Tuesday, 26 May 2009


well the sherbourne demo went really well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! the 1st run wasnt as smooth as the 2nd, but i think the crowd was rather large, bit different to a show where you know most people are watching the course and not walys the dog and person running it, harry and holly had a feww 'ahhh's' from the crowd, holly refusing the tunnel, then turning around in it to reappear the same end had lots of giggles too, harry really enjoyed his day, holding the bird of prey etc was all great too! weather could of been a bit cooler, was particularly hot when the 1st demo was starting, luckily we only had to fill half an hour, and parked near to the rings to be able to leave getting the dogs out til the last minute, a bonus!!

james jas harry and lydia all enjoyed their day and want to do another!

The rest of the weekend was lovely sunshine, so we got alot done around the house and tidying the garden, even had bar b q tea on sat and sun!!

Jak is very hobbly at the moment, hi back end it seems to be, his appetite is a little better than last week now terra has finished her season, so i think it was down to that he was off his food a little...

pics to follow when i offload the camera from the weekend

Thursday, 21 May 2009


im in PAIN!!! i think ive strained something in my back, absolute agony to move! i was booked in for 2 lots of training this week too, so blimmin typical! terra is in season, she will be going in for possible x ray on 1st june as she has a hard mass in her stomach area that the vet isnt sure about :( if it is requiring x-ray i am going to ask for her hips to be taken at the same time, to save another g/a later in the month. She had to go in on monday after gorging on a sack of food, and swelling up making rather odd noises, and having contraction like spasms, i couldnt risk missing a torsion!! so off she went to sandra who wasnt happy with what she felt as felt too hard to be in that area. so im picking up some x rays done in sept when she had a similar problem, from a local vet, so im taking those x rays out for her to compare from before. Terra and tigs could make such fab babies!!!

Her being in season has put jak off of eating at the mo! hes so busy following her around squeaking, he doesnt want to eat, so ive had to up his nature diet, and hes eating enough again, granted he's a bit porky so losing a few pounds wont hurt him, but was his 12th birthday last friday ( hence his pic at the top today!) and he has a few bumps now too :(

Hes a grumpy old git, but hes still my first ever dog and i love him to bits!

we have a busy weekend planned, wedding preparation class is on saturday, no idea what it entails, so long as i dont have to move much though, it should be fine!

we also have lydia coming to stay - so i know now the dogs will be knackered and harv will no doubt make himself lame - he seems to go stooooopid when she comes around!

we also have sherborne castle fair with dog club on the monday - not sure if i'll be able to run, but harry lydia and james may have to make up for it!! jas and bobby are coming too, hopefully steve will come to take some pics!

Monday, 11 May 2009

next puppy training installment

here are the 4 youngsters at training, this weekend and last, they are coming along soooo well! really pleased with daizy, she focused on working for a while longer this weekend, as there were only the 2 of us, she had less distraction and realsied what she was doing i reckon !!

i have 2 workshops with her in wrens place while she's off for the big op on tuesday, so fingers crossed we arent sat in the corner with a big D on our heads the whole time!!!

Had lovely weather for the show yesterday, still a bit red today in my face, james and harry moaned about being bored all day - so i think thats the end of show going for them!!

No clears for me, but friends did well! lolly had lovely couple of waits with mr tigs, claire had a lovely clear with kai, and dooley and pat had really nice run in the G 1 jumping. Julian and Jack won Grade 5 thought - making them into 6!!!! go guys!!! Specks and selena had a 2nd in a very tricky g6 jumping - caught some very good dogs out, i kinda remembered the 2 courses, but got completely lost on the agility! ahh well, meg was her normal happy full on self, hasnt had any training in a few weeks because of her season, it wasnt fair on the boys in the group to bring her in even after they had finished, so after a 3 week break she is back as mad as ever!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

itchy bits...

not me!!!! holly has developed some raw patches where she is very itchy around her back end, mainly on what i would class as her 'thigh' area, ive put her back on daily joint tablet rather than every other day, incase its a joint problem she cant get to, ive also thoroughly de tangled the carpeted mess left from her muddy walks over the weekend, and wil give her a tea tree bath when its a warm day too, ive used some petnat cream on the sore spots too, just incase its a general hot spot problem like she used to have as a youngster! both of the oldies are acting their age at the moment, holly is pretty creaky, and jak is hobbling, and still isnt losing weight, even though his food has been cut down a fair amount! Holly is now decidly deaf, she only knows its dinner time when the others run past her, so she gets up from the sofa and follows the crowd!! sad to see them age like they do :( jak and holly were my first 'own' dogs, so they mean an awful lot to me, and to harry too, holly is by far his favourite of the bunch!

went to training on saturday - late as normal! couldnt run very much as my knee is still giving me some trouble, hopefully with the new exercises i've been given at the gym, it will start feeling better soon, i blame the barn on friday, as i twisted it a bit when i had daizy out! she is focusing well in on her own, and will also play with the toy now too, must remember to get some more from matt or lisa!! we ran through some more channels, and have now done a long jump too, we've been putting a few jumps together and wrapping around a little too. On saturday her attention wasnt there at all, she only wanted to duff wren and play with flynn, we got a few bits done, but not very much, will work on targeting this week, as ive been ever so slack with it lately!

we went to the aquarium in plymouth on bank hol monday, we took harry of course, and my neice ellie too... she said daizy is her favourite at the moment, and daiz drew the short straw by having to be the one played with! normally its holly, as ziggy gives too many kisses, as does meg, but she jumps up to kiss too, so daizy it was.... apparantly she isnt her real favourite though, as wren still beats her!! :)

Here they are playing 'phones apparantly...

Re wedding plans, cake is decided ( i hope!!) invites are ready to be printed, i still have to make up info sheets, and im debating on rsvp cards so people have no excuse not to get back to us!!
Lolly came into town with me to speak to Denise in head2head about her hair, thats also decided!! We updated james' best man and brother paul also while he was here for the weekend, so he knows what is going on with the plans.

I've now got the menu aswell, so again, can be put in with invites!!

Passports to sort now! I have my dog sitter! ( you know who you are - ur a star!) so my big worry is over! I can hopefully now enjoy the rest of the planning! 3 months to go!!!!!!!!!