Monday, 23 March 2009

All doomed!!

Well according to some well known trainers all of us with Harrjaks are doomed to faliure cos we cant keep poles up and lack drive!!! hows that to fill you all with confidence!!!??

But hey ho if your like me and think they just have a lot to be very worried about then let them think it!!! but to demoralize someone with a baby dog in your class is just LOW!:-(

People in agility seem to be very bitchy about different dogs and who they are bred by and which dogs they are out of! my fist litter was out of an elementary level dog with 1 clear round in a limit show, with an obedience dog, who hadnt seen a days agility in his life! but we had the best litter i could dream for!!! so picking out dogs for jumping style etc etc, i think is down to how they have been trained, with a small amount of natural style in there too for good measure.

At the end of the day, my dogs are my life and are not machines, you have a dog as part of your family, wether they can compete or not, and win or come 25th in every class, who cares as long as they are happy and healthy and enjoying what they do!!

well the pic here shows my good and my crap agility dogs....but all my babies!!!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Meg & Zig

well for a change, megan and ziggy will domiate this post!!!
Zigs was 7 on friday, i forgot to pubicly wish her a happy birthday, but she had a nice meaty tea as her treat, and a de-knot!! lucky her! 7 years has gone really quickly with her, she is such a lovely girly!

Megan - well, wow, she did me proud yesterday at the UKA show in Bugle, and won the steeplechase in a fab 16.6!! she worked so well, i love days when we work so well together!! just have everything else to sort out now, got 3 weeks til my 1st kc show, my aims for the year with them both is to have a clear with each in a jumping and agility, and i would love a place with megan!! we are training on fridays, and have a few saturdays coming up so hopefully we'll have at least one rossette to our names this season!

Friday, 13 March 2009

yay - full house at Thames!

Just had a call from Phil to say they are coming to Thames!!!! so we'll see them on the saturday!

Monday, 9 March 2009

lapse in 'blogging'!!

well it seems ive had a slight lapse in writing!!! i aim for every week! oops, oh well! bit of a sad update, a club member and friend died last week, Margaret, she was a lovely lady, you couldnt of asked to meet a nicer person. her world revolved around her pets, her dogs and her cat. she will be sadly missed by us all :-(

on a lighter note, meg and zig have been doing well at training, ziggy is still hit and miss with right hand entry, and staying in all the way thru, megan is much much better, but not quite 100% reliable so im still staying alongside her, but starting on different entries ( not something i have eve done withmeg since i have been running her)
daizy is being good! not too ott most of the time now, she enjoys outings with the oldies, and is MUCH calmer! sometimes, something is just TOO much for her, and she loses all self control, but she is much improved!
I still havent found any classes i can afford to join in with, but im still looking and hoping!!!

really looking forward to the show season, fingers crossed daizy wont have a bad reputation before she even starts!! went to crufts and bought a very apt mutley crew t-shirt....says born to be wild, with a pic of a mad looking bc braking thru the word wild...she definatley suits that one! Thames is the main one im looking forward too! massive meg & boo pup meet up!! Every pup from the 2nd litter will be there, all but possibly one (woody) from the first litter! woody lives a fair trek away and competes in obedience rather than agility, so an agility show miles away isnt the best place to meet them! :-( never mind, we'll catch up at some point!
Harry is ever so excited, he cant wait to see them all again, mac bob java and rave are the ones he says he misses the most!! he gets to see quest and wren quite often!

crufts was good, spent more money than i should have, lots of vet bed, but didnt spot any rubber matting, so thats my quest for the day!!

jumping back a day to wedding stuff!
went and chose my veil after having my hair done - curly!!
also now have my tiara, necklace and ear-rings its lovely, my hair was tight curls early on, then dropped in the evening, i preferred the dropped look, which i think we'll try next time!