Monday, 24 November 2008

more fish...

well we have some newbie fish...2 dalmation mollies in the big tank, the female is pregnant, and a big sailfin boy with a few orange speckles aswell, the others are some gupies, mainly femails to go with the boys, we arent fussed about them breeding, but it would be nice, we shall see! 2 of the girls appear pregnant, so wether or not they will survive we have to wait and see... we have the breeding box cleaned and ready...

exmouth juniors had another thrashing this weekend, 11-2 i think it ended up as!

the boys were warming up for a good half an hour, unfortunatley they got ready too early! .....and got a touch mucky!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

poor kipper!

well kipper came home on friday with his ear held to the side, and blood over his trip to be ckleaned and anti biotics, he was collarless too, and i had heard some cat fight noises a little while before, but as a normally placid boy i was surprised it was him part of it!!
he didnt seem too bad, had the stuff from the vets, came home, been cleaning it etc....but yesterday he came in about tea time, with goo everywhere, his ear was like a cauliflower! the small nicks are 4 tooth holes, had to take him back to vets as was 10 times worse, i cleaned the most of it off before hand as was shaking his head and sending blood and yuck everywhere, he majorly protests about going in the box, im now sporting some lovely scratches!

the pic on the left was saturday morning, looking much better

he's had to have his ear shaved, there was a nother hole further down by his head also he is hating us right now, but still came up for a sneaky cuddle last night

looks really grim, the vet thinks it may be deformed now too...
this is how it looked after the vet clipped it...he wasnt a happy boy....

Monday, 17 November 2008

south devon match

well hontion won!!! bit of a surprise, didnt think we would!! we seemed a touch out numbered, but held our own! loads of fab places for people new and experienced!

meg was my biggest surprise, hopefully the first of many clears!! my first official clear with meggie since i started training her 2 years ago 9 ok so its been on and off!!) but we came 3rd in 5-7 jumping! a fraction off of james pill's time, but im pleased as he can run!!

terra also had a nice surprise, the first few runs were a bit pants.... but then she came away with a 5r on a jump and a 5th place in the beginners class!

very good day,we both came away feeling very positive that training is benefitting us in the little we manage to fit in....or afford!

got some new batteries for the heres a daizy fix

1st harrjak litter...

turn 6 today,

very proud of my babies!!

Monday, 10 November 2008

this weekend

well i had a good one for a change!
had training at buckland with lee gibson on saturday avo, meg was a plonker and all the wait training we have done, didnt work!! so we have lots to work on with her still, on lee's suggestion we are also going to get out the training weaves and work on her finding entries from all angles, as she is hit or miss at the moment, how tim trained her ( or lack of training) is finally being forgotten and she is working really well for me. i will try and get some video of her training too and put something together.

we had dartmoor show on sunday, i went up with claire in her van, with just the 3 competing dogs, harv was surprisingly only given 5f for refusal!! i think he should of had a few more tho as he had a few runs back to bark at me!! meg was my biggest acheivement though, she had a lovely run in the agility, we almost appeared to know what we were doing! she picked up a 5 on jump 5, then wrong end of the tunnel ( 11) resulted in an E, but its the best run i would say we have had in a show so far, big thanks to clive for a lovely course!

honiton club did very well, past and present members! rob and maddy had lots, and won g4 agility, sam and jazz won agility also, selena and zoe, again a win in agility, sarah and jess another win, jumping for them lots of places for everyone else too, fab day all round!

Monday, 3 November 2008

awwwww puppies!!!

heres a video i knocked up of the gunran puppies i went with lols to drool over at the weekend!

...i have my favourite, apart from flynn of course lols! one of the black and white girls is gorgeous!!!

never mind...cant have any more for now!!!! 7 is plenty!!!

hope you enjoy the video!

not a lot happened here over the wekend, halloween was fun, i took harry out with lydia trick or treating ( pic to follow!) and holly was a fairy, harry made some wings especially for her to come!

all but meg and terra had the d & v bug, but that all seems to have passed...hooray! my mop died thru over use i think!!!