Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the sun has got his hat on!...

Finally after what seems like an eternity of mud & relentless rain, we have sunshine!!!
and now typically its 29 degrees while I'm typing this, so now its just too hot! I can't win can I!!??

So after having been forced to take a training break, due to the ground being dangerous to train on, my dogs and I are back hard at it! I'm not sure how much others train, but I plan to try and do at least 10 Min's every other day with each dog, meaning I'll do 3 one day 4 the next, although, Harvey only plays around stuff and goes through the tunnels nowadays at almost 12! Depending on what we work on, the weather, time scale etc, we can more if we can :)
Today is meant to be a peak of the heat, and as my house gets very hot when we cant leave the doors open, I have got the dogs here at work with me in the van, granted they are cooler than I am, but I'm sure people must think its bizarre that I bring them in! Right this second, they are all snoozing, no panting or fast breathing, so i can gauge from that that they seem happy and cool enough, granted they are parked in the shade, with every door open, windscreen covered  plus still damp from the walk earlier, AND they have their cage fans on with huge bowls of water.  So, this makes me think about people who don't think about dogs in the heat, general pet people pounding the pavements in blazing sunshine, dogs that look so exhausted from the heat that they don't know what to do with themselves :( it makes me sad, and really quite annoyed, people don't think how hot those pavements can get, and as for those who 'pop' into tesco etc, but "its OK as the window is open a little and I'm only popping in" they just don't realise how fast damage can happen :(

Last night I had a choice of where to walk, we chose to go for a paddle when the tide was low, it was great, damp muddy sand where the tide was still going out, and a nice calm clear patch for them to splash and play, harry too!

Harry & Loki are coming along well, they have been going for weekly lessons out with Morag & Sue over at Just Dogs, its easier for harry to learn from someone who isn't 'naggy mum' and he has now started her on full height ( small full height of course lol)  she is still hit and miss with weaves, as the has to take 2 large leaps between poles, its quite a challenge, but harry is working really hard and I'm really proud of his progress so far :) She is entered at South Devon show this weekend, so we can see how she gets on!! Fingers crossed now she trains in a class, she wont find dogs around the ring so exciting!

Chase, Daizy and Terra are all coming along well, they are all jumping better and more consistently now, even daizy, I think the muscle memory had a big part, as using the barn at honiton we only train on low height, which really hadn't helped her so moving outside and slowly moving the height has really helped. Chase is a naturally talented dog I have worked out. Jumps well, turns wide still but as he is getting more confident he is getting much better! I'm looking forward to seeing how he runs when in the ring this weekend, as it will be his second time so we shall see!  This week, the weaves have clicked, and he is just now working on straight poles with the 1st and last ever so slightly open.

Due to the heat, I will be training late in the eves this week, when its cooled down a LOT!