Tuesday, 23 June 2009

yuck yuck & blergh...

is how i feel! been ill since friday - finally starting to pick up, but still generally queasy :(
hate being ill!

apart from that... daizy was good at training on friday, she had a quick blast with lydia, then with me, we had a nice new white gsd joining the class, so i opted to leave daizy out seeing her obsession of barking at white dogs!

wren is doing well with her 2 x 2 weave training, so im hoping to start daizy using this method, as its hoped to teach good entries from early on....watch this space!

wedding is now only 6 and half weeks away!! spent the day after training in exeter getting some clothes for my 80's theme hen night, we also had a makeover, was very pleased with mine, lols wasnt as happy with hers, but thats sorted now! think the mistake we made was not using the same woman to do it! lols dress has arrived, its a little big, so will have to make alterations soon, my first fitting is due on 2nd july, i havent lost anywhere near as much weight as i had hoped to :( pretty disappointing, but hey ho!
finally mid way through sorting the invites! the fun job of finding addresses! most of mine will be hand delivered i decided!

was working out a few dates last night planning weekends of things to get done, makes it seem like not a lot when i think about it!
26th, james birthday, 29th harrys bithday, 5th july - midcornwall show, 11th july - hen night, 19th july - race for life ( or waddle in my case!) 26th south devon show ( ive entered late...oops!)
that kinda see's me up until the week before wedding!!!!! arrrgh!

oooh we went to see transformers2 at the weekend, fab film, loved it, would of been far better without the tummy bug to accompany me tho!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


well we had a lovely weekend - harry was poorly on saturday night though, and still is, ( doc said a virus) but i think it was helped by the sun to be honest!

was really nice to catch up with everyone, lots of pics were taken - i WILL try my utmost to update the website properly no this week, my only regret was not getting decent head shots of everyone, so im hoping Graeme managed some with his posh camera!!

Terra could actually be an agility dog we have decided! she got her first ever clear round, in aquadoggies anysize! James is pleased to bits with their first rossette, hopefully he will carry on with her training and try for some more!

meg had some nice runs, some hard courses that really were tricky, esp for us being new to G6 still!

Monday, 8 June 2009

SandS show, Honiton

a lovely show run by Sharon & Selena this weekend - shame about the weather on saturday, we were soaked thru by the time we left at almost 6! the dogs were wet, so were we, the seats were still wet the following day! but luckily the sun came out all day ( i have the burnt nose to prove it!)

zig was a little floaty for me yesterday, harry had a nice run in the steeplechase with her on sat, and i had one in the s/c yesterday aswell, she missed the last but one jump, so we picked up a 5, plus a longer time! meg tho was lovely to run, her 1st run on sat was very scrappy and poles were flying! but her agility, she got every contact, i so wish i'd taken a toy as i had a feeling she wouldnt get the weave entry, we still struggle with weaves, mainly me unfortunatley, and alot of it i put down to her rushed training as a youngster. we seem to be working well at the moment, lets hope we dont embaress ourselves at thames next week with her babies there!
we came home with 2 x 4th places over the weekend, very pleased with them! my aim for the weekend was to get them both staying in 12 weaves, meg did just that after beign taken back on both courses with missed entries! and zig did it after missing them completely! my other aim was for getting contacts, meggie is 4 on floor - its too hard for her to stop physically ON the contact!!

we still havent managed a 'kc show' clear yet, so we still have an aim for the season!
vid to follow this avo from after the show...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

sad news

very sad to hear the loss of Janet Curtis, she was a lovely lovely lady, who i shall miss chatting with at shows about the dogs and the highs and lows of agility, my thoughts are with Y & Don at this sad time. I was extremely touched to see the photo's of Mac ( from meg's 1st litter) going into visit Jan in hospital, and am grateful to the hospital that allowed her to have that small pleasure, Mac will also be going along to say goodbye on monday for her funeral, such a good boy who gave his mum so much pleasure just by being himself, thak you mac for being so good! x