Friday, 29 August 2008

wedding plans

well our plans are well underway now, we have booked the date!! 07-08-09!! we have booked Escot House, near ottery, its a beatiful old house, the ceremony room we have chosen is the Library and is a really nice room, so much nicer than a!! the whole day will be held here, starting from about 1 with ceremony at 2pm. Due to our very limited funds however it will be small!! I have a dressing up session tomorrow, trying on yet more dresses, this time i have opinions joining me, in the form of lolly, claire, pauline and mum, gran is hoping to come along, but its a bit early on a saturday!!!We are going for a pale mint/pastel green for the boys colour theme for waistcoats etc, Harry is very pleased as it means no PINK!!!

We collect our new caravan ( well new to us!!) on saturday also, then on Sunday we have a local show (Bovey Tracy) where im not sure yet if i will be able to run, or if i have to find mugs....oops i meant 'volunteers' to run my lot!

Training this week has gone well, terra for the first time actually strung a line of jumps together!!! yay! she also went onto the contacts without being guided most this isnt much of an acievment, but for Terra it really is, she cannot think for longer than 2 minutes, so group sessions are best for her as she doesnt switch off too easily. will be taking the camera out soon too to start filming her progress each week!

We now have our own contact trainer (thanx Dani,Fern & Roger) so hopefully the resident Harrjaks will have fab contacts like the non resident ones!!!lol

Here is missies fantastic week at dashin dogs!!:

Big well done to Linda, all your hard work is paying off! and with a bad knee too!

Daizys 1st video

made this while at work today:

Thursday, 21 August 2008

we're back!

home safe from dogs in need and back at work again ( groan!) James has come back to a permanent job offer which he is taking, so after a set period the agency let him go off their books and he will be working for Devon county council!

having such a pants week at dogs in need has kinda kicked my arse to get more training in, i took meg in lollys lesson slot at laurens , she was better than i thought she would be, we did some straight line work and sending on, which she needed....god i wish i had some space to train more often!!!! ( just incase anyone in exmouth area reads this, a small flat peice of land please, a ring is 35m x 35m email me harrjak@ hotmail .com without the sapces!!!!) and im off tonight to honiton barn with james so he can train terra, we are also borrowing claires guide wires to train some weaves at home!! oh and i have a contact trainer coming on monday too, so will get a small amount more done!!

more crap training news, Daizy and wren failed their bronze last night :-( both through the fault of other dogs, which is annoying!!! both failed on their 'wait' very frustrating!
harry is away for the week so im cramming in as much dog stuff as possible, he has said he would like to try and do some himself, so thats a good sign, hopefully we will get a monday evening up and running too soon at the club, which will hopefully see me back in the swing of things!!

we had bit of a meet up at din, was nice to see some of the other pups...everyone is so grown up!!

linda and missie are doing me proud, they are keeping me updated and have 4 wins this week at dashin dogs, 2 2nd places and a 5th, how good is that!
Tigs has come into his own, he is working so well for lols at the mo, won 2 jumpings now, and a 5th at the kc festival

Met up with woody while at DIN, java and bob also came to say hello, caught a few pics, java and woody are very simelar, woody maybe slightly chunkier, bob is definately shorter than those two, but is still very handsome!!
I have been to see laurens puppys, very cute, i think dark puppies always look the cutest!! popi was being a good mum, but like meg in that if anything more interesting is happening they have to go and join in!

im still looking around at dogs i like to use for our last litter from megs, i'd like a non tri ideally, good looks, good temperment, good health results, and the drive a collie should have....not much to ask is it???? well i have had my spies out and we have a main contender, but we shall have to wait and see!

Friday, 8 August 2008


is really the only word for it!
went to the hospital yesterday for a scan ( not a pregnancy one!!) and fell over on my way back to the van!!! i hobbled back into a&e after 15 mins sat in the van waiting for the pain to stop...but it didnt! i have a bad sprain, possibly ligament damage!! typical, just what i need a few days before dogs in need!

we go on monday in the early hours, hopefully we'll get a rosette!! well if i can run!