Monday, 17 February 2014

Just a quick HELLO!!!!

Well i cant train, its too wet, so i thought id update stuff! 

We havent yet been washed away, luckily the area im in isnt prone to flooding, the lower level and beach areas havent been so lucky! each storm batters our town quite hard! 

Anyways - quickly updating, Jacob is a fab baby, not clicker trained yet though ;-) 

The dogs are all good, we are all good bar the usual winter yuck and colds! 

I updated my planned litter page, as ive decided my heart lies with the old waggerland lines, so im using Laura's Troy, who will take me back to those rather nicely :) 
Daizy above, Troy below :) 

Now we just need her to come into season! 

To finish, a couple of pics of my young man, now 10 months old!