Thursday, 24 March 2011

and so it begins...

Well i finally did it, a group show without my best boy :) they were little buggers trying to get it though, loki doesnt know 'wait' yet little minx!!

We have had season's latley so we havent done much training with terra recently, just a little at home, dai has now come into season too, so she is also now not training at club :)

This weekend see's our first Camping show of the season, i cant decide if im excited or just nervous, i dont want to look silly in the ring with dogs flying here there and everywhere, so i have entered meg and zig in 4 runs a day, terra and maybe chase will have a play in nursery so i can see if chase can use his teeny brain, and if terra can do some decent work.
Naarah a friend and trainee ( also the breeder of Loki) is also coming along, and is competing for the first time with little Maud, an older sister of little loki, im really looking forward to seeing her working on grass!! she will be a little star!!

Chase has been to stay with Auntie lolly while terra was in mid season, I think he enjoyed himself, Lolly certainly had an experience! I am thinking i may try and get him use to a headcollar soon, i have hesitated as im not sure if it will cause his teeth to rub his lips or gums, as his jaw is twisted slightly from being so overshot, so obviously dont want a headcollar to hurt him :) but he is so lanky and OTT

anyway, wish me luck for NADS, Id love a few clears, would set me off to a good start to the competing season!! I think Luck is well overdue for me :)

Im looking forward to meeting Jay, a prospective girlfriend for tigger, his pups from other litters seem so fantastic, really proud of him for having such gorgeous babies! If anyone is interested in a tigger pup, please contact me on and i will put you in touch with respective owners/breeders :) Lots of Tigger pups to see this weekend too, as well as a few full Harrjaks :)

I had a nice few pictures from Patricia and Peter of Zephyr from Daizy x Lennon litter in Sept last year, he was in the litter called sexy rexy, and what a stunner he has turned out to be :-)
I am really pleased with this litter, they are a really nice mix of both lines, their structure is nice, the girls arent huge, which i had expected as Daizy isnt big herself, but they have a nice amount of bone to their build, unlike alot of the agility dogs being bred at the moment, which is soon going to be too brittle to work IMHO! I know im biased and i like what i breed, i choose parents carefully and put a lot of effort into raising happy healthy babies :-)
I love recieving all the reports on how they are doing, and telling me off if i get a result wrong ( graeme!!Lol)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Harrjak babies a fantastic season ahead, lets make it a good one!!! x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Jak Compilation

here is an old video compilation i made when jak first retired down to anysize classes,
He has been gone a week tonight, i miss him so so much, i hope he knows how much we love and miss him x

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sleep well my boy x

Thursday night we had to make the hardest decision, and say goodbye to my first true love, sleep well Jak, we love you so much, my heart feels like it's been ripped out without you here, you will be so greatly missed old boy, go find grandad at the bridge x I love you x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

it never blinking chucks it down for me :(

Well im knackered! thats all i can say really, Jak started to pick up, he has now started to be a bit unsteady again, mainly on one back leg, but he is on metacam now and hopefully will be a bit happier. Holly decided it was her turn to be ill! she has ulcerated colitis! she haid a full 24 hours D&V and ended up containing a great deal of blood from her bowel, she was getting dehydrated, to the point i had to syringe Rehydration fluid into her, and the following day she was admitted onto a drip as it wasnt enough. Holly is 2 months younger than Jak, so also 13, knocking on 14, and has a touch of arthritis in her legs but mainly in her front feet, so is a bit slower on lead walks than him. She prefers off lead ambles, but can still do a runner after the elusive pheasant or rabbit :) SO if anyone has any nice poweful healing thoughts for my lovely oldies, please spare us a few x

back to the others, meg and zig are working well at training, we are doing alot at the barn, and a few bits out with Toni, and harry is coming along well too, learning how to handle basic courses now, so he is really coming along, its nice to have someone so nice show him what to do and when, thanks Toni x

Chase is woking on general bits n pieces, he is very gangly still and reminds me of a teenage boy! But he is keen and happy doing everything we ask of him so far :)
Dai & Terra, both are working nicely on jumping, terra is even doing some full height work, and her teeny brain is coping!! yay! although the rate she is going she will be competing in veterans!!haha! Dai is still an onward challenge, her focus is never fully there, she is FAR better in a group now than she was, although is noisy while she is waiting! she is happy playing or using food rewards, and her weaves are coming along well, she is starting to speed up now, so we will start on independance & entries soon!! I will try and get some videoing done this week at training :)