Thursday, 30 September 2010

Grade 6 Trinnie!

Well done pam & trinnie for going grade 6!!!!! talk about a good 1st season!

pic coming when karen sends me one!!!!! BIG reminder!!!Lol!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

tatty update @ 5 months

Hi Chel,

Just though I would give up an update on how my little man is doing.

Well Tatty is 5 months old today and I have to say he is such a lovely
puppy very easy going he just loves people and dogs which is down to the
hard work you put into raising your puppies and making sure they are
socialised as much as possible.

Took Tatty to Thatcham Uka show last week and Tatty started to gob off
at the dogs in the ring but thankfully he is a demon on a toy and I was
able to distract his attention with a toy. I have put a lot of work into
Tattys playing with a toy and can now play with him anywhere despite
whatever is going on around him.

Tatty can do a down, Sit, Walk back, and knows his left and right. He
loves hand touches and his nose touches are just brilliant. Have not
done any jump bumps with him yet I want to wait until he matures up a
bit more. But have done some restrained recalls through jump wings and
have just started to do some wings wraps but not to many.

Yesterday I tested my recall with tatty I took him blackberrying with me
and two other dogs in the beginning he went really wild and run around
but came back every time I called him so was mega pleased with him. The
other dogs have taught tatty how to get blackberries of the bush and now
he will not stop eating them.

I so thrilled how my little tatty head is doing in his training but must
make a special mention to my very good friend and agility buddy Jill
Holness who has helped me with Tatty's training keeping me both
motivated and on track and without whose help Tatty and I would not have
achieved some much in such a short time. Thanks Jill you are a fantastic

Really looking forward to the winter to continue Tatty's training with
his best puppy friends Juice and Zing and Jill.

Grandmother Flicky sends hugs and kisses to her grandchildren. And
Auntie Becks and Uncle Sunny do not do hugs and kisses but say hello.

Will keep you update on how Tatty's training continues.

Take care

Joy and the Flickcee Border Collies

Thursday, 16 September 2010

eye eye!!

Day 10 and Etch is the first to open an eye!
loving this litter they are soooo gorgeous!!
But then they all are!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The next generation has arrived!!!

big welcome to the world the 3rd generation of harrjaks!!!

Dai & len have 2 boys and 3 girls, all little crackers, a very beautiful litter!!

She did a great job giving birth , after a worrying start when the 1st pup appeared he was one foot first! she has taken to being a mum very well and is really doing well with them! - is the webcam link, to see her with her pups!

visitors are welcome!!
(All pups have homes lined up already)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Grade 7!!!!

Massive well done at congratulations to Linda and Missie ( Harrjak Guided Miss Isle) on going grade 7!!!!!