Monday, 16 November 2009

dartmoor show

well as normal we came away with nothing, but lack of training just latley hasnt helped! after the match next weekend i'll have all winter to get meg working on the things we struggle with.... that'll be everything then!!!!
Romi is settling in well now, a few mis haps here and there still but thats to be expected! although poo-ing on my sofa wasnt appreciated!!! :( git!
still working on the rabbit obsession, but his general focus is good, unless there is really mad and fast moving tempatation ( reef playing by the ring on saturday!!) then its hard, and i have to remove him from the situation to get the attention back - but he is more focused that daizy, so hopefully we'll be able to work on this!

went for a group walk with all 8 dogs on sunday, he was very good, it was his first time in the week of having him he has been off lead! he stayed with us and recalled really nicely, tried hanging from meg, but she soon sorted that if only she would with daizy!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

UKA Cornwall

Big well done to Claire and Wren on Winning their class by a clear 5 seconds! fab stuff!

little zigwig also managed a 2nd...although it wasnt clear! i was still very please as she kept herself together for a whole run! her agility was nice, and she made the weaves without skipping the middle! so very good day for her! Meg was a bit hyper and is being silly at the mo, she decided to launch off the seesaw, both times ....i put her back over properly thanked the judge and took her out via the last jump...her jumping was much better, i think we took a tunnel by mistake, but i had forgotten where i was going by then! by the time steeplechase was running she was off her trolley and was pinging here there and everywhere!!!

ah well dartmoor next week!!

meet roman...

Meet our new addition - Roman, aka Redcharisma the merchant!
He is settling in really well, a little TOO well at times!
A bit of a monkey, he is finding his feet, and daizy thinks he is great!

Monday, 2 November 2009

well done wrennie!

BIG well done to the lil red blob wren!
2nd show, and a 2nd place!!!
fab stuff, im sure its a great start of things to come!!!