Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy Birthdays! Chase & the 1st litter of harrjaks!

Happy 8th Birthday to first edition harrjaks!

Joe & Tigs @ DIN

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16th November saw chase turn 1!
My ickle gangly boy is now a BIG gangly boy!!!
Lol, he is a long legged toast rack most of the food that goes in him is burnt off or flies out!
He is doing quite well on a lamb based food right now, and natures menu, so we'll see how it goes!
He is lovely to train, loves to learn, and is very keen to work for food aswell, so little tricks are ideal for him.
His pre agility is coming along nicely, he has to learn to focus more however as he has a very high pitch sqeal when things get exciting, esp when the 'laydeez' work!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Jak has Vestibular Syndrome :(

just a quickie to let everyone know that when we got home from the show on sunday jak collapsed and couldnt get back up. He is 13 and a half now, and hasnt shown many signs of aging bar the greyness and seal like bark, so was all a bit of a shock!

He is being treated, and the vet has confirmed it as vestibular, which is a severe inner ear infection, normally viral, sometimes bacterial, never the less she is treating him with antibiotics, anti inflammatories and sea sickness tablets. as as well as his balance and co ordination being affected, his eyes have a left to right constant flicker making him sway even when laid down. its sometimes called geriatric vestibular as it affects elderly dogs mainly.

I figured if i let everyone know the signs in case it happens to your dogs you know what to look for! The signs are very similar to that of a stroke.

I have everything crossed for his recovery right now x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chase training

Chase Update
His training is coming along really well, Cant believe next week he is 1!!
He is still very babyish in how he acts, he is due to be neutered over the winter, but would like him to maybe 'man-up' a bit before that happens! Although in some ways he is mature, like bitching and thinking he IS gods gift to all female dogs!
He has turned into a beautiful tall handsome boy, his jaw never righted itself so is still a good 3/4 inch over shot, which doesnt cause any issues, just gives him a very long nosed expression!
Still...maybe it'll make him mre streamlined!!!
He has a nice recall, retreive, sit, down, walk back is still hard for him, paw, other paw, and a good nose touch. He plays tuggy nicely, but does find it frustrating if he misses it and will start to nip to try and catch it, so i tend to use long toys he can get a good grip on, or food as he will work for either. He has started to get noisy in his class now, but on his own he is fab and gives so much concentration!
He is working on micro height ( below small) at the moment, aswell as poles on the floor, He loves wingwraps, and also recalls along jump lines, We have started on weaves this week, we will see how it goes with some various methods before deciding which suits him the best!
Last week we worked on feet on contacts which went well, as well as playing the bang game with the see saw. He doesnt show fear of anything, and also mastered the collapsible tunnel and 2 sections of the long jump this week.

Video shows him doing small bit of circle work , then same including a jump, then a wait onto tunnels...he likes those!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Zephyr - Harrjak Hell Raiser!

Rex now Zephyr is settling in nicely with the Brittons, they tell me he had a good few days and is just the right amount of naughty!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Master Tarnado

Mr Tarn all settled in with Jackie & family in Cornwall, looking rather dashing in his new bling!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Taylormaid, Halloween & Happy Birthday Harv!

Half term...oh joy!!! I went to crealy park with Harry, Lydia and Ellie my niece, it was PACKED! I find i dont enjoy places as much when you have to queue for so long to get anywhere!
But they all enjoyed it so was a nice afternoon off for a change!

Maid was the last puppy to leave us here at the Harrjak mad house yesterday, it was very quiet with out them last night :( miss them all like crazy already as they were such a fab little bunch!!!
Tarn went happily with jackie and terry, and is all settled, and maid ive just heard is playing nicely with Dougdog

Harv celebrated his birthday with lydia, so his day was complete, she bought him a nice new coat for the winter, now he is 10 he is officially getting old!!!! He polished off a nice birthday tea too, so i think he enjoyed his day!!!

We went to SWAT training day yesterday, great fun as always, always come away with lots of positive thoughts and comments, and knowing how well the dogs can do! Daizy worked with Lydia, as it was a working ahead and motivation workshop, i felt she would benefit the most, and as she worked she got more confident and started to work really well, i had horrid toothache all weekend which meant i couldnt even help harry eat any sweets!!!!
En-route home we stopped to see naarahs puppies at Kaydence stud, lovely little pups, and yes i have a favourite, harry too!! but sadly james is being too sensible and saying no!!!:(

Here is dai mid run!!! concentrating and everything look!!!