Thursday, 17 June 2010

lost camera!

apologies for the lack of updates, my camera decided to go awol! i have aother so will top up the batteries in them!

4 of the pups have gone off to their new homes over this last week, and r/p now tatty ted is off tomorrow :( it sure is quiet without them all!!!! still im sure my dogs can soon fill the silence!

with the pups going it means i can get back to training with my lot, daizy did some very nice grid work on monday evening, chase did some play stuff with wing wraps and general going away to a dead toy, terra still has a bit of a sore spot from her leg staples, so she hasnt been up to much, and meg and zig also got some weave preactice in, although it was so hot it was short & sweet!

last weekend at Selena and Sharons UKA show the girls came back with a 2nd with zig in beginners agility, and meg had 3rd in Novice agility, zig also managed 2 other clears, one in beginners jumping and one in novice steeplechase

Monday, 7 June 2010

almost 7 weeks

2 pics of monkey jam this week, as he was insisting on having all the nice pics taken of him!

All pups passed their health test with flying colours, 1st vaccinations done, just chips now on thursday, the pups are all outgoing and find new things interesting, they have been carried out and about where we live to meet some different people and see cars and things, all part of their socialisation. The local kids also find them great fun, so we have had lots in over the week as its been half term! The cats are being very tolerant, and the rabbit is being yapped at to play through her run, but they are avid explorers and getting into everything!!!!

I hope the people who think i dont bring my pups up 'properly' read this and i welcome them to come and meet me and my pups and see for yourselves what goes on! I have decided not to let silly small minded peoples comments get to me, i know who they are and i know they will never have a puppy from my breeding, so really its their loss!

Well Done Trinnie!

i love having to post so many well dones!!! massive well done to Pam and Trinity ( Harrjak Trinity) winning medium grade 3 Agility!!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

content puppies...

here are the pups all crashed out after playing for the evening, big sister daiz is loving helping out and has taken on helping to clean them, help eat some dinner, help play with toys....!!!!
she is being really good with them and im loving the fact she is so maternal!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What a fab weekend for the Harrjak's!

Well done to the red Harrjak's this weekend,
Missie & Linda 1 win away from G7 by winning another G6!
Java & Lynne won their way to G3 by winning G2 Agility,
and Claire and Wren won Grade 3 into Grade 4 @ SWAT!!!
Very proud of you all
Well done!!


Big Bov.... now dash

RP - now tatty

Jam - now Jack

Marmite...maybe Mick

All the pups are fat and playful, their personalities are starting to come out, they all have a bossy streak, bovril is independant and likes to explore, marmite loves speaker cables and playing rough and noisily! , pixie is normally in trouble somewhere or another depending on where she decided to investigate, rp and jam both like to walk around with toys, and take them off to hide and chew ! They all enjoy using daizy and chase as climbing frames, and they both play really well with them, jak is teaching all about mannars, being the grumpy old git that he is! Kipper is doing a brilliant job as usual being cat tester, they find his tail the most AMAZING toy ever, and stalk him to play tuggy with his tail - he lets them if they play gently, but tells them when enough is enough!

They are all really outgoing, im pleased to say not one of them is shy, they all enjoy being outside playing, they have experienced rain aswell, they ran to dry spots to start with, but now they just dont care!!Lol! 11 o clock is bed time for them at the moment, and we dont hear a peep until 7.30 ish - perfect!

All the pups passed their PRA eye test, which i have done for every litter, its not something i'd ever chance missing, they have final vet check and chip on friday...that'll be fun!