Monday, 29 September 2008

Muddy pups!

Went on the common with claire and all 10 dogs, didnt meet another person, it was lovely! they played in the stream in the middle, then dried off a bit on the way back in the long grass!

Dress weekend!!!

done and almost dusted, dress chosen and booked!I love it and am looking forwards to the day even more than i was already!!!.. If that is possible!!
Lollys dress is also chosen, colours and all, so all is now falling into place for next year!!!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

back to Escot

had another visit to lucy kennaway last night over at escot house, to ask a few more questions, and run a few ideas past her, it seemed to go well and we got all of our questions answered! One thing i have to think about is how soon to send invites! im hoping i may purchase some kits to make my own, as the ideas i've had so far, havent yet panned out!
Lolly met us out there to have a look around adn i think she also booked a fish, well a bristlenose ancistrus like mine i think!!!
going to have athink about table decorations, and speak to the florist who has done a few weddings at escot, and see how her prices compare to the one we have spoken to here in exmouth

going dress shopping on sayruday in exeter, hopefully will either find one at last, or at least get an idea of what shape etc i like!

Monday, 22 September 2008

more fish pics

some better pics of the residents of the small tank!

the ancistrus - aka 'slurp'

we added 2 corys and 3 female betta's on saturday too, and the plant setup with 2 bits of bogwood and the dino harry wanted back in!

Friday, 19 September 2008

terra - update

well she came home earlier, still without having a poo, i have been told to ring and update them in the morning, they also gave me the emergency number for tonight...just incase, they have alo printedme off everything they have done today.

luckily, i stopped off to let her out in the football field ont he way home ( on the flexi) but after 20 mins of a gentle plod about she did it!! the only time i think ive ever been so happy to witness a runny poo!!!

she isnt allowed to eat tonight ( the nurse said she even tried to eat some fluff on the floor she is that hungry!) and to take the liquid parrafin tonight an again in the morning, then ring them with details from overnight

she is snuggled up on the end of my bed right now as i type, very relieved to be home!! thanks for all the get well wishes!! x

poorly terra-ble :-(

terra wasnt quite right this morning, ate a little bit, then started vomiting, her sides blew up and she was pacing and crying, very unlike her, so i took her straight to the vet after my experience with harveys torsion last year.

vets have agreed its possible, she has done several burps ( in terras style!) and her sides have gone down alot, but she was stil hard to touch, and so far no more being sick, they are keeping her in for a few hours, and will look at x-raying in a little while if there is no more improvement

so fingers crossed for my big girlie! she may be stoopid, but she is lovely! :wub:

Update: they have managed to pass a tube and release gas, she is much more comfortable now, i will find out after lunch if they are wanting to x-ray her still, i have been cheeky and asked if they can x ray her hips while she is under. so far all is lookin good for her though! the lady i rang said she is resting with nurses checking her as they are enjoying the cuddles!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

sad sad me!!

i'm officially sad, i have a wedding website!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

New additions

we have some new tank additions!
2 dwarf gouramis, i think 2 males, im not sure yet!

2 danios to add to the shoal after 2 disappeared! - no pics!
an ancistrus too....dont think i have caught a pic of him yet, hes only teeny still but very active!!

The one thing James wanted, (bar crabs!!)
An armoured shrimp - its scarey but wierd!!!

tanks are looking good at the mo, all the levels are right too!
the small juwel looks bare

but i have some air stones to sort, and a background, plus a few plants before the fighter can move in, so far though, water is good, and the sand isnt as hard to keep as i thought it might be!!

the big tank:

not bad progress so far....

well i took devil dog to her new class on friday, it went really well!!! we were early and the trainer had her two dogs wandering loose in the hall, daizy charges in and guns blazing as she does, and suddenly though oooo crap!!!! after a min of gobbing she decides they are ok after all...they loooked at her as if she was something possessed! once inside and intro's over with we had 10 mins before teh class, so she said to let her off the lead with her 7 month old and 13 year old collies and daizy was actually 'good'! she played, came whe i called her away, then was allowed back to play a few times, which she was enjoying, and built her confidence ina new big scary hall ( i actually think i was more nervous than her!!)

Down to training, well they work towards the good citizens, we have done puppy but failed our bronze in another class, however as cost plays an issue in classes i can go to, i cant afford the previous classes any more, and i dont feel daizy was socialised enough when we were there, hence finding a new class and trying different things, so far this one is looking good ! we worked on heel work, i have been asked if i would like to work towards competition obedience or just general, as she will get me doing exercises slightly differently, so i have decided i will for now, and see how it goes!!!

so far we did getting into position for heelwork and sitting to the side, daizy has a baaad habit of sitting in front of me, so i have done 2 nights worth of 'close' and so far so good, will try and games james using my camera to take pics of us training at home to show her progress. her 'wait' wasnt up to much in the hall, but i didn't push it as it was our first night there! we also did road crossings, sits, and 'leaves' in different situations, as well as the general socialising.

Daizy did decide to get her gobby head on again at one point, and be bigger than her boots with a westie she had played with earlier in the evening, so on the trainers say so i dropped her lead and walked away, which stopped her initially, later on same thing, ( we couldnt decide if its me, or food or being on the lead that sparks her off) so did the same thing again, this time she got told off back by the westie, which did make her rethink being so bossy as he is older and she backed down.
There were only 6 dogs in the class, so ideal, and 2 trainers, 3 young pups went in the other room to the side of the hall with one trainer and the 3 older ones ( me included ) stayed in the hall with the other trainer.

im going in with lotsa positive thinking about how this class will pan out! so fingers crossed in a few weeks we'll pass our bronze with flying colours!!!

oh and ive asked already about the test....if they think your dog is distracted by another during the wait, you are allowed to re-take after the exercise is finished!!! yay!

Friday, 12 September 2008

pitter patter of tiny paws...

well in october anyway!!! i shall be a granny again ( of sorts!!) Tiggers mating went really well and 4 pups were seen on the scan!!!! He will be due his cigar around middle of october, mum to be is Pat Partridges Becky (Waggerland Widget), of Gunran Border collies in Cornwall.

will post piccies and update as i hear news! x

I officially have the puppy from hell!!!!

not that you would know it to look at her, but really she has horns growin im sure of it!!

we had a good start to the week but it has gone downhill! the show we were supposed to go to was cancelled due to the flooded veue, so we opted to still go away in the wind and rain in the caravan as it was our first outing! we stayed with my future inlaws on the driveway, the dogs are well behaved here, which is good, even daizy didnt do anything awful! while we were there we needed to buy a new front door mat...daizy said ours didnt taste very nice!!

later in the week, ooo monday. went to training james and harry came too, although they didnt really want to! daizy was awful when i got her out to say hello and look around the barn, she barked her little head off at everything, then decided to get selenas nipping her leg!!! i was mortified!! luckily selena was ok about it ( albeit in pain!!) has made me have to do a drastic rethink of her training, and how i have been far too easy on more mrs nice mummy!!!

tuesday....i had a letter complaining about the dogs barking when we leave them!!! arrrgh, im glad they let me know, as now i can do something about it !when james 1st moved in it was lovely as he worked at 2pm i was home at either 3 or 5, so they wernt left for very long in one hit, but at the moment is is working 9-5 or 6.30 - 2.30 so they are being left for longer in the mornings, this apparantly is when they are at their worst!!
as an easy solution this week they have all been coming in to work in the van!! they get a 15 min ball throw and pee in the park on the way into work, then i walk them and eat lunch on my lunch hour, before dropping them back home! have made a few alterations to how they are left too, daiz in her pen with her bed and toys, so she isnt constantly annoying meg, the oldies have had the chair pulled away from the window as they would use that to stand on and bark, they also have tv on and curtains shut!! the man who sent the lette has agreed to keep tabs so i know if its helping or not changing, so that we can try an alternative!!!

......hmmm i wonder if de-barking is expensive??!!!!;-p

blimmin dogs...who'd av em!!!!!!!!

im taking the moo bag puppy to a new class tonight....wonder if we'll be allowed back??!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

training and stuff

ok will get the wedding bit outta the way first!! havent yet picked a dress after all! i took lots of opinions with me!! claire, lolly, pauline, gran mum and lydia!!
...and it was only a teeny shop! we decided to have a look at a fair few before deciding, so we will make a day to go to exeter , bristol and maybe taunton too.

anyway back to the dog stuff! we now have our contact trainer, the dogs are having great fun using it, meg and daizy screech at the door when any of the others are working though which is a pain!
took meg to training on monday evening at the barn for the new class for competing dogs, she wasnt too bad actually, and we worked on tight pull throughs and snakes, then snakes onto weaves, which after a few attmepts we got!!! we did a few waits aswell and throwing the toy behind, which she got the hang of not bothering to move if she want going over the jump! so we have progress!

terra has done some contacts at home so hopefully james will be able to put them into practice in the class tomorrow, in time for the weekend. i will hopefully have ziggy out for harry to do a small bit aswell.

tonights job is to sort out the caravan ready for the weekend, just needs a good hoover and we're ready to load it up!

Big well dones for tigger and lols this weekend coming 1st in grade 5 agility, making them grade 6 now!!

I had the walk from hell on sunday ( i didnt go to the show) and have decided to walk them only as a whole group on weekends, and weekdays they will go in 2 lots, Daiz barked at every dog we saw, she was a nightmare!! and i think the oldies didnt enjoy it either as i was changing direction to get her back all the time!