Monday, 24 August 2009

poor bob!!

poor bob, can see why he isnt looking at simon here! ....well would you???!!! haha!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

future plans...

who knows as yet what the future holds, i have a dog lined up for meg, and also boo, i cant decide between the two, so we shall see what meg thinks nearer the time! I try and keep a couple of dogs in mind, should anything not work out with the first, as you have such a small timescale to work to!

Terra's hipscore came back as 14:9, not what i'd hoped at all, a huge disappointment, as i so badly wanted a litter from her and tigger. so its back to the drawing board really, do i look for another line pup, or do i look for a slightly older girl, that has been returned to breeder etc, ive started to put feelers out, as yet i cant decide. I will put any updates on here, as and when they are decided, for now, i think we will just go with the flow, get daizy's hip score done, and get both the girls up and running at shows again, as a month off seems like forever!

Here's daizy with char, showing her snuggly side, people dont get to see when she is out and about being her normal gobby teenage self! While char dog sat, she bought down tia & scandal, well scandal and daizy were instant freinds, and did not stop!!! poor char had those terrible two, and terra who LOVES tia to bits, poor tia has to tell terra off, but terra still thinks she is FAB!

The Seabrooks have returned!

ok, so really we've been back for a few days, but i haent had time to post yet!! this one will be a bit rushed, but hopefully i'll cram all the info in that i need to! wedding day was fab, mr sun decided to come out for the whole day, weather couldnt of been more perfect! the day before looked bleak, grey and horribly WET! not what i had in mind, but hey wouldve gone with it! luckily for me, didn't have to worry, as it was ideal in the morning! we left for our honeymoon in Turkey the following evening, which was alovely week, bit warm, 39-41 most of the week, we became very good friends with the air con!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

another 48 hours

then im Mrs Seabrook! so much still to do here, so just a quick update, we are off to Calis Beach in Turkey for a week following the wedding on friday, the weather there looks fantastic, i really cant wait, its been so long since i had a holiday! 8 years in fact! leaving all the animals wont be easy, but i know char will look after them!

we also have a new addition, parsleys replacment really, he is called Boog if you have seen the film open season you'll know) so we have elliot and boog. He is a mini lop x german lop, so he should make the same size as welly, but for now he is amazingly CUTE! Harry again had the pick of 6 buns this time, the lady in the shop said the others have had no reported problems, so we think parsely was just the runt maybe, and possibly had an underlying heart problem, that caused his sudden death :( we have noticed a big difference in personality btween the 2, boog is very out going and inquisative, he hasnt sussed out that he can climb or jump over things yet though, so he is nice and easy to contain, when he is running around the living rm! daizy is fascinated by him, and both she and Dot will sit and stare at him, willing him to move!

Any way, i shant get chance to post again now until im back from honeymoon, so have a lovely week off from me!!!! x