Monday, 27 July 2009

RIP Parsley :(

sadly parsley died while out in his run yesterday, possibly a heart attack. compared to other purebred buns he was small, so we suspect he could have been a runt, neverthe less, he was great fun, ever so friendly and loved a cuddle, he'll be missed by us all,

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

new addition and race for life!

well we took part in the race for life on sunday, and the weather was awful!!! but hey ho, off we went and mum finished in 41 mins ( she ran far more than we did) and marie and I finished at 54 mins, we walked most of it,as not training didn't really help us!! still we know now ready for next time!! Big THANKYOU to everyone who very generously sponsored the 3 of us, it was very much appreciated!

We also have a new addition to the Harrjak Pack as well... Parsley, the lion-head, ( it may mean something to some, but wont to others!)

He is a lion head cross with a german lop (the same as wellybun) hopefully they will bond nicely and be nice company for one another. we couldn't help but think she was lonely, and a few rabbit people have suggested another rabbit may bring out a nicer side to the grumpy moo bag! so far so good, they have met one another daily since saturday, they had an initial footsie fight through the bars, but will now eat alongside each other through the mesh panels, so tonight i'm hoping the rain holds off to be able to let them have a run about while we are out painting our van caging ready for the weekend!

Monday, 13 July 2009

hen night....

well it was on saturday night, 80's and neon were what was decided!
ended up with 16 of us dressed like proper plonkers! it was funny tho! lots of singing and drinking, and silly forefits for touching ur drink with your right hand!

James also was out with some mates for a few drinks, we spied them a few times, but they went the opposite way around the pubs instead! They also suffered alot the following day, oh and that actual evening too, us girls are obviously farrr more responsible and know our limits!.... either that or can hold our drink better than them!!! lol!

Terra had her hips x rayed on friday, sandra said they look ok from her point of view as a vet, so now we wait.... im hoping they are good and not high! she hasnt been over exercised, and didnt start agility training until late, so i cant see any problems, unless they are from any knocks etc she could of had. Any way, fingers crossed for me! She was verrrrry sleepy for the evening, and didnt take the GA very well at all, she was sick alot whiole in the vets, we collected her at half 6, and she had managed to keep a few bits of biscuit and some water down for a few hours, so they were happy to let her come home.

only 3 and a bit weeks til the wedding, just as long to our wedding pressie to ourselves too! so a few things for me to look forward too!

i went training at the weekend, i'll put a short daizy video on later...
she is FINALLY starting to play!!!! yay!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Harrjak puppies!

Well i havent been able to update the main site yet due to technical problems ( my home pc in bits, my laptop cant cope!) I will update here for now until a time when i can!

I have decided to put meg to boo again for her final litter, the pups are all so fab, and a different dog would have so much to live up to! We know what to expect from pups from this pairing, so it all makes sense! Pic to the right is Daizy with dad Boo...

Also, the other litter in the pipeline is Terra x Tigger, Terra wasnt bred here, but tigs was, so my line will continue through him aswell as through meg. Terras hips are being scored on friday, all her other tests are perfect, (DNA for CEA & TNS normal, PRA & BAER tested normal too) while Terra isnt a brilliant agility dog due to my few years out, she is a lovely girl, great fun and has a fantastic temperment! Tigs working ability is fab, and his temperment is nuts when doing agility, and cuddly at home, Tigs pups from a previous litter are all lovely, and lolly also has one from him that is no doubt destined for great things.

2 x 2 weaves

well after some persuasion, ive decided to give this method a go with daizy and terra, they both had a go last night, but daizy decided playing with the swingball was far more interesting, so we abandoned that as she actually wanted to play for a change! we did little foundation bits instead, as she now finds tennis balls and footballs irresistable!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

lots of stuff!!

well a busy few weeks here, so a quick summary!! harry and james' birthdays have passed with a noisy 9 year old party, and james parents and aunt coming to visit.

I've had an infection under my wisdom tooth, which has been agony, so now im in the middle of 3 appoinments to sort it out! 1 down, 2 more to go! Still, its feeling so much better!

We have done a fish swap with my cousin sarah, she has the goldies and i have her angel fish, and an as yet un-identified catfish/loach, i havent caught a decent photo of it yet, when i do i will post it! In the meantime, here is bob and bob jr, as named by harry .... imaginiative hey!

Daizy has done a little training, but not a lot, she is much better with other dogs,a lthough her body language is still very dominant, she needs to learn not ALL dogs like to play rough with her!

Zig n meg had nice runs at the weekend, but still no kc clears for either! day! my next show is south devon on the 26th july, so we shall see!!

Oh and a last minute plea to anyone thinking about sponsoring me for the race for life! if i dont see you in person, please use the online page - it really isnt that hard! i promise!

Wedding Stuff

Lots of wedding stuff done and dusted, caked ordered, my dress fitting has been done, all my make up and perfume is also bought, and my shoes at last too!

Lolly and Lydia have their fittings on wednesday too

My hen night is on the 11th july, so next saturday, I have most of the bits i need for 80's style! should be a giggle!

32 days now i think??!!