Friday, 3 August 2012

Size matters!

I'm part of a new facebook group that is talking about adding a 4th and possible a 5th height to the current uk standard heights in agility, its really fascinating seeing the divide of handlers and the reasons for and against changes. My own opinion is, im for it, yes my dogs will benefit, but, i'd be for it if they didnt too! It would definatley help with the numbers in some classes aswell, some large dog classes are HUGE now, as so many people have been bitten by the bug and also like myself end up accumulating more and more dogs!
Loki is just under 7" at her shoulder, and weighs less than 4 kg, yet she has to compete against large terriers, spaniels etc. Daizy only currently runs at UKA shows ( in Standard height) as she works alot more fluently in these. this of course is my choice to take her to, there are less shows available to us because of this choice, so at KC shows she either gets no runs, or goes into anysize. She is a physically fit, and very active, but small border collie. I have been woking on building up to KC full height with her for some time, her jump isnt naturally stylish, so lots of grid work etc has helped. She can now work MOST of a kc course at full height, however she isnt as confident or as happy when working this height yet.
Loki, of course would slot into a micro height, she can jump micro in nursey uka, and also in anysize small dog class. She is also not yet working a see saw, we have tested her weight on the end though, and it does seem she should be able to tip it!

For Harry, the south devon show was a disaster, Loki forgot how to jump!! she ran the whole course, but never jumped a single one!! little tinker, did get the zoomies mid way aswell, BUT i pointed out to harry, not once did she leave that ring, she listened every time she was called back, she ran the course in the right order, she did the tunnels, he got the crosses in that he wanted to get int, so he could take away lots of positives! He liked the big cheer he got at the end, and he came out beaming, so for me, that signifies a good run.... not perfect, but enjoyable!

Loki & Chase both had their very obvious measurements, Chase is large, officially, and loki is officially small!

Chase was off his rocker for the steeplechase run, he was a complete loon, running past and racing when i asked him to do things, he got me quite flustered!!!

I ended up having my best run of the day with meg, in one of sam chapman's courses, known for being challenging, i didnt think id get around it anywhere near aswell as we did!!

The baby Harrjaks did well here too, Phaze won her last grade 4 run, Tarn came 4th aswell in another class. brilliant results, they are ALL doing so well! DIshy is now grade 6 after winning LOADS of 5's this last week, and Rave has also had some good wins :)

Some news this week also, Tess ( meg x reef) had an unfortunate accident after sleeping under her owners car, and has had an op after dislocating her hip :( she is recovering well now i hear :)

Meg showing her naughty weaves! We have been working on our main weakness, weaving on the right! getting there...

Chase's weaves are improving, he is much more confident as you can see, i had started to move them closer, maybe too quickly however as he would skip the middle section, so i have opened them back up for a little while!