Wednesday, 30 January 2008

well meggie is getting rounder by the day!!! she is 5 and a half weeks now, due date is about the 23-4th feb, she has started to have lunch aswell now, and her evening meal is slighlty smaller as she is taking forever but i think she dosent want the other dogs eating it either! so hopefully she wont struggle with eating it this way - once her box is made ( must remember to go crack the whip some more!!)she will have her meals in there without the others being a threat to her meals. She's loving all the attention, shes had visitors just to say hello to her tummy i reckon!

once i find the lead for my phone i will stick a few belly shots on her pregnancy page on my site, but for now the lead is still AWOL!

here is a pic by steve from the weekend though, she is gorgeous as ever - AND she knows it!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

megs 4 week scan

meg's 4 weeks scan - spot on 28 days

the scan showed 4 pups very clearly, possibly more hiding, but with shadows the vet couldnt say for sure!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Boom Babies!

well i have good news! we are expecting puppies! meg had her scan on saturday (21 days) to confirm if she is pregnant or not, the vet was happy he saw possibly 3 blobs there, but wants to do another next sat ( 19th) to try and do a rough count! the pup in the pic is the circle black blob to the middle -left