Monday, 30 June 2008


my lovely girlies posing in phear park, well ok, so wren isnt mine, but is meggies baby so kinda counts!! wren, meg, and daizy, sooo pretty!

went to Lansdown show at the weekend, nothing to report, zig ran nicely and was happy, no nerves, so that was good, but we fluffed weaves, so they are coming out again at home! meg was the same, here there and everywhere! listening now though, so we have that advantage! again, weaves were rubbish so gonna be working on entries from odd angles this week! Terra ran in anysize, surprisingly well! she missed a few, but i expected that as james rushed her slightly, they havent done very much int he way of whole courses, just a few smaller exercises so it wasnt a bad effort really! harv ran with selena, james also ran jak and holly in anysize and they had a blast!!

big well dones to tigger and lolly for winning grade 5 jumping on saturday! fancy blubbing and starting everyone else off! was worth keeping it to ourselves to see your reaction! and very very well deserved
Harry was 8 yesterday - time is flying!!!
he had a great day and a nice game of footy with some of his team mates
here is a pic of him last weekend at corfe castle!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

how long??!!

oops seems im a bit pants at the whole the blog malarkie!!!sorry!

will do my best to post at least once a week from now on!
not a lot has happend really, all the dogs are keeping well, well meg has no hair still from having her pups, jak is more grumpy than usual!!

we have been wedding planning lots, and working out how mcuh things cost! crikey, its expensive!! we are liking escot house rather much right now, that so far is our ideal venue.

Daizy has settled in wwell, and is 18 weeks old today! where has the time gone! she is gorgeous, love her to bits, dont get me wrong, she has her monkey moments, but overall she is a fab puppy, hardly any accidents any more 9 she has started to do excited wee;s tho!!) and the others put up with her really well!

thats about it really, its my boys' birthdays this week, so am very poor now! james is 27 tomorrow, and harry will be 8 on sunday!

off to lansdown show at the weekend,just for saturday, will i get my first rosette of the year??!! here's hoping!