Friday, 29 October 2010

its all about PHAZE!!!

Phaze has settled in nicely with sarah dan and the merlie tribe down in cornwall, as you can see she has made herself quite at home!
Sarah has also gone to town on the pinkness of everything!!! She was the biggest and boldest of the litter most of the time, so im not surprised to hear how confident and cheeky she is!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And then there were two...

Well a busy few days!!

Phaze ( was Etch) left for her new home with Sarah and Dan and the mad merlies in cornwall, apparantly she is making herself heard when not allowed to join in with the big dogs!!

Barbie was next to leave, now called Holly she is also moving to Cornwall, with Sue & her family, and with 2 bc's Purdy & Tally

Rex was next, Peter & Patricia fell in love with sexyrexy, he is now call Zephyr, and has a nice 4 acre garden to play in!

Leaving Maid & Tarn until this weekend when they leave for their new adventures too.
We hate to see them leave but i know the homes they are going to will give them the love and attention ( and training!!) they need, and i hope to see you all soon!

James & I spent the weekend in Dorset on the KC judging course, Very pleased to say we both passed!
Both terra & meg are having seasons so means they can both be spayed in a few months over the winter, which works out ideally, and means they will both be finished by the time Dartmoor show comes around! Chase has sealed his fate of being neutered by creating any time the girls are near, he is like a banshee! Still he is almost 12 months, so i think he has finally stopped growing at long last!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

and so....

we finished the year with a lovely welsh show, the last outdoor one for me of the year, and my only one since dogs in need with meg having her elbow op done! she worked really well, I was really pleased, just a couple of silly mistakes, we are working towards clear rounds, and getting there slowly! I do find courses a struggle, as i didnt win into grade 6 with her, i think that is a downfall for me, Tim managed to get her to 6 with no right hand weaves, and skin of her teeth contacts, but had the added bonus, he could run! So the last year has been spent working on contacts and weaves, working on her wait and jump action, and now its just weaves and my handling to sort over the winter! Of course in between that time she has also reared a fantastic litter of puppies!

Luckily i have lovely friends who help me with my crap handling, and waddling about the ring!
I am nearing the time where i can get into some winter training (or my WTP!!) and get plans into action!!!! watch this space as i plan on lots of videos of my guys training over the winter!

I also decided, while zig isnt the fastest, she is still looking like she enjoys working, and is training well, and had her first KC clear round in 5 years with lydia at the weekend, so she is almost 9, still fit and active, her heart isnt seeming to bother her, so while she can, im going to let her carry on, who knows when her last season will be?!?!

Dai came out to class to have a break from the puppies and normal walks, and really enjoyed herself, lots of focus and we worked on snake lines and pull throughs,all at small height, and she really worked well, i plan to build her back up to full fitness ( she has stayed fit with her puppies, but i feel they need time to rebuild to be agility fit, especially when using the core muscles!!) and get her training on weaves and jumping over the winter, same with terra, who is already started on her winter training with James.

Chase is starting off on his foundation work now, he has started to notice there are young ladies in his class now, so his focus can lapse at times, and im not an exciting handler, so something i have to work on!

So lots of work to do for my guys! the oldies have it so easy, snoozing all day and pottering about!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Daizons at 5 weeks

These puppies are just FAB!!!! i can really say i am really enjoying them, yes they are hard work, as all litters are, but these guys are just WOW!

Unexpectedly Rex is re available to the right home, he is a sweet puppy, very outgoing and also very affectonate like his mum!

All of them are really adventerous, and really playful, not just with toys, also with us and their littermates, they love their food, and have taken in all new experiences in their stride!

Off to update the website with new pics, i put lots of facebook everyweek, so if you arent my friend on there, ask!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meg x Reef pupdate

Tess ( harrjak Shooting star)

Pic at 4 months ( will add a new one once i get one!)

Jack ( Harrjak Finnagons Sinatra)

Mickey (Harrjak Taking the mick)

Tatty ( Harrjak New Edition) coming up for 6 months
Dish ( Harrjak Pure Indulgence)

All pups are doing fab in their new homes! So nice to see how they grow up.
A really nice litter!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Chase Update

For those interested in my wee man... chase!

He is now coming up to 11 months, he has matured nicely, he is still entire, i would rather keep him entire until he passes the year old stage if possible so he can mature properly, as some from similar lines can be nervy and i wouldnt want being neutered to influence his personality...
Training is coming along well, he is lovely to train too,very keen, and VERY switched on!!Lol!

He knows, sit, down, paw, other paw, back (walk back) nose touch to hand and to target, and will retreive, although some objects are trickier for him to hold because of his mouth shape.

He covers the ground quickly when we play, he has a brilliant recall, even when out on his own and in a group, altho i will say in a group, i maybe have to call him twice!

He is starting training now in classes for foundation agility, he loves wing wraps and restrained recalls the most i think!