Tuesday, 28 April 2009

no-show :(

well after rushing about all week to put tenting stuff together, we got half way to cornwall on saturday to hear show was cancelled! i only had 4 misfits with me, harv, zig, terra and daizy, meg is is season so she stayed at home with james, and the 2 oldies didnt have any runs either so better for them to stay put at home. James was put out, meant he didnt get to have his slob about weekend after all!

daizy has been pretty good lately, recalls now arent a problem, she is still hanging from meg at times, so still having to work on that with her, meg STILL doesnt tell her off!! Worked on some jumps and through the channels

wedding stuff is all going well, lollys dress is now in store, so just waiting on lydia's now. been and discussed final menu with Anita & Stuart at the Manor Cottage and we've sampled a cake from M&S which was really nice!

Monday, 20 April 2009

finally megan...

well she has left it as long as possible, but meg decided to come into season this weekend!! about time too i hear you shout!

with the timing beign only 3 months to the wedding though, i wont be breeding from her on this season, it will be a case of waiting until her season after the wedding is done and dusted, as it wouldnt be fair not to spend all my time possible rearing a litter and looking after meggie too

apologies to those waiting, but its out of myhands im afraid! plus it gives me time to decide on which dog for definate!

Ive really enjoyed watching the videos of Rib & Quest on facebook, they are coming along so well!! Wren is looking fab too!! Daizy is still struggling with focus, and not gobbing at every other dog she doesnt know, when in a class with flynn, quest and wren, she is fine ( still a bully) but bring in a new dog and everything is out the pram! this friday she was in my friday group, i ended up getting lydia to take her out to chill back out, we bought her back in at the end, we managed some straight lines, but she didnt like woody the big soft goldie...he wasnt bothered by her, so i tried to let her get it out of system and walk away, but she was only getting herself worked up, so again, took her away. Im hoping im rewarding the positive bits, and not re-enforcing the barking, cos its a pain!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Carn Brea

1st open show of the year for me... the Harrjaks did me proud!
managed to hang about and watch a few runs, such a nice relaxing show! Murran had a fantastic clear in the agility and won the class, (i dont think we caught that on video, but did get her steeplechase run.)
Linda and missie had a 7th in the 4-7 steeplechase

Tigger and lolly had some lovely runs, clear in the jumping and only 5 in both of the other classes, on their first grade 6 courses

meg had some nice runs, her agility was a bit nuts, but thats meg all over! Due to my knee being funny, i chose not to run all of her 3 classes, claire ran her s/chase and agility, i ran the jumping ( and fluffed it due to baaad handling!)

Monday, 6 April 2009

puppy power!

well the pups are coming along lurvley... seen a video of Rib via facebook learning to weave - he's doing really well, wren, daizy and quest have a little training weekly with each other, with flynn and lolly too - here is a video of them doing one 3 jump exercise

Daiz is officially LARGE!! only by about 3 hairs, but hey who cares! I know which height she will have to train up to now, so no problem for us, just have to work harder!!
going to let her join in on friday classes with her now the course has finished, so she will have more training on a weekly basis, fingers crossed she'll be ready to compete next year!