Thursday, 26 February 2009

more birthdays!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Bob,Java, Woody, Missie and Mac!! x

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

terra hits 4...

Happy birthday to the big bear dog!!
an old compilation of her:

Friday, 20 February 2009

Happy birthday babies!

happy burfday to my big babies!!
(2nd meg x boo litter)

heres a pic of rave yesterday:

put this together yesterday quickly!

Claires one of wren:

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

time is flying!!

just looking at the date, march is creeping upon us already!!! 17th feb already!

Fridays agility was good, mixed group of newbies for me in my 1st class, hopefully they seem keen enough and had no issues with any of them, one was slightly scared to start with, but soon started to enjoy herself! will see how much they listened on friday when they come back!
Saturday we had a workshop day with claire, daizy joined in the foundation class with lolly and flynn, lydia and my harv, and karen with quest, and well i can only say i was surprised at the concentration and attention i had from little miss naughty!! moving dogs while queueing was an issue still with her squealing at them, but we did waits with distractions, including harvey and quest playing tuggy!! very pleased with her, and cant wait for the other workshops now!
pic below is her in the evening!!

Terra and james and lydia and ziggy joined in with the next group, distance control, and we worked on builind up the distance of working away,some good ideas that i must try out with the later friday class this week too. terra behaved, had the odd charge after ziggy so we had to work out timing so zig wasnt running the same time as her!
james is getting better at handling now, and is understanding the reasoning behind training things like this now.

Onto wedding stuff!
both myself and james were rubbish last week as we went out for drinks after the christening, we BOTH gained 2lb at the weigh in - tut tut, try harder this week!
james has been going to the gym for a couple of weeks, and has convinced me to give it a try, so last night i had my induction, i felt very self concious being the only fat woman in there...and it smelt really sweaty too! eww, but was very good, the guy who showed me how to do everything listened to what i had to say, esp when i said about working centre areas where i have little feeling after my c-section with harry im very numb around the lower stomach area, so he has given me a little plan, and i have my first proper go tomorrow... each cardio peice of equipment also has a tv screen so i get to watch that at same time! haha!

we sorted the suits for james, paul and harry, harry needs to re try his on, and james needed a smaller jacket, so will be in another day to try it all on again!

wedding hair kind of decided, i have a trial on 7th march at 9am which would be the time on wedding day too, so the idea being i can see how it lasts! im going to book in a dress trying on session too, so i can get an idea of the whole look together, and also decide on head wear, i'll probably have both a veil and tiara!!
the glass bowls have arrived for the tables, and the lego has been sourced and ordered.
We have a meeting at the vicarage tonight with Father Hoyle, so will be able to start invites once that is sorted and times etc are decided

i think thats it for now! oo while im here, here is a video i took on my phone while on our way to training on saturday, a remainder of snow was on westhill, so harry was destroying it with the help of jak....oh and harv has a squeaky toy if you wonder what the noise is!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

no snow here!!

all recent blog and facebook posts are about all the fab snow everywhere....exmouth was one of the few places spared apparantly :-( means my lot didnt get to play in it!! we did pop over to the common on our way out today and they played in what remained....but the forecast says we may have more on the exmouth may have a sprinkling again!! tis cold here still though!!!
Training was cancelled this week as snow was heavy on the ground out dunkeswell way, so friday and saturdays workshops were called off aswell!

We went to my cousin (sarah's) baby's (sienna) christening yesterday ( pics on facebook) was a lovely service, short and sweet, followed by drinks at the park ( pub!) nice to catch up with people i havent seen in a while, we ened up walking the dogs and heading back out for the evening too, not something we do very often nowadays, but it managed to be a reasonably cheap night!!
Pubs seem to be the only thriving businesses in exmouh town centre nowadays, i went down on friday, and there are loads of empty shops now :-(

news on the wedding front!! We wont be going to Escot now, they are simply ripping us off and we are going to be spending money we simply dont have to make it a nice day....we want an enjoyable one, and i think with money hanging over our heads doesnt make for an enjoyable day!! so we have mocved! same day, but it will now be help at st john in the wilderness church here in exmouth, followed by a small reception at 200 year old manor cottage, we have spoken to owners anita and stuart and they are happy to work with us to make the day perfect! so it works out nicely for all of us here organising!
most evenings are spent with us deciding wedding things, rearranging the to-do list, and now trying to cut the guest list down by 15!!

oh well back to it i suppose!
(will upload piccies tomorrow of dogs in the snow - not much snow but hey ho!!)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

touch of snow...

we didnt have as much as some people have snow pics are very tame compared to some!!!
I have some more on the camera at home, this was on my phone this morning. CLaire just emailed to say they have more coming down over dawlish way, so we may have more yet!!!

Fridays training went well, busy class, seemed busier as we had a new dog too in the group, hopefully will quieten down again in time! Terra did well, james is getting better too! need to work on weaves, hopefuly will see what works in the workshops soon at club too, ive put her down for everything, and daizy is in for the foundation classes, and will be starting some basics this week at the barn too, i prefer training here as there is certainly no pressure! Lydia had daiz out while we set up and did some tuggy ( which daizy has no interest in) which was good!she did some sit waits and down waits and had her playing, all well and good til someone turned up for the class! she was really interested in everything going on, then decided it was more fun to play, with just the odd look and bark in the other's direction, which is really good going for her. im looking forward to seeing what claire can suggest with daiz, cos i struggle at times to see where im going wrong, so outside eyes are great!
Meg and zig had their 1st taste of training since xmas too, both were very good, we had the channel weaves out which really help zig speed up, and help meg with entries and the right hand problem i seem to have with both of them! lydia also did some contacts with zig too, and amabel had a blast round with meggie too!

not much to report from the weekend, James' friend james came down, and we also had Maries - almost-step daughter- but not quite, jasmine to stay, and she came with bobby their collie x too.

Went to the Exmouth wedding fayre at the Pavilion on sunday, was small, not a great deal of things there, but enough to bore james still! we did get to look at decorations/balloons and the favours we'd like too now though, and got to speak to the limo guy too so an added bonus. we've started a to-do list up for wedding visit registrar etc etc, this weeks plan is to organise suit fittings,and decide on cake, and to start on wedding invite and favour design

Random pic for this week is daizy...being her normal strange self!!!:-)