Wednesday, 28 July 2010

new micky pics

Well Done Zig!

She doesnt get many well done's nowadays, so she is having this post all to herself!

She won best in show at the Greyhound sanctuary's fundraising companion show this weekend, not agility but hey, she won!!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

More well dones!

This is getting to be a habit now...albeit a very good one!!!! Massive well dones on their wins this weekend to Graeme & Rib winning G3 agility, making him Grade 4 now, and to Flynn ( not a harrjak by name, but a gunran, but harrjak tigger is his dad!!) with Lolly and thir first win of many im sure, G3 jumping at Diamond Dogs. Fantastic Stuff Guys well done!!!!

Other big news here is that Daizy has been away for a dirty weekend with Lenny ( flickcee working class hero) and hopefully we shall see another Harrjak litter here in September!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Wren @ Tuffley

well done claire & wrennie on some lovely runs this weekend, also to mr wibbley on some lovely results too!!!!

Thank you Graeme for the lovely new pic of his lordship too!!!! Its FAB!

We had a windy day in cornwall for mid cornwall show, sadly no clears, but a couple of 5f runs, megs first run was awful - and i hope no one saw!!!!!

Daizy passed her PRA test, and the specialist made a booboo and should have done the gonioscopy 1st, but didnt, so she has that on wednesday this week instead.

No shows for me now til the Tamisje show in August so time to get some proper training in!
I have a lesson with the lovely Toni @ SWAT next week which is exciting, im going with meg.

Now Terra is also unbroken for a while she can get some serious training done with Lydia. Zig is starting to slow down alot, she is still enjoying herslef, but i think im going to mainly stick to UKA with her as the jump height for her there is standard, so she has a much nicer action and seems to enjoy it even more! Dai and terra are also going to try flyball!! That will be fun!!!!
Harv also loves flyball, so im hoping it will be something he can carry on with as he is still a loon!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Back to it

Now we are back as close to normality as we get for a while!!!!

Here's the mutley crew down on the estuary the other day, love this pic, shows how lovely they are to walk! I prefer to bring them here of an evening when the tide is out, as its as nice as the beach for them ( well it has sand and water!!) but without all the rubbish that comes with the beach.... plus there is masses of space for them to charge about, and the best dog ban!

We have been cracking on with some training, chase is now 7 months, and is so funny, he loves working for food or a toy, and can be really enthusiastic at times!!! last night we had the target out and the clicker, as i'm not very good with a clicker, i dont use them very often, instead i use a 'yes' to mark the behaviour, which works for me! He loves it so much he cant contain himself and will throw his whole self onto the target!!!!! he is such a loon, i am really enjoying training him!!

The girls are all working well, even miss dai! she really enjoys target work and hopping onto the contact just incase i have a treat! So im having to make sure i have some on me most of the time now!

All the pups are settling nicely into their new homes, fab new owners, i couldnt be more pleased!

I am busy with future plans at the mo for the harrjak household!
Watch this space....