Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Dai's hips

Daizy's hip score is back...and not bad!! 5-4 such a relief after terras score wasnt great, i was worried as dai is the only girl i have here to carry on the harrjak name!

SO i had better pull my finger out and get her training properly!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

clever chase

well chase is a good boy - its official, he has his puppy good citz certificate last night! still a fair way of work for his bronze, as he likes to offer so many different behaviors really quickly!! so we have to work on holding them!

We had a 1-1 session with lauren on saturday, and shared it with daizy and terra too, but chase did some circle work and playing with the whip-it, we also did some wrapping, and used wings for this, he picks things up really quickly, and im loving training him - so far , i think he may even know more than daizy!

Monday, 22 March 2010

1st show back...

well it went surprisingly well! we had our first trade stand up and running, very scarey - i hardly slept!

It all went well though, big thanks to John & Sue Omlo for letting us have a go!

Diazy was pants, she wont be entered in anything for a while yet! Terra did well in her 1st run, jumping everything, but was e'd on a tunnel crazy moment! her other 2 runs were awful, so one maybe enough for her brain to cope with for now!

Harv had faults, but no E in his class ( how??!!) so picked up a 2nd with only 2 in it, so his first agility rossette! lydia wa pleased!

Preggy meg ran in midi casual and did it in 17.11 secs winning the class, and zig came 2nd in one of the novice steeplechases.

So 3 rossettes and a tradestand, all in all a lovely day!

Well dones also for Lolly and Flynn and alexis and pc for their first clear rounds! go harrjak grandpups!

Wren also had a good weekend from what i hear, looking forward to seeing her develop this season!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

training update

i forgot in the last update to add anything about the training of the dogs!!! oops!

terra has been working well at medium height and getting more confidence starting to build up the distance away at which she is comfortable to stillt ake the jumps, she is progressing really well, repetition really helps it sink in with her, and she doesnt get bored easily which is lucky!!!

she is working on the odd jump at full height, and some at angles, some at medium, which means she has to think about her feet a little! not easy for terra! weaves have been left for now, we are due some intense sessions soon, so i'd rather stick with the rpetition way of things with her and concentrate in one session rather than little bits, once she understands we'll start doing more in small sessions. her a frame is also coming along well, d/walk is main problem as her bum catches her up and she tips to the side to stop! she has a nice 2o2o position, but looks back alot, so work needed to help her look forward.

She is entered in a steeplechase run at uka show soon, so hopefully she'll get the jumps!

daizy moo, has been doing some nice grid work and single jump stuff from susan garretts dvd, getting her to see the jump as reward etc, which so far is working. she can work in a class environment at the barn now with lydia with only an odd wuff, the fast movement and 'go go go' commands really excite her, so we have to make sure we are more prepared for that!

At her class on monday she had a go at crate games for the first time, which she actually liked, as she is a foody rather than a toy dog, lauren has suggested we try look at that game with her, but i dont really understand it myself, so i cant really put into place until i do, so some reading up is required!!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

march madness

i liked the cheeky expressions in this pic!

Lydia & harv with their Cowpat Kim Trophy -

winner for most improved handler within the club this year

Thursday, 4 March 2010


chase has lost his first tooth ( well that i have noticed!) he has a lovely gap at the front now!

we did some crate games at puppy class last night, chase enjoyed that, he is very easy to train as he loves his food so much! last night was cooked chicken and garlic sausage slices, smelt very strong! but luckily his tum can cope with most things now!

i cant remember if i put in another post but he now works on, sit, down, stand, targets, hand touches, paw, other paw, feet on stools etc, go to a mat/bed, its yer choice and walks nicely on a lead. So all in all he is coming along really well

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

just a 'lil update

not a lot happened this weekend really, i had 2nd part to my 1st aid course, which i passed! (yay me!!) i also spent sunday clearing up the garden, from this winter, i have never seen so much green build up on my patio! We sadly made the hard choice to re home boog bunny, so she is in a nice new home now in axminster, with a family im sure will look after her better than i can, i just dont have the time for her that she needs, although we were both sad ( me and harry that is!) we had to do what was right for her.

Chase this weekend was an angel as per normal, we are working on nose touching different objects now as he has grasped hand touches, he can touch a cone, a remote control and also we worked on feet on stool/bowl/beanbag, and also giving a paw. I took him to a huge park in town, i dont normally take the dogs to, so was all new for him, i took the whipit and a toy and we had a good play and did some circle work too, a couple of dogs came over to say hello, which he did very politely, then came running back to play some more with me! its nice to have a dog that likes me!!!

Daizy's paw is starting to mend at last, it seems like its been open for ages now, but she went for a check at the vets yesterday for it who said it looks much better and is healing well... so hopefully she can get back to training soon!