Monday, 31 October 2011

2 weave or not 2 weave... thats the question??

I dont know what to doooooooo :-S

There are too many choices now with weave training methods! and i dont know which i want to try - i have 3 dogs that need to learn, 2 need touching up, and terra just needs everything!!!

Writing down my plans for winter, i have sorted most plans, but weaves are just being written as weaves, and left at that, as i just cant choose!

Daizy & Terra i have started old fashion style luring, earlier in the year, it worked for my old dogs who had better weaves than meg who learnt on V's, and harv and zig had enclosed chhannels, but i never worked on independence or difficult entries....oh or the right hand side, with those two, so big holes showed there!!

So, i have chase and loki - what a difference they are! both to teach to weave, and i cant decide how, so i havent done any?!

I have a few training workshops booked, and hope to decide depending on what suits each one and of course which trainer is most helpful i suppose! ;-)

Onto jumping, Lydia and myself have just done a jumping course, and learnt about grid work, set points, bounce grids and extension grids, all which was really fascinating, i loved it, we are definatley training those with the girls this week at club!

Ok i started writing this on sunday evening, today is tuesday morning, and i have the sort of cold that makes your head feel like its been trampled my many elephants :(

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pics from the weekend

My guys taken this weekend, love them all to bits!!! :-)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Winter already?!

Well didnt that come around quickly!!! The pics above are from Exmouth Beach now its re-open for dogs!!! my lot love it, but chase enjoys it the most!! he chases waves for ages, he thinks it great fun, look at his face for the proof!!!

As with most years, im starting to think about what i need to work on over winter... usually it involves lots of groundwork training at home as i dont have anywhere to use... but now I DO!!!!! So i get to do a different kind of training plan this time!
SO with a little help from friends this will all come into action over the winter!

Now, just to be clear, my dogs over the summer get to train an average of once or twice a month,not a week or even a day like some do, for about 10 mins each.... which isnt much... but they are competing, so i dont see that they need to train that much. Now the young dogs, i have changed how im doing things with them, so i will be doing 2 sessions each week with them during november, stopping all training for december and weather permitting, each dog building up to 2 sessions a week over january. and we have some 1-1 sessions to look forward to with a friend or two, so that im also looking forward too.

The show is now over and done with, and we have a de-brief about that soon for the next meeting, so a few things will be decided then and i can then plan my winter completely. I enjoy teaching within a small club, its so rewarding most of the time!!

My dogs are all doing well, meg is a bit off colour and has had a dodgy tummy overnight, so hopefully she just ate something that didnt quite agree, we shall see over the next couple of says!

Training tonight at tail-spin, my own club, im working towards the KCAI now so every little helps as tesco's say, ive just been on a training day learning about search and rescue ( SARDA) in the area, and also a seminar on reactive dogs in class situations which was very helpful, and im looking forward to the secon part of that one in March!!

On saturday i went to see a gorgeous litter of puppies, they are stunning!!! and yes as always im very tempted by one or two!!! They are by Tigger & Geena :)