Thursday, 22 September 2011


a pic of my guys altogether :) look no lead on Loki!!! Harry has worked really hard on getting a 'wait' from her, he has done so well!!

not a long post as im up to my eyes sorting show stuff, and trying to work at the same time, not a good mix, not sure how others manage, and im getting loads of help too!!! I havent been involved in running a show in some years now, lots has changed!
thank you in advance to all those helping us this weekend, its such a big venture, we are such a small club in comparison to some, and running with another small club from the area is working really well, so lets hope we have good weather!

Thursday, 15 September 2011


my gorgeous boy, nearly 22 months, he is such a good FUN dog, he has a great personality, jumps up wayyyy too much but does love his cuddles. He is having fun with training, and has now started on some weaves

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

So close I can almost touch it!!!

nearly nearly nearly have completion on a field! not to buy , just to rent, but lots of paperwork to ensure i wont abuse it!! so i dont mind, as i like to think of myself as a trustworthy person, with pretty well behaved canines!!! ;-)

this blog post i have taken the descision not to moan about anything!!!! so it may be a short one!!!! haha!!

a few well dones! to Trinnie & Pam, and to Graeme & Rib, their first outings at olympia semi's, blinking well done guys for getting to them, im very proud of you both :)

I said it so much over the weekend, especially to poor lolly who listens to so much of my moaning and general crap i may be dealing with or feeling! ( thanks lols!!x) but i am so excited to be getting somewhere to actually train myself and my own dogs, you wouldnt believe how long i have been looking for somewhere nearby that i can use whenever i like! SO now i have to scrape some equipment together, i already have a few bits, and im making my own jumps!! haha, pics when they are done!!

Zig & meg didnt get any clears this weekend, so no show news to speak of!
Loki is now a proper young lady as is having her first season :)

I have some workshops booked with the lovely Toni Keating over the winter, and also Laura Chudleigh is coming down this way for a few training sessions, so I have also booked in with her. I have also promised Hdcs members we will hold some workshops targetting specific areas over the winter aswell, so hopefully they will be popular as always :)

A brief puppy mention, Geena is getting very large and is due at the end of September, such a lovely girl, pups from these two im sure will be amazing!!!

I saw quest ( meg x boo) working at gillingham this weekend, she wasnt the most confident of worker to start with, but is definatley looking good now!!!!