Tuesday, 27 January 2009

more wedding plans...

havent been up to much this weekend,sorted more wedding stuff! all dresses now ordered and paid for, got the girls some accessories in the wedding bit at debenhams, james ordered the music, and we have been looking at suits, i think that will be the next major step, suit sorting! its a toss up between debenhams and peter posh at the mo, both have availability in devon and dorset, so we can sort out both families to look the same. flowers is another big descision for me, i have an idea in my head, but as a floristry-dunce i have no idea how to put into practice without costing the earth!! hopefully sue ( from dogclub) will have lots of ideas for me! :-)

daizy has been pretty good over the last few weeks now, recall is coming along, and she is starting to show more interest in toys, albeit still not great! but she works for food, so atleast that is something! james or lydia will be taking her on the beginners training class in a few weeks, where quest will be also, im teaching it, so not practical for me to join in!! im also planning on putting her on the classes claire is holding at the club too, i think it will do her the world of good, and fingers crossed start to be able to go for some good citizens without wuffing all the time!!
Harv seems to be on the mend, tummy seems much better since throwing up everything! hes been gradually re-introduced to his food again, from the bland stuff, so far so good, its staying in, and passing through, so thats a good sign!!

no sign of megan coming into season, i hope she does soon, or i may have to postpone her last litter to the next season... but hey ho, never mind!

wedding fair in Exmouth on sunday, will be off to that one, get some flower and cake ideas!!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

poorly harv

well harv has done it again! this time i think its a cob from some corn ( thats what it looked like when i cleared up his sick anyway!), possibly on the beach on tuesday, he has had the runs quite badly, and is now throwing up too, he had some major surgery in october 07 which has given him a very senstive tummy, so hes on light diet,antibiotics and light exercise til he is better! vets next week if he still has problems, so fingers crossed he is mended soon!

I was absolutley disgusted at the state of the beach, so much rubbish - hopw people can complain about dog mess is beyond me, i didnt spot any down there, it was chock full of sanitary towels, bottles cans etc, we cut out walk short, it was so bad, and to have harv so ill after being down there, i wont be going again for some time!

off to Escot on saturdy morning, talk through some more bits and see if there are any way s of cutting costs, as the amounts are going up everywhere we are really struggling! hopefully people who arent invited will understand how i would if i could, but the budget simply cant stretch to more than 1500 on food! on a good note, we have got a bargain with the car, and have booked a limo which is doing 2 trips ( groom party 1st, then bride party) in the 10 seater limo, for a set price of one way. Sheila (J's mum) is being really helpful and finding out prices on things too, which is a big help, and sorting the favours, so one less thing to have dog hair in eh!! Saturday avo james is going

195 days to go! oh and 3 stone too, is the aim, after joining slimming world last night! wish me luck! into town to speak to the printer about invites, and im off with mum and Lydia to try on lydias dress

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

tank disaster!!

The big tank has been ticking along nicely, then 2 mollied died on me! the big sailfin dalmation boy died, and a week later, the pregnant female silver molly too , she left us with 2 babies, who i cant decide whether to seperate or keep in with everyone else!!
well just when i thought the fish should settle, what happens, they all start dropping in the small tank!! problem now found, the heater isnt working properly, some days the temp is ok at 28, others its down to 25!! so had to improvise a rescue mission, and move the survivors to the big tank to tak etheir chances, so far so good, the bettas arent very impressed, the platy's are guarding a corner where we have 2 baby mollies! and the ancistrus thinks its great, the cories dont seem overly pleased to have been moved, but the guppies are all over the place! since they have moved in i have had only one death, that was a danio, not sure why, maybe it was bullied??

dogs have been fine, daizy doing some good recalls, albeit she likes to take her treat and leggit, so im working on her doing more for her treat now, ie come back, AND sit, which she is coming along with!!

still in wedding mode, sorting loads out, trying to work out where the money is going to appear from, and who i can afford to feed while they are there!!!!!!
going to slimming world on thursday, and lydia coming to try a dress on on saturday too!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

reunion walkies

well had a lovely walk on sunday, met up with claire, lols and karen, and we went and picked up granny josie! shes looking very good for her age, deaf as a post, and a bit creaky, but all round in good shape, i didnt risk letting her off the flexi lead, incase she started to wander, but i think she had fun anyway! im not sure if she or the pups new of their relationship, but was funny how she said hello to some and ignored the unrelated dogs!!

the 2 clowns went to their new home/tank with mick on saturday, they should thrive much better in there, he also has angels and some discus that are beatiful, i'll miss the clowns, but im glad for them to be somewhere better than my tank, they had hit 5-6 inches, and were bullying the smaller fish, so either the rest had to go or they did!!! hopefully this will mean some tank harmony for a lil while! we are looking into a more natural tank , real plants etc, and are looking into some branches etc to be able to plant it up after they are soaked

Friday, 9 January 2009

not a fluke!

well daizy has proved that yesterday wasnt a fluke by letting us have another lovely walk, no shouting or swearing at her, just nice and pleasant!! even one time...she came back without any calling!!brilliant progress from daizy moo bag!

nice walkies!!

had a few good walks with daizy now with the others, and am having some success with recalls at last!!!!
heres a pic from our walk at lunch time yesterday, we went along the cycle track joining at littleham near where i work, then headed towards budleigh, we only have an hour, so it varies how far we go along!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

3 things....

1 = arrrrgh!! only 7 months til i get married!!!!!

2 = miracles happen - daiz managed 2 recalls yesterday! yay!

3 = new pics of Heli - from the first harrjak litter, she definatley has the biggest coat!!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy new year!!!

seems like forever since i've updated the blog!!! sorry!!
not alot has happened here really, daizy and terra finally coming to the end of their season, and no sign of meg starting yet either!!! typical!
been for some lovely walks over xmas break, we went onto haytor yesterday, and met up with lol and claire over the hols too for walks on the common, also a 22 strong dog walk on the 29th on the common too, with a few from agility! was great, and defiantley has to be done again!

daizy is coming along well, still very distracted, but we are getting there slowly, walking on her own is so much easier than with the rest, and when she is with the rest, she is restricted to being on the flexi lead until she gives a few examples of concentration!! her latest trick is 'belly' which i'll video and put onto movie maker when i can get it to work!!

here are a few pics from haytor yesterday: