Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy Christmas!!

Well its over and done with phew!!!
We had a lovely dinner with my sister marie, and her partner, plus their kids, followed by a visit from mum and lydia, then i ended up feeling a bit off colour and went to bed!
anyway an update of pre xmas! saturday was olympia day for me and claire, we had tickets for the evening performance, which was FAB! have never been before, but i really enjoyed it ( thanks claire!!) unfortunatley lauren and popi didnt get through to the evening performance, they were E'd in the monring :(
The highlight of the day had to be having to guess meg was on the right day for mating so we could take her en-route to london! lukcily for me it was dead on the right day, and after 5 mins of flirting, we had a good mating, she stayed with gem & nic for the afternoon ( sorry she was a pain in the arse guys!) and i had a text to say they had mated again later on! so fingers and toes crossed for puppies now ( especially girls for karen!)

umm thats it really, spent boxing day with J's parents, had a lovely lunch their, and got back home at 11 last night, absolutley shattered, and i have a cold AGAIN! how unlucky eh! seems to be mainly in my throat and head atm tho, so i may be able to kick it before i get it everywhere!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

christmas shopping all done, and birthday now over and done with, lots of nice pressies & cards from everyone ( thankyou!!) 30 ...ugh....officially old now i spose!

well meggie still in season - not mated her yet, not quite ready - we have this fab testing kit,.....well.....we did......

it kinda got swallowed last night when testing her! oops, have to wait for it to reappear now!

steven ( my brother) came and took some fantastic pics of the cats

Monday, 10 December 2007

Back home from a weekend in sunny Bournemouth - my god it was freezing! dogs were angels though, so all got extra cuddles for being so good! got a few more xmas pressies, one for mum from a russian stand at the christmas market, so hope she will like!

went with my sister marie on friday, to pick up a blue merle puppy! sooo cute!

he is 10 weeks and called paddy
also news just in...meggie is officially in season! woohoo!

Friday, 7 December 2007

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

after nearly a month of searching.....i have a wii!!!!!


our christmas tree is going up tonight aswell! getting into the spirit and all that!

.....just wondering how long it will STAY up with the cats!

Monday, 3 December 2007

a quiet weekend really, not much to report, meggie teasing that she was in season, but sadly nope! still not yet! Terra and bobby had their training session, followed by all 7 dogs having a walk on the common before we had a torrential downpour! good timing on our part there!
we had a wander about town for last minute chrissy pressies for J's mum and dad before we go to stay next weekend! spent half hour back at home before going ten pin bowling with Claire Gary and lolly, a good night, havent been in almost a year!
Spent sunday clearing out our bedroom, have a new big set of drawers, so we had to re arrange and hoover under bed etc etc, took ages, but it got done with roast dinner at dads in between!

Also managed to surprise harry by having the christmas tree bought by the time he came home!! Both of us are still coughing! J is the only one to get off lightly!