Wednesday, 28 April 2010

puppy pics 4 days

ok so a bit late as they are now 8 days!

tri girl - pixie
bw boy, was tri!

fat boy, bw boy

Reef a like bw boy

Marmite, w/f boy (tri)

Monday, 26 April 2010

fabby dogs!

Big well dones to wren, flynn, pc and any other harrjaks who have done som egood stuff this weekend! Wren won another jumping and a 2nd in agility with held contacts, fab stuff!!!!

Well done to flynn and lolly, 11th in their first kc show! although not harrjak by name, he is a tigger boy, so technically is!!!

Chase is 5 months now, and is fantastic!!!! even if i cant breed from him, he is a wonderful puppy and im really enjoying him, and training him is so much fun as loves to learn! Dont get me wrong he has his monkey moments, but thats part and parcel of being a puppy!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

the new harrjak pups!

Meg & pups doing well, the webcam will be on most days and evenings
Proper pics tonight...
5: Tri Boy
4: BW Boy
3: BW Boy

2: Tri Boy

1:Tri Girl

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

puppy cam

the cam is now up and running, i switch it off when we go to bed, otherwise its aimed on the box!

meg started stage one of labour last night about 9pm, still no puppies as at 10.30 on tuesday....maybe tonight?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wren's success!

Big well done to Wren & Claire over the easter weekend in soggy cornwall! a 1st AND a 2nd!

Monday, 12 April 2010

casa soy de España

like it home from spain!
we had a lovely week with gran in her little flat out there, pics coming when i find the lead for the camera! :-)

the new look website is up and running, i hope it is like-able! it had a few niggles, ive had umpteen problems with the old site and not being able to update it, so now im gradually getting content over to the new one. i have more of a limit on space on this one though, so i wont be using as many pics as before!!

came home to a re-arranged living room, a taller chase and a fatter meggie!

I was sat with meg last night and she has a fidget pup by her bottom teats that moves the most!

James set up the webcam for me yesterday so we can keep an eye on her when im at work if no one can be around, just in case! her sue date is 22nd/23rd april though, so still a week or so to wait!
I'll have the cam running through and if you are wanting to be tld when its all happening, make sure i have you mobile number!

megs 2nd scan