Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Meg & Reef managed 2 good matings with 15-20 min ties both times, so fingers crossed now!
Meg seems to have lost interest in flirting too, which in the past with her has been a good sign!

Daizy and terra are both out of action while their feet heal, somehow on friday terra managed to lose a nail - she just left the quick! ouch....then daizy also on friday but at the barn, managed to take a nice chunck out of her toe pad, right near her nail and nail bed, so im having to keep an eye on that one, i'll wrap it up tonight before booting her up to take her out for a stretch.

Chase went to hdcs puppy class last night, he loved it, as he likes mingling with other puppie, he isnt keen when he knows i have food in my hand though, and will tell them its all his! so something for mr perfect puppy to work on! his lead walking is coming along really well, he plays when no food is about and really likes the mop toys from lisa ( bungeedogs)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

next harrjak litter...2010

Hopefully ....fingers and toes crossed the next harrjak litter will be due around 23rd april.

Meg & Reef had a 15-20 min tie following a fair bit of flirtyness, she didnt make things too easy, by moving, sitting, telling him off ( but not enough to put him off!) and then flying her tail in his face! such a tart sometimes!

At the moment she is showing everyone she is in season, and throwing herself on her back in front of everyone!

I have emails about daizy having a litter, to be honest i think i really want to,as she has a lovely nature to people and puppies, she is a bossy moo to some dogs, but at the end of the day, she is a bc bitch, but i want to use a red dog with her i think, or maybe even a merle!

Monday, 15 February 2010

We have had a nice weekend, I had my training course on saturday followed by a walk with friends in the afternoon! i met up with Karen with Quest and Fern, and Sarah and Dan with Thai, Cruise and Magic, so i thin it made 12 dogs altogether, i took chase along and left meg at home as sarahs boys are entire, and there was a possibility of meeting lols and her 3 too, so couldnt risk winding them all up! so Lydia took meg out all on her own before we went.
Chase has his 1st water experience and fell in! as you can see from the pic, he was really impressed! luckily sarah had a waterproof coat to carry him and help warm him up a bit! He had a nice warm meaty dinner when he got home!!!
Im hoping my new business venture will be up and running by the end of the month, Gary is helping me get the website sorted, so fingers crossed it will go well!!!
Training this evening with miss daizy, then off to another class with chase...busy busy!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Meg is really happy to be in season at long last....cant you tell!?lol!

Reef on his Christmas holiday

meg has at long last decided to come into season!!!
so she will be off to spend the day with reef next thursday,
fingers crossed for puppies near the end of april!!!

If you have contacted me about a puppy,
going on the list and are no longer hoping for one,
can you please let me know so i can let others know... many thanks!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

back to it!

Well we are officially back in training! getting the dogs fit after the winter break, daizy has had a few training sessions and her barking is starting to slow down, although it is still there!

Chase is learning that playing with me is more fun that playing with daizy, though we have the odd play all together of course! His manners arent helped by her as she is a very rough girl to play with!
The young girls are having ball run's every morning, while the oldies get their plod around the park, harv is being walked with the oldies still until im 100% he is fit enough to run more. when chase is able to go out for longer periods, i'll take him out with the oldies every so often, so he will get used to their behaviour when out and about.
Meg was ok last night a box work workshop with matt. She only crashed a few jumps, and even though her coat is full and she has a little extra winter weight, she looked good and was just as fast as ever!
Ive joined weightwatchers with my cousin and im hoping by summer i'll be able to run with meg and handle her better, i really dont want to be the reason we never get a clear round! I really would like to see daizy in the ring before dogs in need... maybe wishful thinking, but hey we're trying!
Im super busy at the moment, work, training courses, new plans, business plans... all coming together, blimmin meg has held out for so long with her season im wondering if it'll ever happen!