Monday, 28 September 2009

dd & Honiton Show

wasn;t the weather fab! couldnt of really asked for better, could of asked for better ground, but hey suppose we couldnt have it all! if the game fair had cleared up after the clay pidgeon shoot, we would of had less of a mountaside agility landscape to deal with! couldnt be helped though, and im sure people would rather have had it on the hilly ground rather than call the show off!

For those who dont know i fell over on tuesday, and badly sprained my ankle, after tearing ligaments last august im paranoid of doing it again, i fell over at training on tuesday ( blimmin terra!) so james wouldnt let me run over the week end, luckily for me i didnt, as just the general helping was eough, ive had to ice pack it after each day!!!
meg had some lovely runs with lolly, and volunteer junior handler Ro also ran her in the 1-7 class on sat, and my sister lydia ran her in collie jumping on sun.
the rest were normal really, harv demolished most of the course, NOThING like at training right now where he is doing so well! Terra bumbled in the anysize ( only had asj on sunday so she only had one run) ziggy ran with lydia, one class was just a 5 for going under a jump, the rest was weaves mainly, so lydia set the 6 up on the patio and trained them all for 10 mins each on saturday night!
daizy was daizy, thanks joy for helping me the other day - hopefully i will look at things more differently and try and concentrate on one job at a time!!!!lol!!!

Steve came along for pic taking, so hopefully when he has a minute he'll off load them on the pc..... not a hint in the slightest....honest!

MASSIVE well dones have to go to Linda & Missie, what a little star!!! 2 wins i think it was this weekend, and a second too, fab stuff! Grade 6 now!

well done the the guys and gals who had their first shows this weekend, and good luck to quest on your first show next weekend!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

my guilty pleasure!!!

after reading the first book, i decided to go for the movie, well this is my guilty pleasure...yup - twilight! loved it!!!! ok so it maybe aimed at teens, but i thought it was really good!
cant wait for the next movie, and to read new moon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

black and white daizy...

Thankyou to fay for emailing me a copy of this lovely drawing of daizy, i think its fab!
To see more of her work, go to her website:

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Daizy moo training

We have finally start daizy on 2 x2 weaves last night, all went well for our first session, i have to keep things short and sweet, we did 6 minutes before having a play and going back inside, she will have up to 10 mins again tonight, and see what she has remembered! I will try and video her so i can keep a progress diary running

We have booked in some lessons for both terra & daizy, so watch this space!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gillingham show & training

I had a lovely evening training with Terra with Ian out at Buckland last night, she listened and did really well, it really inspired me to think she could really be quite good! she isnt a naturally talented agility dog like some, so it will be a hard slog over the winter, but im really going to start pushing her more to get her working nicely and ready to compete next season.

Daizy also had a good session, she isnt very tug or toy orientated, so we used food and a magic pot, she was sending onto jumps nicely and onto the tunnels, so we made some good progress!

i'm holding out lots of hope for the future with these two now!

We went to gillingham show this weekend, i had to leave earlier than planned as both harv and zig had the squits, so neither ran and were confined to the camping area, ( ive just changed food from skinners to arden grange) i dont think the changover has agreed with them, so we are back onto skinners for another bag, and a more gradual changeover! We had no clears, my knee swelled up, and karen drew the short straw to run meggie for me in the agility on saturday (thank you!)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

change of plans.....

sorry if i seem to be chopping up previous plans!!! but there is good reason, we have decided we obviously cant have a litter from terra, so started to look into black and white dogs to use with meg, now lauren has recently had puppies (see them on the devongem blog link to the side of here) with megs litter sister, the fantabulous Popi, to her other dog Reef... soooo after deciding i liked what markings etc they produced ( i was looking to see how much white they had) we have decided to use him with meg, we still have chances of tri ( hes had some in the pop litter) and according to anadune there is also chance of reds as well as the expected black and whites, they should have interesting personalities as well as markings, and be very high drive as both parents are too. obviously pups are what you make them, i do already have a waiting list for meg pups, but im always happy to take more interest as you never know when the time comes!!!!

Reef's KC name is Darleyfalls no Feer, TNS and CEA dna tested normal, hip score of 6/6

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

granny again...

congrats to popi & reef on the 5 new Devongem babies throughout the evening last night and the wee hours of this morning! all black, 3 boys and 2 girls, a couple are possibly also tri's. see pics on the devongem blog...:



Daizy is still coming along slowly but surely, she is working well within the small group at the barn, if i could afford to take her anywhere else at the moment, i really would, but as it stands i cant, so we have to make do! Meg i have decided to take back to targeting on contacts, after 3 sessions now, she has picked it up really well again, hopefully it will rub off in the ring! Terra also had a good few training sessions this week, working some nice contacts on friday, tehn on saturday also doing full height at newhall! she is slowly coming together, james will have great fun in running her soon at the only 2 shows ive entered the rest of this year!