Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Good Luck @ Olympia! & an update

To all I know going to compete, we wish you the best of luck!!
Dani with Lily, Lauren & Reef, Sarah & Cruze, Pat & Abby, Matt & Bailey & Indi, & Laura & Rodney, I hope you guys really enjoy the experience!
For those from 'down this way' a quote from a certain advert...
Big up your chest...
Represent the West...
!!! :-)
No Harrjak's there this year :( who knows what the future may bring!! ;-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As you can see Jak is getting better on his feet, he thinks he can play ball, but he really cant yet!
hasnt quite got the co-ordination still! but he is so much better than before!
SO a great update to be able to post, so proud of him and what he has overcome :)

Loki is settling in nicely, toilet training is coming along, not as quick as collies i have had, she would prefer to wee on a dog bed than a wee pad, so have to have eyes in my ass to see what she is up to! but poo-ing is much better, she cries if she needs to go overnight when in her crate, and will use the pad in the day, unless she is really caught short! lol, she obviously also will go outside! She realy is feeling the cold so her new equafleece arrived just in time, she still shakes for a little while, but being carried means she can snuggle up and warm herself up!
She has met loads of people so far, kids at school love seeing her, so she has easily surpassed her 100 people meets already so i hope she will be a nice out going little lady by the time she is allowed propely for walks!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow time!

Finally after snow being just about everywhere bar Exmouth, we had a little yesterday!
Little Loki squeaked and squirmed to be put down, so we obliged! she soon realised it wasn't all the big dogs made it out to be and came back inside my coat!!

I'm glad of a little bit of snow, really feels like winter now, this year has gone so fast, i don't know where the time has gone! I have had a wonderful fun filled year, with lots of new friends, new puppies, new experiences!

I have a winter training plan already in action, as my dogs have had numerous amounts of time outs for different reasons this year, i am having a break myself over Christmas then will be back to it with the young dogs, giving the older ones more time off to re-coup after the year.

Zig and meg i am to have better weaves with next year, contacts and jumping is coming together, and meg finally has a one jump wait! granted it isn't 100% still, more like 99% for now!

Dai and Terra are both coming together, and have had some nice training sessions lately, we have one this weekend tailored just for them, and working on some grids and striding, as both have done lots of foundation work, this should make things much easier!

Chase is starting on just about everything now, he has a good wait, he will work for toy and food, he prefers food if he has the choice! he is such a long dog, built very much like Lauren's reef, i plan on working on turns as well as straight lines, his wing wraps are lovely so I'm hoping once we get him running full speed we can keep the nice turns! lol!

Harry will be training Loki, so chase will be going back to obedience along with her, to get some good cits under his belt!!!

Ive had a bit of a break from posting on here, only a few weeks though! ;-) reading others and catching up, its hard when there are things you read that you don't agree with, or some that are outright brags, nothing worse than seeing people wittering non stop about how fantastic they are! Yes a brag if you have an achievement or something along those lines is superb, and everyone will want to say well done, but some brags now are bordering ridiculous!
Please tell me if i ever get like that! i look on the blog as a bit of a personal journey, a public diary even!! So i will share my ups and downs, i don't have many up's, so tend to post them when i do, i share some of my downs, but a recent post i had in the making has now been binned as too many people would see it as insults, and i wouldn't want that! I have decided what people do is up to them, you cant influence them into seeing what others can from outside of their bubble, they have to wait til it bursts and realise what mistakes they have made for themselves.

If people ask for advice, then do the complete opposite to what you advise, what is the point of asking it in the first place?

Following the trend of posting quotes, a couple of quotes i have seen lately seemed to shout to me:

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. ~Edward R. Murrow

Alice came to a fork in the road. "Which road do I take?" she asked.
"Where do you want to go?" responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Meet Loki

Loki is our new little addition!

She will be harry's girl, hopefully she will be big enough for agility!
she is only 1.2kg at the moment!
Her mum is a small Jack russell terrier, and her dad is a jrt x chihauhua,
she loves to play ( see her video below!)

So far she has settled in well, she tells chase off if he gets carried away with sniffing!!
Daizy and meg are being perfect welcome dogs, as is Holly who is the one she seems most taken with, she REALLY likes her tail wagging! Terra, zig and jak are acting like she doesnt exist yet!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy Birthdays! Chase & the 1st litter of harrjaks!

Happy 8th Birthday to first edition harrjaks!

Joe & Tigs @ DIN

* * * * * * * * * * *

16th November saw chase turn 1!
My ickle gangly boy is now a BIG gangly boy!!!
Lol, he is a long legged toast rack most of the food that goes in him is burnt off or flies out!
He is doing quite well on a lamb based food right now, and natures menu, so we'll see how it goes!
He is lovely to train, loves to learn, and is very keen to work for food aswell, so little tricks are ideal for him.
His pre agility is coming along nicely, he has to learn to focus more however as he has a very high pitch sqeal when things get exciting, esp when the 'laydeez' work!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Jak has Vestibular Syndrome :(

just a quickie to let everyone know that when we got home from the show on sunday jak collapsed and couldnt get back up. He is 13 and a half now, and hasnt shown many signs of aging bar the greyness and seal like bark, so was all a bit of a shock!

He is being treated, and the vet has confirmed it as vestibular, which is a severe inner ear infection, normally viral, sometimes bacterial, never the less she is treating him with antibiotics, anti inflammatories and sea sickness tablets. as as well as his balance and co ordination being affected, his eyes have a left to right constant flicker making him sway even when laid down. its sometimes called geriatric vestibular as it affects elderly dogs mainly.

I figured if i let everyone know the signs in case it happens to your dogs you know what to look for! The signs are very similar to that of a stroke.

I have everything crossed for his recovery right now x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chase training

Chase Update
His training is coming along really well, Cant believe next week he is 1!!
He is still very babyish in how he acts, he is due to be neutered over the winter, but would like him to maybe 'man-up' a bit before that happens! Although in some ways he is mature, like bitching and thinking he IS gods gift to all female dogs!
He has turned into a beautiful tall handsome boy, his jaw never righted itself so is still a good 3/4 inch over shot, which doesnt cause any issues, just gives him a very long nosed expression!
Still...maybe it'll make him mre streamlined!!!
He has a nice recall, retreive, sit, down, walk back is still hard for him, paw, other paw, and a good nose touch. He plays tuggy nicely, but does find it frustrating if he misses it and will start to nip to try and catch it, so i tend to use long toys he can get a good grip on, or food as he will work for either. He has started to get noisy in his class now, but on his own he is fab and gives so much concentration!
He is working on micro height ( below small) at the moment, aswell as poles on the floor, He loves wingwraps, and also recalls along jump lines, We have started on weaves this week, we will see how it goes with some various methods before deciding which suits him the best!
Last week we worked on feet on contacts which went well, as well as playing the bang game with the see saw. He doesnt show fear of anything, and also mastered the collapsible tunnel and 2 sections of the long jump this week.

Video shows him doing small bit of circle work , then same including a jump, then a wait onto tunnels...he likes those!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Zephyr - Harrjak Hell Raiser!

Rex now Zephyr is settling in nicely with the Brittons, they tell me he had a good few days and is just the right amount of naughty!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Master Tarnado

Mr Tarn all settled in with Jackie & family in Cornwall, looking rather dashing in his new bling!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Taylormaid, Halloween & Happy Birthday Harv!

Half term...oh joy!!! I went to crealy park with Harry, Lydia and Ellie my niece, it was PACKED! I find i dont enjoy places as much when you have to queue for so long to get anywhere!
But they all enjoyed it so was a nice afternoon off for a change!

Maid was the last puppy to leave us here at the Harrjak mad house yesterday, it was very quiet with out them last night :( miss them all like crazy already as they were such a fab little bunch!!!
Tarn went happily with jackie and terry, and is all settled, and maid ive just heard is playing nicely with Dougdog

Harv celebrated his birthday with lydia, so his day was complete, she bought him a nice new coat for the winter, now he is 10 he is officially getting old!!!! He polished off a nice birthday tea too, so i think he enjoyed his day!!!

We went to SWAT training day yesterday, great fun as always, always come away with lots of positive thoughts and comments, and knowing how well the dogs can do! Daizy worked with Lydia, as it was a working ahead and motivation workshop, i felt she would benefit the most, and as she worked she got more confident and started to work really well, i had horrid toothache all weekend which meant i couldnt even help harry eat any sweets!!!!
En-route home we stopped to see naarahs puppies at Kaydence stud, lovely little pups, and yes i have a favourite, harry too!! but sadly james is being too sensible and saying no!!!:(

Here is dai mid run!!! concentrating and everything look!!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

its all about PHAZE!!!

Phaze has settled in nicely with sarah dan and the merlie tribe down in cornwall, as you can see she has made herself quite at home!
Sarah has also gone to town on the pinkness of everything!!! She was the biggest and boldest of the litter most of the time, so im not surprised to hear how confident and cheeky she is!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And then there were two...

Well a busy few days!!

Phaze ( was Etch) left for her new home with Sarah and Dan and the mad merlies in cornwall, apparantly she is making herself heard when not allowed to join in with the big dogs!!

Barbie was next to leave, now called Holly she is also moving to Cornwall, with Sue & her family, and with 2 bc's Purdy & Tally

Rex was next, Peter & Patricia fell in love with sexyrexy, he is now call Zephyr, and has a nice 4 acre garden to play in!

Leaving Maid & Tarn until this weekend when they leave for their new adventures too.
We hate to see them leave but i know the homes they are going to will give them the love and attention ( and training!!) they need, and i hope to see you all soon!

James & I spent the weekend in Dorset on the KC judging course, Very pleased to say we both passed!
Both terra & meg are having seasons so means they can both be spayed in a few months over the winter, which works out ideally, and means they will both be finished by the time Dartmoor show comes around! Chase has sealed his fate of being neutered by creating any time the girls are near, he is like a banshee! Still he is almost 12 months, so i think he has finally stopped growing at long last!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

and so....

we finished the year with a lovely welsh show, the last outdoor one for me of the year, and my only one since dogs in need with meg having her elbow op done! she worked really well, I was really pleased, just a couple of silly mistakes, we are working towards clear rounds, and getting there slowly! I do find courses a struggle, as i didnt win into grade 6 with her, i think that is a downfall for me, Tim managed to get her to 6 with no right hand weaves, and skin of her teeth contacts, but had the added bonus, he could run! So the last year has been spent working on contacts and weaves, working on her wait and jump action, and now its just weaves and my handling to sort over the winter! Of course in between that time she has also reared a fantastic litter of puppies!

Luckily i have lovely friends who help me with my crap handling, and waddling about the ring!
I am nearing the time where i can get into some winter training (or my WTP!!) and get plans into action!!!! watch this space as i plan on lots of videos of my guys training over the winter!

I also decided, while zig isnt the fastest, she is still looking like she enjoys working, and is training well, and had her first KC clear round in 5 years with lydia at the weekend, so she is almost 9, still fit and active, her heart isnt seeming to bother her, so while she can, im going to let her carry on, who knows when her last season will be?!?!

Dai came out to class to have a break from the puppies and normal walks, and really enjoyed herself, lots of focus and we worked on snake lines and pull throughs,all at small height, and she really worked well, i plan to build her back up to full fitness ( she has stayed fit with her puppies, but i feel they need time to rebuild to be agility fit, especially when using the core muscles!!) and get her training on weaves and jumping over the winter, same with terra, who is already started on her winter training with James.

Chase is starting off on his foundation work now, he has started to notice there are young ladies in his class now, so his focus can lapse at times, and im not an exciting handler, so something i have to work on!

So lots of work to do for my guys! the oldies have it so easy, snoozing all day and pottering about!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Daizons at 5 weeks

These puppies are just FAB!!!! i can really say i am really enjoying them, yes they are hard work, as all litters are, but these guys are just WOW!

Unexpectedly Rex is re available to the right home, he is a sweet puppy, very outgoing and also very affectonate like his mum!

All of them are really adventerous, and really playful, not just with toys, also with us and their littermates, they love their food, and have taken in all new experiences in their stride!

Off to update the website with new pics, i put lots of facebook everyweek, so if you arent my friend on there, ask!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meg x Reef pupdate

Tess ( harrjak Shooting star)

Pic at 4 months ( will add a new one once i get one!)

Jack ( Harrjak Finnagons Sinatra)

Mickey (Harrjak Taking the mick)

Tatty ( Harrjak New Edition) coming up for 6 months
Dish ( Harrjak Pure Indulgence)

All pups are doing fab in their new homes! So nice to see how they grow up.
A really nice litter!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Chase Update

For those interested in my wee man... chase!

He is now coming up to 11 months, he has matured nicely, he is still entire, i would rather keep him entire until he passes the year old stage if possible so he can mature properly, as some from similar lines can be nervy and i wouldnt want being neutered to influence his personality...
Training is coming along well, he is lovely to train too,very keen, and VERY switched on!!Lol!

He knows, sit, down, paw, other paw, back (walk back) nose touch to hand and to target, and will retreive, although some objects are trickier for him to hold because of his mouth shape.

He covers the ground quickly when we play, he has a brilliant recall, even when out on his own and in a group, altho i will say in a group, i maybe have to call him twice!

He is starting training now in classes for foundation agility, he loves wing wraps and restrained recalls the most i think!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Grade 6 Trinnie!

Well done pam & trinnie for going grade 6!!!!! talk about a good 1st season!

pic coming when karen sends me one!!!!! BIG reminder!!!Lol!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

tatty update @ 5 months

Hi Chel,

Just though I would give up an update on how my little man is doing.

Well Tatty is 5 months old today and I have to say he is such a lovely
puppy very easy going he just loves people and dogs which is down to the
hard work you put into raising your puppies and making sure they are
socialised as much as possible.

Took Tatty to Thatcham Uka show last week and Tatty started to gob off
at the dogs in the ring but thankfully he is a demon on a toy and I was
able to distract his attention with a toy. I have put a lot of work into
Tattys playing with a toy and can now play with him anywhere despite
whatever is going on around him.

Tatty can do a down, Sit, Walk back, and knows his left and right. He
loves hand touches and his nose touches are just brilliant. Have not
done any jump bumps with him yet I want to wait until he matures up a
bit more. But have done some restrained recalls through jump wings and
have just started to do some wings wraps but not to many.

Yesterday I tested my recall with tatty I took him blackberrying with me
and two other dogs in the beginning he went really wild and run around
but came back every time I called him so was mega pleased with him. The
other dogs have taught tatty how to get blackberries of the bush and now
he will not stop eating them.

I so thrilled how my little tatty head is doing in his training but must
make a special mention to my very good friend and agility buddy Jill
Holness who has helped me with Tatty's training keeping me both
motivated and on track and without whose help Tatty and I would not have
achieved some much in such a short time. Thanks Jill you are a fantastic

Really looking forward to the winter to continue Tatty's training with
his best puppy friends Juice and Zing and Jill.

Grandmother Flicky sends hugs and kisses to her grandchildren. And
Auntie Becks and Uncle Sunny do not do hugs and kisses but say hello.

Will keep you update on how Tatty's training continues.

Take care

Joy and the Flickcee Border Collies

Thursday, 16 September 2010

eye eye!!

Day 10 and Etch is the first to open an eye!
loving this litter they are soooo gorgeous!!
But then they all are!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The next generation has arrived!!!

big welcome to the world the 3rd generation of harrjaks!!!

Dai & len have 2 boys and 3 girls, all little crackers, a very beautiful litter!!

She did a great job giving birth , after a worrying start when the 1st pup appeared he was one foot first! she has taken to being a mum very well and is really doing well with them!
http://chel.camstreams.com/ - is the webcam link, to see her with her pups!

visitors are welcome!!
(All pups have homes lined up already)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Grade 7!!!!

Massive well done at congratulations to Linda and Missie ( Harrjak Guided Miss Isle) on going grade 7!!!!!


Friday, 27 August 2010

poor meg!!

poor meg!!! she looks so forlorn!!
she had a burst cyst on her elbow which had to be sorted surgically after a couple of courses of anti biotics and draining the fluid, it hadnt sorted it, so surgery was the last option. she has a drain in place and the cyst removed. she is 24 hours out of surgery now, last night she was very trembly, but ate a small dinner and managed to get her lampshade off over night!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Harry's 1st show - dogs in need

ok so not the best show as you 1st, especially if you have been slak at training... but here is a few bits from harry's runs over the last week, also some of the training DIN put on for juniors.

Harry loved it and cant wait for more, and is really keen to actually train now after watching some of the kids there handle their dogs, so fingers crossed for a clear round next year!!

Here is Simon with Bob @ the 6-7 finals...needs sound to be appreciated!

Monday, 23 August 2010

we have returned!

We have had a lovely week of great times and great company, thank you all for a lovely lovely holiday! We came away with no rosettes but also no regrets, meg worked well, zig was pretty good for zig nowadays, ( i do feel this is her last year for kc shows now!) chase thought every dog he met was there for some special chase luvvin, the oldies got to snooze in the garden lots, we had a lovely shady spot under the trees and near the heath meaning the oldies got to enjoy nice walks without trekking to get to the actual walk first! will definatley be asking for the same spot next year!

While we were away we also set up discussions with Omnipro, the main sponsor of the show this year, we are very impressed with the food and the range it covers, and have moved all of our dogs onto this aswell, and have bought home lots of goodies to also become stockists for it.

Chase is now very tall dark and handsome! most women's ideal!!!
thanks graeme for this pic, it shows his personality soooo well!

* * * * * * * *

As you can see dai is getting a nice little belly,
and today (monday 23rd) we can feel them moving!!!

* * * * * * * *

And as you can tell.....I let all the nutters have a harrjak!

Lols & claire's DIN batman and Cat woman pairs!!

* * * * * * *
Wren @ DIN by Graeme
Tigs @ DIN By Roger