Friday, 24 February 2012

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney )

Spring at last :) i've seen my first daffodils so i know its here properly!! fingers crossed it will be good weather this year!

Well i have started my weight loss journey yet again, but as i was working my way back to 19 stone i figured i better do something serious about it! SO step one, was changing eating habits, 2 months on, 1 stone lost, now most of you know im an impatient person, and i want results faster than that!! SO i have now started on upping the exercise... obviously after gaining so much weight, i ache, i get tired, i feel weak... so all has to be undone and start all over! The dogs are getting an extra walk each day that they dont mind, now i have to up my game even more, so i have started to walk into work after lunch, doesnt sound much, but the walk there and back after work is 3 miles... the worst bit for me though is its all hills!!!!

The dog training is coming along well, a slight set back having the 3 of us hit with a really bad cold, only to get another straight after, we have really not been well with it, so getting anything more than once a week for the last few weeks has been very hard work! Now we are snot free and can breathe again, so im back to it!!
Chase & Daizy took part on a training day with young Neil Ellis last weekend, handled by Lydia. She really enjoyed it, was definatley more on her level! Both dogs behaved, but there is massive amounts to get done, so my plans are being adjusted to suit each one to progress on to being able to get into the ring. I have entered 2 shows in Cornwall for April, so I have to get it moving more :)
Loki is getting along with her jumping, i still have moved the poles to 'proper' small height yet, i would rather keep her motivated and moving! She loves the tunnel, and is coming along with her contacts, we have opted for 2 on 2 off with her aswell as the others. Her weaving hasnt progressed too much yet, as she doesnt like the swivel based channels we have at home :(

Chase.... one step forward then another back!!! His jumping and looking ahead is really coming along nicely, he is doing some nice sequences and really coming along well with his jump work, i havent broken his 'wait' yet either!! With his weaves, we have decided to try him on the 2x2 method, meaning i will have used each method available to train, hopefully meaning i have a better understanding to be able to teach others in the long run :) its still early stages but he is doing really well so far!
Chase showing agility, natural style!!

All the others are doing well, no real updates from them!

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3rd March was the sad anniversary of Jak passing, was a sad day, but we made sure we took the dogs somewhere he would approve of :)
he even got a mention from claire on our mini walk too, remembering how he used to chase a stone in a circle before picking it up, his teeth were rubbish and really ground down,
as this was a real love of his :)

Miss you x