Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Good Night Josie x

Waggerland Josie
13/12/95 ~ 24/07/11

Josie aged 15 and a bit
Josie aged 5, when she lived with us
Josie aged 9

Sunday morning i had a call from Richard to say Josie had been given sleep, she had gone downhill in the last few weeks, and the time had come to free her from the pain that was taking over

Good night and god bless josie-bean, you will be greatly missed, you have left such a great legacy, meg, tig & pop have produced stunning litters thanks to you, and you were the start of my fantastic harrjak line, so i thank you sweetie x My interest in dogs was started with Josie, she was the first dog i took to obedience classes, and then we played in agility too, never one for weaving as she would tug a toy or take food, but would chase and herd a tennis ball! Her funniest trait had to be emptying the toy box whenever she could - by surrouding you with toys, if you still didnt cave and throw one, she would start onbits of rubbish from the bin! Ever so cheeky, she would follow a ball anywhere - and did once through a glass window, shredding a back leg in the process...but still bought the ball back!! but she did calm down as she matured, and was a good mum once the hormones took over :) Her one and only litter, are tigger, Joe, murran, megan, popi & heli, a fantastic litter that love to work, so her great work ethic has been passed down to other agility generations.

Although she didnt always live with me, i feel very grateful to have been part of her life, such a special girl, she missed being an only dog when she first moved in in 2000, it took her some time to settle, especially with holly! Jak was pleased to have his big 'sister' with him, and i think she was very pleased to move back in and have control over the toys once more when Rich & Jess moved back to the UK!

Go find Jak and go tell him to play ball, you know he is a sucker when it comes to you :) x

Friday, 15 July 2011

Well done to Rave :)

Well done Rave, Harrjak blink and you'll miss it,
He qualified for the Alpha Agility Challenge Final to be held at Malvern Autumn show in September

Friday, 8 July 2011

would you believe it...

i/we have actually done some training!!!! and video'd a little!!!

meg and zig worked on contacts & weaves, and turns on jumps with harry, then dai and terra did a little of all sorts, chase and loki did some low work, and chase then some boxes at std uka height :) he is quite wide still on turns but does respond well, he is faster over straight lines!!