Wednesday, 26 September 2012

12 weeks...

12 weeks & 4 days

Well who'd have thought i'd be doing a scan pic for me not for daizy!! 
It turns out i can still get pregnant after all the doctors telling me how unlikely it would ever be!
The plan for a litter are still there, i've done it all before, so to put any rumours to bed that it wont be happening, it WILL, when she finally comes into season! the wait is the hardest part! I have such a nice puppy list of people that are still waiting very patiently for this to happen!

The dogs will all have a little bit of adjusting to do, along with all of us, but not too much i hope! I have had the usual questions from non doggy family saying oh i suppose you cant keep the dogs....erm yes i certainly can thankyou!! It brings me nicely onto my latest frustration, people selling their dogs on for sale pages on facebook, daily adverts for staffies, and even lately a person advertising they are wanting a staff or pit puppy?? Seriously these people need a reality check on the whole 'pit' thing, they seem to think they are legal in the uk, even with many people posting links to government websites with full information, they even went on to add they HAVE a pitbull x staffy already?? With BSL going mad at the moment, I cant believe these people know nothing about it all?? Are they really that oblivious? How do you even start to educate this kind of person?

My moan over, training with my guys is going well, i have a few regular 1-1's now at the field, a new piece of vital equipment hopefully arriving this week, an A Frame!! :) 

I have picked back up working towards the kcai, i have a canine behaviour day on saturday at Devon Dogs, and Sunday a Canine Law Seminar in Exeter, so another few bits to add towards it :) The agility and sports dog massage course in November im organising is now full, and will also count towards my training for the kcai.
My work hours have just been reduced, and some redundancies have been made, so im starting to think about things i want to do with my life, and i really hope training is part of it as its what i really enjoy :) 
A few pics from recent times:
 Harry & Loki at Bicton Gardens
 Kipper makes a lovely pillow!
 Ziggys first clear after her first veterans show
Bicton by the pond

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nellie-bean's blog said...

Wow! Congratulations on the baby! Sounds like all kinds of exciting thiings going on for you and your family :-) Good luck, H x