Wednesday, 26 September 2012

12 weeks...

12 weeks & 4 days

Well who'd have thought i'd be doing a scan pic for me not for daizy!! 
It turns out i can still get pregnant after all the doctors telling me how unlikely it would ever be!
The plan for a litter are still there, i've done it all before, so to put any rumours to bed that it wont be happening, it WILL, when she finally comes into season! the wait is the hardest part! I have such a nice puppy list of people that are still waiting very patiently for this to happen!

The dogs will all have a little bit of adjusting to do, along with all of us, but not too much i hope! I have had the usual questions from non doggy family saying oh i suppose you cant keep the dogs....erm yes i certainly can thankyou!! It brings me nicely onto my latest frustration, people selling their dogs on for sale pages on facebook, daily adverts for staffies, and even lately a person advertising they are wanting a staff or pit puppy?? Seriously these people need a reality check on the whole 'pit' thing, they seem to think they are legal in the uk, even with many people posting links to government websites with full information, they even went on to add they HAVE a pitbull x staffy already?? With BSL going mad at the moment, I cant believe these people know nothing about it all?? Are they really that oblivious? How do you even start to educate this kind of person?

My moan over, training with my guys is going well, i have a few regular 1-1's now at the field, a new piece of vital equipment hopefully arriving this week, an A Frame!! :) 

I have picked back up working towards the kcai, i have a canine behaviour day on saturday at Devon Dogs, and Sunday a Canine Law Seminar in Exeter, so another few bits to add towards it :) The agility and sports dog massage course in November im organising is now full, and will also count towards my training for the kcai.
My work hours have just been reduced, and some redundancies have been made, so im starting to think about things i want to do with my life, and i really hope training is part of it as its what i really enjoy :) 
A few pics from recent times:
 Harry & Loki at Bicton Gardens
 Kipper makes a lovely pillow!
 Ziggys first clear after her first veterans show
Bicton by the pond

Friday, 7 September 2012

All we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about

Loki is coming along nicely, unfortunately her ring experience isn't going to plan as she isn't jumping!!! She will do all of the other equipment, weaves, see saw even the tyre, but not any jumps!  So.....back to training!

Here she is last night running with Lydia, which she rarely does as harry is usually the one training and running, but he was at sea cadets so here you go :) this is micro height on the feet of our jumps, small is the cup above, so quite a distance!!

Dogs in need was lovely as always, judging on the Friday went really well :) The drive was ever so long!!!
8 hours, but was worth it both ways :)

Daizy is still not in season!!! Really looking forward to repeating the Lenny litter, and she isn't playing ball lol :) oh well, what will be will be! we have lots of lovely homes lined up, so its a wait with lots of anticipation!!
She will be running this weekend in a local UKA, she hasn't run most of this season, as i was expecting her season early July, so she has been training a fair bit, her jumping is coming along nicely, her weaves are still very hit and miss, so will just be trying some steeplechase runs for the rest of this year with her!

Meg, Zig & Terra will all be running this week too, also we have Blackdown the following week, so providing I feel better I will be going to both! Meg is now Senior Steeplechase, so now classes for M & Z are the same, Novice performance still , both very close to getting out, zig needs some agility points to move, and megs some games and general points, she has 12 for agility so sorted on that part!

Chase is improving with regular work too, his weaves are still getting there, his contacts are too, he isn't ring ready yet, but will have a go in some steeplechase classes too this week and see how that goes!  He is focused on working, but he does have a loony streak where he rushes and gets SUPER excited, so i have to work hard to remind him he is jumping not racing!!

The Harrjaks have had some great results streaming in to me, i try and post on the Harrjak facebook page to congratulate you all, im sorry if i miss anyone off!  Maid ( daizy & Lenny) went grade 4 recently, Quest ( boo & Meg) has been getting some nice places too, Dish ( Meg & Reef) has made his way up to grade 7 already on his first season competing! Phaze ( Dai x Lenny) has flown up through the grades also, mickey marmite is getting a steady stream of rossettes too and really coming together, as is Tatty from the same litter :) Tarn is doing well, Jackie's foot is on the mend, but its still hard work to run!! Rave is doing well, winning lots! Wren & Claire are also now Grade 6!! We were able to watch Trinity run in the champ at Dogs in need, and popi & missie too, was lovely 3 Harrjaks all up there! :)

Not a lot really for such a long time off! Ive spent time with my family, which includes the human 2 as well the the dogs! Ive taken a break from Honiton Club over the summer, so has given me time to do more training with my own, which has been nice! However we will be resuming winter training at the barn soon, We being myself and Selena, the plan is not to hold an evening group, but weekend training instead, plus workshops for all levels :)  Looking forward to it!!

Last week we learned of the tragic loss of young Riot, owned and loved by Matt & Lauren, he was from Popi's first litter, and a very handsome young man with lots of promise :( sadly taken very quickly, so sad for these things to happen, especially when its an accident. A sad loss of a grand puppy x

Hopefully by the time I blog again I can talk about 'other' news I have but cant say about just yet! 

....that'll give the 'gossipers' something to wonder about now wont it!!