fab mum, very like meg, i didnt have any battery left on my camera, and steve had loaned his out, so heres a pic i took using laurens camera!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

little training update

a little of daizy - not very good quality as it was dark, and i cant run cos of my ankle!

a little of terra, later on so still dark - sorry!

Monday, 28 September 2009

dd & Honiton Show

wasn;t the weather fab! couldnt of really asked for better, could of asked for better ground, but hey suppose we couldnt have it all! if the game fair had cleared up after the clay pidgeon shoot, we would of had less of a mountaside agility landscape to deal with! couldnt be helped though, and im sure people would rather have had it on the hilly ground rather than call the show off!

For those who dont know i fell over on tuesday, and badly sprained my ankle, after tearing ligaments last august im paranoid of doing it again, i fell over at training on tuesday ( blimmin terra!) so james wouldnt let me run over the week end, luckily for me i didnt, as just the general helping was eough, ive had to ice pack it after each day!!!
meg had some lovely runs with lolly, and volunteer junior handler Ro also ran her in the 1-7 class on sat, and my sister lydia ran her in collie jumping on sun.
the rest were normal really, harv demolished most of the course, NOThING like at training right now where he is doing so well! Terra bumbled in the anysize ( only had asj on sunday so she only had one run) ziggy ran with lydia, one class was just a 5 for going under a jump, the rest was weaves mainly, so lydia set the 6 up on the patio and trained them all for 10 mins each on saturday night!
daizy was daizy, thanks joy for helping me the other day - hopefully i will look at things more differently and try and concentrate on one job at a time!!!!lol!!!

Steve came along for pic taking, so hopefully when he has a minute he'll off load them on the pc..... not a hint in the slightest....honest!

MASSIVE well dones have to go to Linda & Missie, what a little star!!! 2 wins i think it was this weekend, and a second too, fab stuff! Grade 6 now!

well done the the guys and gals who had their first shows this weekend, and good luck to quest on your first show next weekend!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

my guilty pleasure!!!

after reading the first book, i decided to go for the movie, well this is my guilty pleasure...yup - twilight! loved it!!!! ok so it maybe aimed at teens, but i thought it was really good!
cant wait for the next movie, and to read new moon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

black and white daizy...

Thankyou to fay for emailing me a copy of this lovely drawing of daizy, i think its fab!
To see more of her work, go to her website:


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Daizy moo training

We have finally start daizy on 2 x2 weaves last night, all went well for our first session, i have to keep things short and sweet, we did 6 minutes before having a play and going back inside, she will have up to 10 mins again tonight, and see what she has remembered! I will try and video her so i can keep a progress diary running

We have booked in some lessons for both terra & daizy, so watch this space!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gillingham show & training

I had a lovely evening training with Terra with Ian out at Buckland last night, she listened and did really well, it really inspired me to think she could really be quite good! she isnt a naturally talented agility dog like some, so it will be a hard slog over the winter, but im really going to start pushing her more to get her working nicely and ready to compete next season.

Daizy also had a good session, she isnt very tug or toy orientated, so we used food and a magic pot, she was sending onto jumps nicely and onto the tunnels, so we made some good progress!

i'm holding out lots of hope for the future with these two now!

We went to gillingham show this weekend, i had to leave earlier than planned as both harv and zig had the squits, so neither ran and were confined to the camping area, ( ive just changed food from skinners to arden grange) i dont think the changover has agreed with them, so we are back onto skinners for another bag, and a more gradual changeover! We had no clears, my knee swelled up, and karen drew the short straw to run meggie for me in the agility on saturday (thank you!)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

change of plans.....

sorry if i seem to be chopping up previous plans!!! but there is good reason, we have decided we obviously cant have a litter from terra, so started to look into black and white dogs to use with meg, now lauren has recently had puppies (see them on the devongem blog link to the side of here) with megs litter sister, the fantabulous Popi, to her other dog Reef... soooo after deciding i liked what markings etc they produced ( i was looking to see how much white they had) we have decided to use him with meg, we still have chances of tri ( hes had some in the pop litter) and according to anadune there is also chance of reds as well as the expected black and whites, they should have interesting personalities as well as markings, and be very high drive as both parents are too. obviously pups are what you make them, i do already have a waiting list for meg pups, but im always happy to take more interest as you never know when the time comes!!!!

Reef's KC name is Darleyfalls no Feer, TNS and CEA dna tested normal, hip score of 6/6

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

granny again...

congrats to popi & reef on the 5 new Devongem babies throughout the evening last night and the wee hours of this morning! all black, 3 boys and 2 girls, a couple are possibly also tri's. see pics on the devongem blog...: http://devondogs.blogspot.com/



Daizy is still coming along slowly but surely, she is working well within the small group at the barn, if i could afford to take her anywhere else at the moment, i really would, but as it stands i cant, so we have to make do! Meg i have decided to take back to targeting on contacts, after 3 sessions now, she has picked it up really well again, hopefully it will rub off in the ring! Terra also had a good few training sessions this week, working some nice contacts on friday, tehn on saturday also doing full height at newhall! she is slowly coming together, james will have great fun in running her soon at the only 2 shows ive entered the rest of this year!



Monday, 24 August 2009

poor bob!!

poor bob, can see why he isnt looking at simon here! ....well would you???!!! haha!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

future plans...

who knows as yet what the future holds, i have a dog lined up for meg, and also boo, i cant decide between the two, so we shall see what meg thinks nearer the time! I try and keep a couple of dogs in mind, should anything not work out with the first, as you have such a small timescale to work to!

Terra's hipscore came back as 14:9, not what i'd hoped at all, a huge disappointment, as i so badly wanted a litter from her and tigger. so its back to the drawing board really, do i look for another line pup, or do i look for a slightly older girl, that has been returned to breeder etc, ive started to put feelers out, as yet i cant decide. I will put any updates on here, as and when they are decided, for now, i think we will just go with the flow, get daizy's hip score done, and get both the girls up and running at shows again, as a month off seems like forever!

Here's daizy with char, showing her snuggly side, people dont get to see when she is out and about being her normal gobby teenage self! While char dog sat, she bought down tia & scandal, well scandal and daizy were instant freinds, and did not stop!!! poor char had those terrible two, and terra who LOVES tia to bits, poor tia has to tell terra off, but terra still thinks she is FAB!

The Seabrooks have returned!

ok, so really we've been back for a few days, but i haent had time to post yet!! this one will be a bit rushed, but hopefully i'll cram all the info in that i need to! wedding day was fab, mr sun decided to come out for the whole day, weather couldnt of been more perfect! the day before looked bleak, grey and horribly WET! not what i had in mind, but hey wouldve gone with it! luckily for me, didn't have to worry, as it was ideal in the morning! we left for our honeymoon in Turkey the following evening, which was alovely week, bit warm, 39-41 most of the week, we became very good friends with the air con!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

another 48 hours

then im Mrs Seabrook! so much still to do here, so just a quick update, we are off to Calis Beach in Turkey for a week following the wedding on friday, the weather there looks fantastic, i really cant wait, its been so long since i had a holiday! 8 years in fact! leaving all the animals wont be easy, but i know char will look after them!

we also have a new addition, parsleys replacment really, he is called Boog if you have seen the film open season you'll know) so we have elliot and boog. He is a mini lop x german lop, so he should make the same size as welly, but for now he is amazingly CUTE! Harry again had the pick of 6 buns this time, the lady in the shop said the others have had no reported problems, so we think parsely was just the runt maybe, and possibly had an underlying heart problem, that caused his sudden death :( we have noticed a big difference in personality btween the 2, boog is very out going and inquisative, he hasnt sussed out that he can climb or jump over things yet though, so he is nice and easy to contain, when he is running around the living rm! daizy is fascinated by him, and both she and Dot will sit and stare at him, willing him to move!

Any way, i shant get chance to post again now until im back from honeymoon, so have a lovely week off from me!!!! x

Monday, 27 July 2009

RIP Parsley :(

sadly parsley died while out in his run yesterday, possibly a heart attack. compared to other purebred buns he was small, so we suspect he could have been a runt, neverthe less, he was great fun, ever so friendly and loved a cuddle, he'll be missed by us all,

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

new addition and race for life!

well we took part in the race for life on sunday, and the weather was awful!!! but hey ho, off we went and mum finished in 41 mins ( she ran far more than we did) and marie and I finished at 54 mins, we walked most of it,as not training didn't really help us!! still we know now ready for next time!! Big THANKYOU to everyone who very generously sponsored the 3 of us, it was very much appreciated!

We also have a new addition to the Harrjak Pack as well... Parsley, the lion-head, ( it may mean something to some, but wont to others!)

He is a lion head cross with a german lop (the same as wellybun) hopefully they will bond nicely and be nice company for one another. we couldn't help but think she was lonely, and a few rabbit people have suggested another rabbit may bring out a nicer side to the grumpy moo bag! so far so good, they have met one another daily since saturday, they had an initial footsie fight through the bars, but will now eat alongside each other through the mesh panels, so tonight i'm hoping the rain holds off to be able to let them have a run about while we are out painting our van caging ready for the weekend!

Monday, 13 July 2009

hen night....

well it was on saturday night, 80's and neon were what was decided!
ended up with 16 of us dressed like proper plonkers! it was funny tho! lots of singing and drinking, and silly forefits for touching ur drink with your right hand!

James also was out with some mates for a few drinks, we spied them a few times, but they went the opposite way around the pubs instead! They also suffered alot the following day, oh and that actual evening too, us girls are obviously farrr more responsible and know our limits!.... either that or can hold our drink better than them!!! lol!

Terra had her hips x rayed on friday, sandra said they look ok from her point of view as a vet, so now we wait.... im hoping they are good and not high! she hasnt been over exercised, and didnt start agility training until late, so i cant see any problems, unless they are from any knocks etc she could of had. Any way, fingers crossed for me! She was verrrrry sleepy for the evening, and didnt take the GA very well at all, she was sick alot whiole in the vets, we collected her at half 6, and she had managed to keep a few bits of biscuit and some water down for a few hours, so they were happy to let her come home.

only 3 and a bit weeks til the wedding, just as long to our wedding pressie to ourselves too! so a few things for me to look forward too!

i went training at the weekend, i'll put a short daizy video on later...
she is FINALLY starting to play!!!! yay!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Harrjak puppies!

Well i havent been able to update the main site yet due to technical problems ( my home pc in bits, my laptop cant cope!) I will update here for now until a time when i can!

I have decided to put meg to boo again for her final litter, the pups are all so fab, and a different dog would have so much to live up to! We know what to expect from pups from this pairing, so it all makes sense! Pic to the right is Daizy with dad Boo...

Also, the other litter in the pipeline is Terra x Tigger, Terra wasnt bred here, but tigs was, so my line will continue through him aswell as through meg. Terras hips are being scored on friday, all her other tests are perfect, (DNA for CEA & TNS normal, PRA & BAER tested normal too) while Terra isnt a brilliant agility dog due to my few years out, she is a lovely girl, great fun and has a fantastic temperment! Tigs working ability is fab, and his temperment is nuts when doing agility, and cuddly at home, Tigs pups from a previous litter are all lovely, and lolly also has one from him that is no doubt destined for great things.

2 x 2 weaves

well after some persuasion, ive decided to give this method a go with daizy and terra, they both had a go last night, but daizy decided playing with the swingball was far more interesting, so we abandoned that as she actually wanted to play for a change! we did little foundation bits instead, as she now finds tennis balls and footballs irresistable!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

lots of stuff!!

well a busy few weeks here, so a quick summary!! harry and james' birthdays have passed with a noisy 9 year old party, and james parents and aunt coming to visit.

I've had an infection under my wisdom tooth, which has been agony, so now im in the middle of 3 appoinments to sort it out! 1 down, 2 more to go! Still, its feeling so much better!

We have done a fish swap with my cousin sarah, she has the goldies and i have her angel fish, and an as yet un-identified catfish/loach, i havent caught a decent photo of it yet, when i do i will post it! In the meantime, here is bob and bob jr, as named by harry .... imaginiative hey!

Daizy has done a little training, but not a lot, she is much better with other dogs,a lthough her body language is still very dominant, she needs to learn not ALL dogs like to play rough with her!

Zig n meg had nice runs at the weekend, but still no kc clears for either! ...one day! my next show is south devon on the 26th july, so we shall see!!

Oh and a last minute plea to anyone thinking about sponsoring me for the race for life! if i dont see you in person, please use the online page - it really isnt that hard! i promise!

Wedding Stuff

Lots of wedding stuff done and dusted, caked ordered, my dress fitting has been done, all my make up and perfume is also bought, and my shoes at last too!

Lolly and Lydia have their fittings on wednesday too

My hen night is on the 11th july, so next saturday, I have most of the bits i need for 80's style! should be a giggle!

32 days now i think??!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

yuck yuck & blergh...

is how i feel! been ill since friday - finally starting to pick up, but still generally queasy :(
hate being ill!

apart from that... daizy was good at training on friday, she had a quick blast with lydia, then with me, we had a nice new white gsd joining the class, so i opted to leave daizy out seeing her obsession of barking at white dogs!

wren is doing well with her 2 x 2 weave training, so im hoping to start daizy using this method, as its hoped to teach good entries from early on....watch this space!

wedding is now only 6 and half weeks away!! spent the day after training in exeter getting some clothes for my 80's theme hen night, we also had a makeover, was very pleased with mine, lols wasnt as happy with hers, but thats sorted now! think the mistake we made was not using the same woman to do it! lols dress has arrived, its a little big, so will have to make alterations soon, my first fitting is due on 2nd july, i havent lost anywhere near as much weight as i had hoped to :( pretty disappointing, but hey ho!
finally mid way through sorting the invites! the fun job of finding addresses! most of mine will be hand delivered i decided!

was working out a few dates last night planning weekends of things to get done, makes it seem like not a lot when i think about it!
26th, james birthday, 29th harrys bithday, 5th july - midcornwall show, 11th july - hen night, 19th july - race for life ( or waddle in my case!) 26th south devon show ( ive entered late...oops!)
that kinda see's me up until the week before wedding!!!!! arrrgh!

oooh we went to see transformers2 at the weekend, fab film, loved it, would of been far better without the tummy bug to accompany me tho!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


well we had a lovely weekend - harry was poorly on saturday night though, and still is, ( doc said a virus) but i think it was helped by the sun to be honest!

was really nice to catch up with everyone, lots of pics were taken - i WILL try my utmost to update the website properly no this week, my only regret was not getting decent head shots of everyone, so im hoping Graeme managed some with his posh camera!!

Terra could actually be an agility dog we have decided! she got her first ever clear round, in aquadoggies anysize! James is pleased to bits with their first rossette, hopefully he will carry on with her training and try for some more!

meg had some nice runs, some hard courses that really were tricky, esp for us being new to G6 still!

Monday, 8 June 2009

SandS show, Honiton

a lovely show run by Sharon & Selena this weekend - shame about the weather on saturday, we were soaked thru by the time we left at almost 6! the dogs were wet, so were we, the seats were still wet the following day! but luckily the sun came out all day ( i have the burnt nose to prove it!)

zig was a little floaty for me yesterday, harry had a nice run in the steeplechase with her on sat, and i had one in the s/c yesterday aswell, she missed the last but one jump, so we picked up a 5, plus a longer time! meg tho was lovely to run, her 1st run on sat was very scrappy and poles were flying! but her agility, she got every contact, i so wish i'd taken a toy as i had a feeling she wouldnt get the weave entry, we still struggle with weaves, mainly me unfortunatley, and alot of it i put down to her rushed training as a youngster. we seem to be working well at the moment, lets hope we dont embaress ourselves at thames next week with her babies there!
we came home with 2 x 4th places over the weekend, very pleased with them! my aim for the weekend was to get them both staying in 12 weaves, meg did just that after beign taken back on both courses with missed entries! and zig did it after missing them completely! my other aim was for getting contacts, meggie is 4 on floor - its too hard for her to stop physically ON the contact!!

we still havent managed a 'kc show' clear yet, so we still have an aim for the season!
vid to follow this avo from after the show...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

sad news

very sad to hear the loss of Janet Curtis, she was a lovely lovely lady, who i shall miss chatting with at shows about the dogs and the highs and lows of agility, my thoughts are with Y & Don at this sad time. I was extremely touched to see the photo's of Mac ( from meg's 1st litter) going into visit Jan in hospital, and am grateful to the hospital that allowed her to have that small pleasure, Mac will also be going along to say goodbye on monday for her funeral, such a good boy who gave his mum so much pleasure just by being himself, thak you mac for being so good! x

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


well the sherbourne demo went really well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! the 1st run wasnt as smooth as the 2nd, but i think the crowd was rather large, bit different to a show where you know most people are watching the course and not walys the dog and person running it, harry and holly had a feww 'ahhh's' from the crowd, holly refusing the tunnel, then turning around in it to reappear the same end had lots of giggles too, harry really enjoyed his day, holding the bird of prey etc was all great too! weather could of been a bit cooler, was particularly hot when the 1st demo was starting, luckily we only had to fill half an hour, and parked near to the rings to be able to leave getting the dogs out til the last minute, a bonus!!

james jas harry and lydia all enjoyed their day and want to do another!

The rest of the weekend was lovely sunshine, so we got alot done around the house and tidying the garden, even had bar b q tea on sat and sun!!

Jak is very hobbly at the moment, hi back end it seems to be, his appetite is a little better than last week now terra has finished her season, so i think it was down to that he was off his food a little...

pics to follow when i offload the camera from the weekend

Thursday, 21 May 2009


im in PAIN!!! i think ive strained something in my back, absolute agony to move! i was booked in for 2 lots of training this week too, so blimmin typical! terra is in season, she will be going in for possible x ray on 1st june as she has a hard mass in her stomach area that the vet isnt sure about :( if it is requiring x-ray i am going to ask for her hips to be taken at the same time, to save another g/a later in the month. She had to go in on monday after gorging on a sack of food, and swelling up making rather odd noises, and having contraction like spasms, i couldnt risk missing a torsion!! so off she went to sandra who wasnt happy with what she felt as felt too hard to be in that area. so im picking up some x rays done in sept when she had a similar problem, from a local vet, so im taking those x rays out for her to compare from before. Terra and tigs could make such fab babies!!!

Her being in season has put jak off of eating at the mo! hes so busy following her around squeaking, he doesnt want to eat, so ive had to up his nature diet, and hes eating enough again, granted he's a bit porky so losing a few pounds wont hurt him, but was his 12th birthday last friday ( hence his pic at the top today!) and he has a few bumps now too :(

Hes a grumpy old git, but hes still my first ever dog and i love him to bits!

we have a busy weekend planned, wedding preparation class is on saturday, no idea what it entails, so long as i dont have to move much though, it should be fine!

we also have lydia coming to stay - so i know now the dogs will be knackered and harv will no doubt make himself lame - he seems to go stooooopid when she comes around!

we also have sherborne castle fair with dog club on the monday - not sure if i'll be able to run, but harry lydia and james may have to make up for it!! jas and bobby are coming too, hopefully steve will come to take some pics!

Monday, 11 May 2009

next puppy training installment

here are the 4 youngsters at training, this weekend and last, they are coming along soooo well! really pleased with daizy, she focused on working for a while longer this weekend, as there were only the 2 of us, she had less distraction and realsied what she was doing i reckon !!

i have 2 workshops with her in wrens place while she's off for the big op on tuesday, so fingers crossed we arent sat in the corner with a big D on our heads the whole time!!!

Had lovely weather for the show yesterday, still a bit red today in my face, james and harry moaned about being bored all day - so i think thats the end of show going for them!!

No clears for me, but friends did well! lolly had lovely couple of waits with mr tigs, claire had a lovely clear with kai, and dooley and pat had really nice run in the G 1 jumping. Julian and Jack won Grade 5 thought - making them into 6!!!! go guys!!! Specks and selena had a 2nd in a very tricky g6 jumping - caught some very good dogs out, i kinda remembered the 2 courses, but got completely lost on the agility! ahh well, meg was her normal happy full on self, hasnt had any training in a few weeks because of her season, it wasnt fair on the boys in the group to bring her in even after they had finished, so after a 3 week break she is back as mad as ever!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

itchy bits...

not me!!!! holly has developed some raw patches where she is very itchy around her back end, mainly on what i would class as her 'thigh' area, ive put her back on daily joint tablet rather than every other day, incase its a joint problem she cant get to, ive also thoroughly de tangled the carpeted mess left from her muddy walks over the weekend, and wil give her a tea tree bath when its a warm day too, ive used some petnat cream on the sore spots too, just incase its a general hot spot problem like she used to have as a youngster! both of the oldies are acting their age at the moment, holly is pretty creaky, and jak is hobbling, and still isnt losing weight, even though his food has been cut down a fair amount! Holly is now decidly deaf, she only knows its dinner time when the others run past her, so she gets up from the sofa and follows the crowd!! sad to see them age like they do :( jak and holly were my first 'own' dogs, so they mean an awful lot to me, and to harry too, holly is by far his favourite of the bunch!

went to training on saturday - late as normal! couldnt run very much as my knee is still giving me some trouble, hopefully with the new exercises i've been given at the gym, it will start feeling better soon, i blame the barn on friday, as i twisted it a bit when i had daizy out! she is focusing well in on her own, and will also play with the toy now too, must remember to get some more from matt or lisa!! we ran through some more channels, and have now done a long jump too, we've been putting a few jumps together and wrapping around a little too. On saturday her attention wasnt there at all, she only wanted to duff wren and play with flynn, we got a few bits done, but not very much, will work on targeting this week, as ive been ever so slack with it lately!

we went to the aquarium in plymouth on bank hol monday, we took harry of course, and my neice ellie too... she said daizy is her favourite at the moment, and daiz drew the short straw by having to be the one played with! normally its holly, as ziggy gives too many kisses, as does meg, but she jumps up to kiss too, so daizy it was.... apparantly she isnt her real favourite though, as wren still beats her!! :)

Here they are playing 'phones apparantly...

Re wedding plans, cake is decided ( i hope!!) invites are ready to be printed, i still have to make up info sheets, and im debating on rsvp cards so people have no excuse not to get back to us!!
Lolly came into town with me to speak to Denise in head2head about her hair, thats also decided!! We updated james' best man and brother paul also while he was here for the weekend, so he knows what is going on with the plans.

I've now got the menu aswell, so again, can be put in with invites!!

Passports to sort now! I have my dog sitter! ( you know who you are - ur a star!) so my big worry is over! I can hopefully now enjoy the rest of the planning! 3 months to go!!!!!!!!!