Tuesday, 20 October 2009

harrjak hounds visit hound tor

We popped onto dartmoor this weekend, Jak's all time favourite place, he knows when we are there and starts to cry when we go over the first cattle grid! Harv and terra are monkeys here as they like to run out as far as possible before i call them back in, and holly is far too much of a 'stock rustler' to be allowed off lead, since losing her for an hour as a young dog ( well 4 is young!)after some sheep, she's never been off lead up here with any animals in sight since! I fear she would still have a go at chasing them now, i have no fear of her hurting them, but i know how damaging the shock of being chased can be for the sheep, so dont allow her off the flexi lead anywhere they are likely to be. Daizy and meg like to eat all the bunny currants up here and zig loves to roll in the grass! so they all have their favourite parts of being up here! jak and harv enjoy climbing on the rocks, harv thinks everyone on dartmoor is his mate and has to stare intensly at them before running over to say hello, but 27 kilo of big black dog running full pelt at you isnt nice!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

a few phone pics...

Jak & Holly
Crazy smiley daizy
harry & daizy
boog bunny

Monday, 12 October 2009

bad times!

my oldies are keeping us on our toes, and i think we now have paid enough to have shares in the vets!!! holly started last week off being very iffy, with d& v quite badly, being old and creaky, i worry that something more serious is happening, so off we went to see sandra who thinks it was an anal gland infection , a week on with emptied glands and anti b's she seems much better and back to her normal self!

then there was kipper, he managed to have his ear ripped and a tooth hole in his head on thursday morning, so off to a more local ( and far more expensive) vet here in exmouth, £70 later he's back out on his puppy harness...we had getting in the box 'issues'

then over the weekend, Jak has managed to pick up cystitis....well we hope that is all it is, he has umpteen tablets to take at various times, but had blood in his wee and has been very uncomfortable, i just assumed he was excited as we had james' parents down for the day, he was panting and running in and out, hardly weeing each time he was lifting his leg, in the end i caught some and had a look, not good, so i spoke to sandra who advised me what to give him that evening until surgery was open the following day, he managed to go from midnight to 5am without needing to go out, but at 5 was rushing around again to go, but until then he was a lot more settled, after the vet visit and a few tablets later, he was obviously feelingbetter as he had a few sleeps in between puffing, and slept all night too, i let him out at 12, then harry was first up this morning to let him out too, i have caught some more since then and its still looking bloody, sandra said there was a lot when she catheter in yesterday too ( james took him in while i sorted the pups at laurens for her)
have to ring in with a progress report on him today. seriously having fingers crossed it isnt anything more sinister x

Saturday, 3 October 2009

devongem pups

i went to see the popi reef pups today, they are very cute, nice and outgoing and really cheeky, the other dogs are really good with them, altho popi proper smiling when i came in was still the best bit! ( sorry pups!) some very different shapes within the litter, so will be interesting to see how they change in the next few weeks...!!
pop is being a fab mum, very like meg, i didnt have any battery left on my camera, and steve had loaned his out, so heres a pic i took using laurens camera!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

little training update

a little of daizy - not very good quality as it was dark, and i cant run cos of my ankle!

a little of terra, later on so still dark - sorry!