Friday, 25 July 2008

ahhh puppies

well im a kinda gran again, popi ( megs sister, josies daughter) had pups this week, 2 boys and 4 girls! same as meg and josie have both had, how funny!!! they look very sweet and well marked too (popi's blog is in my links to see pics - they are all spoken for!!)

it's all got me thinking about which dog to use for megs last litter, i love boo and my boo babies so far, but i think i want to try something different this time, so im liasing with a lovely lady with a very handsome and powerful black and white boy, who's pedigrees compliment each other and is from a nice line ive looked at for some time! im not going to mention his name just yet incase things change!!

Daizy went along to the puppy bronze good citz class on weds, she did ok bar the recall bit, she kinda rathered sit with the nice lady who had liver schmako's wernt good enough!!! traitor!

She is sooo simelar to meg, you wouldnt of expected it as a tiny pup, but now, crikey, its gets hard to know which ones nicked your sock!
we have a show at the weekend, my aim is to get both meg and zig through weaves, dont care about anything else!!
my contact trainer is coming next week, the weaves are also out ont eh patio, so hopefully i will get a clear round this year at some blimmin point!

Monday, 21 July 2008

have had a rather eventful weekend! 1st we went on saturday to torquay to get some danios and harlequins for the big tank, as well as some backgrounds for both of them.
on the way home, the car died!!!! right on the edge of sowton estate, we managed to push it into the bus lane for the park and ride, lolly had luckily not parked far away, so she got her car, james used it to tow us back home, neither me or lols had towed or been towed before so wasnt much fun!!! had a nice tea in the farmhouse to make up for it though!!! yummy orange choc chip sponge!!!

had an extra early start to sunday! we had to meet for harrys football tournament at 8.30, which was early enough, but he woke up at 5.30, went to lay back down and banged his head good and proper! right on the side of the bed, was a huge long bump, and i could well understand the amount of tears! so i got to have a nice long dozy snuggle with him til it was time to get up, we were all knackered ( still are!) poor exmouth juniors lost every game!! all 6 unfortunatley! never mind, they played well and are being really good about losing, they always have fun and try their best!
Daizy came along for the day - she is football obsessed! she loved it, had loads of fuss, and someones sarnie, oh and bits of bacon from peoples rolls!

Monday, 14 July 2008

This weekend

we havent really stopped this week, everything is really hectic! ....and im not sure why!
ive been a bit ill so i think that has added to amounts of stress! we took Harry and his friend aaron to watch kung fu panda on thursday, that was good!!! over the weekend it was his dad's turn to have him, so we wwent and watched his grading, then went off to sort fish tanks! We have bought claires huge 240 litre tank from her, and out fish have moved in already! also we set up the goldfish tank too!!

been busy!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

washout of a weekend!

all 3 of us, plus my mutley crew, headed for rc showground on saturday avo, for a small 1 day show on sunday - weather was awful though!

after struggling with the wind, we managed to eventually get the tent up and sit in the dry for a while whilst eating our chinese takeaway! the dogs didnt think much to it really either!

the next day was a lot nicer, the tent dried out nicely to be packed up and the dogs all behaved, had a nice run with ziggy ( just those pesky weaves again!) and i got comploetely lost running megs jumping course!

never mind, was all good fun and was an enjoyable weekend despite the weather!

next show isnt til the end of the month now - so will be weave training alot!

we get our new fish tank this weekend! cant wait!!!!