Friday, 29 January 2010

chase @10.5 weeks

Chase is coming along really well, still having to curb his nipping, but i have to say that is possibly the only problem i have with him! he is good as gold at home and work,plays when he is meant to, sleeps otherwise. wakes me up if he needs to go out at night, which has been often with his bad tummy, which seems to be getting better now ive taken him off of the burns.
He is seeming to know his name and responds well to it when called, he knows sit, and we are working on 'down'...its hard as he cant have any 'treats' so having to work with small amounts of chicken and toys, which is working for now!
he has his 2nd jab soon, so will be able to go to puppy class starting next week and actually join in, cant wait to get him out and about more on the ground...he's getting heavy now!

Monday, 25 January 2010

just an update

Harv's leg is now able to take some walking so he came to the beach, hes been to the common and even managed to go to the park with lydia which made his week!
Jak's lump on his foot is shrinking back down, so we dont think its a tumor, i cant remember what the vet called it though, although she said its more common in young dogs, not old farts who think theyre young!
daizy, well she has been so good this last few weeks, she has been out and about in lots of places, also with having people and other dogs around over xmas time she seems a lot more sociable without being bossy! she came with me to see claire this weekend and didnt stand over wren bossing her! It was wierd to be other way around!
Training on friday , she came along to the barn and lydia ran her a bit towards the end in selena's class, she was lovely! no barking, a little lack of focus at times, but ziggy was running with amabel ( another junior) so that was understandable, but i was shocked!
out and about in pets at home
Chase update:
His tummy seems a little better, he is still on anti-b's for now and wet food instead of dry so it cant irritate him, so for now the natures harvest seems to work the best with him with a little soaked burns once a day for now. ive started to give some of the mini bites dry as rewards for recalling and sitting etc, but he is so hungry most of the time that food makes him quite frenzied!
He has been out ( carried) with us to the beach and to the common this week, and even up to tesco's a few times as well as b&q, home maker and pets at home where he gets to meet loads of people, but his tail goes mad when he comes to school, he loves to see the kids! He has his own little fan club that wait by the gate if we havent got there!

Chase watching the agility class last week

New caging in van

Out having cages done in feniton, having a blast around - although it doesnt look it here!!

playing tuggy while out in feniton

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Chase is settling in really well, he is coming into work with us every day, and at the moment has a poorly tum, so is on some antibiotics and very tiny sensitive meat meals :( but he is ok in himself, still a monkey, and while looking like he has lost weight, actually gained some in a week and is now 4.5kg at 9 weeks old (he was 3.8kg at just under 8 weeks)
We invited the little fluff ball pups to play at the weekend, and they all had fun, and learnt about other breeds!
Chase has been coming pretty much everywhere we can carry him, he loves all the fuss, and takes everything in his stride, most things now however seem to need further investigation - not just a look at!!!
He's up to the 60's of his 100 people to hold him! so we are cracking on! he really seems to know his name, although poor daizy comes normally too, as daiz and chase i think maybe too simelar in sound!
His house training is getting there, he uses the pads we put down, but prefers paper as thats what jeanette used too, but will use either if he forgets to find the door!
He has learnt this week that he needs to treat his elders with some respect.... holly told him off for trying to bonk her back ( several times!) jak tells him off for sleeping in 'his' bed! and harv told him off, for telling him off! He is a proper cheeky toad, he likes to bite hands alot of the time, so we are working on that, he know sit for his dinner too most of the time, and knows he'd rather pee on the paper if its cold or wet outside!
He is great fun, and a fab little pup!!!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Retiring news...

its with regret i have to announce the retirement from competition of Halloween Harvey.
After a recent knee injury and the onset of arthritis in his front legs, he'll now only be set loose in anysize classes! sorry in advance to all the judges he may bring to tears with his antics, but he says he aint completely out of the game yet!

january 2010

well the boy is here and settling in well! he is very good over night, eats a lot and sleeps alot! He loves to play and daizy is in heaven, the other dogs are pretending he isnt there at the moment, but all check him if he squeaks!


just to put to rest any rumours flying about ( yes i've heard a few!!) i AM still breeding from meg to reef, when she decides to come into season, she is very late at the moment, but im hoping it will be soon!
She hasnt enjoyed her winter break, so my sister lydia has been doing some fun groundwork in the play park!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the chase is on!!!!

here is chase, kc name korsabian star chaser, his parents are korsabian sweet moment - a large G3 tri colour agility girl, and fennec, kc name waggerland wizard, a black and white g7 agility dog, we pick him up on friday - i cant wait!