Thursday, 18 December 2008

Daizy is now a laydeeee!

awww daiz is having her 1st season!!Terra is also in, the 2 i dont want to come in, very typical! still waiting on meg, but hopefully the other girls will bring her in!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

some of the pics from the walk on 14th december :

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

not alot really.....

not much happened really this last week, daizy is understanding paw now, and we have had some successfull recalls when out without most of the other dogs, when on a group walk she is kept on the longline/flexi ( whichever i remember to take with me!) and we are rewarding her for coming back, occasionally i still have to reel her in, so as yet, she is spending more time on lead that off when out with all the other 6. She did however have a run off lead at the weekend with lollys 3, karen & quest, and claire and her 3 ( pics when i get them from steve!!! BIG HINT steve)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Big well done to Claire and Wren on passing your silver test last night!!!

...much better than your rubbish little sis who still hasn't managed the bronze!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

kamikaze fish!!

well i've had a looong weekend this week, had thursday off for an op i would of loved to put off, but couldn't!! so friday was lazy day to recover, although i still went to the barn for the last night of training before crimbo.
saturday, we took the dogs to the beach with steve, to take some pics, they werent bad, but daizy was a nightmare and would not come back, she kept circling at a disntance, ignoring her didnt make a difference, so in the end we put them all away in the van, and she followed them in, not ideal, but it got the toad back!! we then went on to the estuary ground, for a few group pics, as the beach was filling up, and they were more and more distracted, daizy was restricted to the flexi lead though, wasnt letting her be bad twice in a row!! photos are on the main site, link from the photos page....

sunday we had a nice big runabout on the common and met up with wren and quest, who i haven't seen in ages!! both girls are so big now, and angels compared to my monster!!

oooh the title about the fish... well when we got home yesterday from the walk, i noticed some of the water from the small tank was spilling over as the dino bubbled up, so ithought i would scoop a little out to stop it, well i did, but as i did a fish jumped out! not only did it flop onto the coffee table, but it then fell into the open xmas tree box! nightmare! so had to tip it all out to try and find it before it died! luckily i shook the tree, it fell out, i scooped up and put her back in the tank, where she sat for a minute, stunned i expect....and then has carried on like nothing happened!
oh and the hillstream loach died this weekend too, the tank wasnt the ideal set up for it, buit i couldnt find anywhere else for it to go, so did the best we could :-(

Monday, 1 December 2008

terra finally doing full height...

well little and often seems to be working with terra, she seems to prefer only a 2 jump lead out, but she is getting there, james has learnt a lot too, and is getting his timing a lot better too

bobby was good too, more videos from my phone, so not great quality, are on my youtube page