Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The only way is up?!?!

Friday evening we made our way to SWAT show, lovely show, I missed last year has i had meggie puppies :) SO was looking forward to this year....although there was no T-shirts for helping this year!!!!! ( tut tut!!) that was the bit i was looking forward too!

My weekend did have some upsides - im not all doom and gloom i promise :-)
Daizy has been in the ring now a grand total of 2 times, and on saturday with lydia stayed pretty focused and got around the anysize jumping course! CLEAR! so i was dead chuffed for her! Lydia then went on to do the double and got a clear in the 1-7 jumping with ziggy, unfortunatley just out of the placings, but never mind!!! The following day saw Harry ( for those who dont know harry he is my 10 year old son) had his first ever clear round with ziggy too!!! again in 1-7 jumping!!! so zig is at least getting consistant again and will hopefully gain a few places in this year, possibly her last before retiring down to anysize :)

A big well done has to go out to Claire & Wren, Winning Grade 4 agility by miles!! - ok by seconds to put it in more realistic in agility terms!!!

Lots of positives from this weekend, chase playing by the rings, loki out and about meeting more people, and also coming home to do more training with harry ( see her makeshift tunnel in the video!!) i got to catch up with Karen & Selena too, and a few pups! And met some online friends i havent met in person before too! Meg had some nice moments, so much to work on, im only hoping we can get there before she is too old! Chase had his first runs in anysize, and well, the good point was he had a good wait, and stayed in the ring.... i shall leave it at that lol!!!!
My handling leaves a lot to be desired. soooo much to work on when watching back what i do, absolute nightmare, ive really gotten to be a lazy rubbish handler, when did that happen!!! So lots to work on for myself, not just the dogs!! SO! back on to action plans, and getting stuff organised, as i try and take on too much in general, i must cut back on how much i do for everyone else, and concentrate on myself for a change!!!!

Really looking forward to the next couple of weekends, 2 UKA shows in a row :)

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1969266463996 - chase waving

R.I.P Welly bun

This weekend started off a sad one, we had to say farewell to our big welly bun, yes she may have been a bit of a grumpy moo at times but she has left a HUGE bunny shaped hole :( She was a bit off colour so i booked her in for a check up at the vets, later that evening when getting her out of the run we noticed a small amount of blood near her back end, but couldnt determine the source. So then another call into the vet, who said if she could be persuaded to eat, she should be ok to wait until morning to be seen as no more blood was forthcoming. i offered her some apple and dandelions mixed up which she did eat, her pellet food was turned down, but non-theless, she ate. So next morning off we went, only to find upon sedating her she had a massive tumour in her urinary tract, which unfortunatley was inoperable, so upon the vets advice the kindest thing for her was to say good bye. She has been buried in a nice spot in the woods opposite where we live, close to wade the oap hamster, and parsley the lionhead bunny we lost at a very early age. Harry is also obviously very upset to have lost her too

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2 posts in one day eh!

Well yes, purely because i thought the other one about sunday was deserving of its own spot :)

So we are on tuesday, another week ready to rush past again no doubt!! This weekend im looking froward to SWAT show, James is Judging on Sunday , and i have no trade stand, so looking forward to just enjoying a show, although i will no doubt feel i need to help at certain times ;0)

Im hoping meg will be ok in time for the show as ive been working very hard on the fitness of the dogs these last few weeks as i feel they werent quite at optimum level for working which was why we havent been working so well lately, so have been putting lots of 1-1 walks in to help with that, plus to benefit me aswell as would love to be able to run them to their full potential, and feel i let them down by being overweight myself, so hoping to improve my fitness to benefit my guys too :)

Chase is back at training and is back working nicely at medium height, im particularly looking forward to the next few UKA shows as i get to run him in some nursery classes with his toy to help him become nice and focused in the ring.
Daizy.... i think she has been having a phantom, as she isnt quite herself at the moment, she has been taking herself off to bed with her 'suckie' ( fleece tuggy she likes to suck on and fall asleep) and not playing with loki and chase as much as normal, so i think maybe a little hormonal, so she came to the barn for the last 2 weeks and just had some play time with jumps and tunnels on very low height and made a nice fun time of it for her :) She is entered in only anysize at kc shows at the mometn, as i want her to build up her focus, as she is easily distracted, and will go under full height jumps if she is too busy watching what else is going on outside of the ring. So small and fun for now, and see how we get on at uka where she is standard height so can jump lower, she is one who would benefit from the 4th height if it were to be passed, as she is very much a border line girl!!
Loki has been having lots of fun so far, and is a sweetheart, she is so much more difficult to train than a collie though!! ;-)

This week we have pulled out the mary ray trick book, as i decided my dogs need to learn more!! so this week we have taught - round! and harry taught loki 'freeze'

you never know whats around the corner...

On sunday we had a nice big group walk 21 dogs, 2 kids harry & jordan, james, myself, karen, lolly, pat and teresa, later joined by debbie my step mum and her 6 month old puppy bailey.
We walked the estuary from exmouth, towards star cross ( google maps: 50.626851,-3.433664)

Bailey was spooked by a kite surfer, and bolted in the opposite direction! He got stuck in the mud a good way away and Debbie went to get him and ended up getting almost waist deep in estuary mud! closely followed by James! Ended up having to ring coastguard, but Bailey couldn't be seen, after being last seen chest deep in the sinking mud. ( here: 50.629355,-3.416798) we honestly were fearing the worst! The coast guard met me at mudbank lane ( the other side of the railway line but in clear view of where they were and closer than the car park) and spoke to debbie and james on the phone about a safe route out, before deciding to take their 4 x 4 to see if they could get them more safely. A local walking past in the meantime tried to help out by showing a safe route, to only go into his waist and have to get back out, thank you whoever you were, but you really shouldnt have tried anything silly!! :) Unfortunatley even the coastguards 4 x 4 they took out got stuck!

After james & debbie got to more solid ground, the search was finally on for bailey, Deb was obviously in panic mode by then, as was i, and i was with gary, debbies other half, using a friends binoculours and the long lens on the camera i had with me for the walk to look in the mud & sand to see if we could spot any sign of him, or of his body, but nothing!! the train passed twice, and it was being considered that maybe he had got out and ran farther away than where we were looking, and talk was of trying the dog warden etc, and lympstone further along to see if he had found his own way onto dry land...we were hoping for anything by this point!

Over an hour later and into the search, Debbie & james were out and safe, but very mucky...We could hear some shouts, and around the corner trots Bailey... ON the railway line!! so went from panic he had been sucked under the mud, to him being on the railway line!! the train wasnt due for about 15 minutes, but it was real panic in case he wasnt caught in time! 3 people including Gary debbies boyfriend managed to catch him after a good 10 mins, luckily before the train came!! Big thanks to all involved, only a few human scratches to show for it... Big sorry to the coastguard who got the truck stuck when they went to get James and Debbie out :-(

Usually when walking we avoid the muddy areas as ive always heard stories about how dangerous it can be, and we always stick to the sand, but when your dog's life is on the line you will try anything to save them, as debbie was doing, i wouldnt recommend anyone doing what they did, but know in my heart of hearts, i would have been doing the same if it were me in that position

A few photo's pre bailey's bunk! more on facebook :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

chase @ 18mths

My big baby, he is SUCH a funny boy - he thinks he is sex on legs :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

WAO & Dreaming!

It makes a change doing nothing!!! Although we actually ended up being rather busy after all!
Saturday we stayed locally, mooched about on the 'marina'....it'll always be Exmouth Docks to me!! looked about and james dreamt about boats we cant afford :) then had a lovely big walk on the common with all the dogs. Early night then ready to leave at 6am to go see the World agility open show, which had countries from all over competing, we got to see England win the team gold yesterday which wasnt half nailbiting as that last dog went around!! Never know, maybe one day we'll be good enough to get there!!!!;-D
After this i decided we were doing some dreaming for myself....so i went to see a breeder i knew had a litter i liked the look of, and found my dream puppy that i cant have!!! :( but was lovely to meet sue and her lovely dogs :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Harrjak Guided Miss Isle aka Missie

The very beautiful & talented Missie - owned by Linda, she was the only girl in meg x boo first litter :-) such a beautiful girl x She is competing at Grade 7
The pictures show her at Kernow in the Olympia Qualifier, and the Video is at BAGS show last weekend :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

must be getting old!!!

Zig weavingMeg


This was taken by my brother steve - a fantasic pic i think!

I am knackered!
after an eventful weekend, we have to say good bye to our show tent :( its given us a good year of trade stands, but the wind at taunton racecourse was just too much for its little legs, and we left it looking and feeling sturdy on saturday night after setting up james' course for agility on sunday, to arrive sunday morning to find half of it bent and buckled and on its knee's :( !!!!! We managed to bend and twist things back into place enough to hold for the day, and anchored in in several more places, but didnt risk putting the side on else would have made it more kite like!

In general, Tail -spin had a good day :) dog run wise, i only had zig and meg entered and they only had 2 runs each, we had several faults in each run, and handler memory loss in zigs jumping but we had already missed the weave entry :) very hard running zig again after just running meg and training the young guys, but was nice :) i look forward to running her more again

Chase will be training more now he is back in action off lead, so can start doing some gentle bits that will help him with his learning :) He is so gangly and goofy, he is great fun to train and i love him to bits, he reminds me of Jak in so many great ways :) x

Dai & Terra are still working on jump style and full height jumping, they are coming on slowly, but im not having time to take all my bits to the park to do any at the moment, so they can only do once a week at the barn on club night after ive finished training

Friday, 6 May 2011

May already!

Crikey this year is flying by!!! This weekend sees us going to Blackdown show, a nice and local ish one for us at Taunton Racecourse in Somerset... James is judging, and me, well in my lack of wisdom, have agreed to have a trade stand! SO this week has been uber busy sorting stock, ordering new stock, and display panels, and all of it still needs pricing before sunday morning! I dont make like easy for myself do i!!

This week has been particularly pants, i feel ill, and crap in general, im still getting over my chest infection, i have been pretty down about jak, as im still coming to terms with the loss of him which i still find very hard :( and then to top it off i get a comment made about me that was uncalled for! I find it amazing that people feel the need to judge others like this, to make an assumption is one thing, but people must know by now there are two sides to every story, and what either side may or may not know could be the truth, only those directly involved will know the truth, and quite frankly for people who dont know me personally should not judge things about me, without asking me first. That is all it takes, ask, and i will do my best to answer, i will always be honest, but i wont directly or purposefully hurt someone.

Gossip is another world, i wont even get started on that one - again, if you have heard a rumour you would like to know about, just ask! most of the time its chinese whispers.

Just as an example, when i had terra as a puppy i was asked if i was going to breed from her, i said i was undecided as her dna test wasnt back, as he mum is a tested carrier for cea, i would need to know her status before doing so. well by the next show i went to, i had people asking why i was considering breeding when my puppy HAD CEA??? WTF??
Obviously she didnt HAVE CEA, but it was still bizarre the way my conversation with 2 people had changed peoples perception of me!! Obviously when i was asked, i put people straight, she was infact tested NORMAL!! lol, so the gossip factory was shut down just temporarily.

When you breed, like it or lump it, people talk about you line, and or dogs, and dogs you may have used etc, its part and parcel of it unfortunatley, but you take the rough with the smooth, not everyones opinions are the same, it would be boring if they were!

So remember next time you comment on someones dog, people may misinterpret whats been said and you could be running a 3 legged orange hyena....