Monday, 9 May 2011

must be getting old!!!

Zig weavingMeg


This was taken by my brother steve - a fantasic pic i think!

I am knackered!
after an eventful weekend, we have to say good bye to our show tent :( its given us a good year of trade stands, but the wind at taunton racecourse was just too much for its little legs, and we left it looking and feeling sturdy on saturday night after setting up james' course for agility on sunday, to arrive sunday morning to find half of it bent and buckled and on its knee's :( !!!!! We managed to bend and twist things back into place enough to hold for the day, and anchored in in several more places, but didnt risk putting the side on else would have made it more kite like!

In general, Tail -spin had a good day :) dog run wise, i only had zig and meg entered and they only had 2 runs each, we had several faults in each run, and handler memory loss in zigs jumping but we had already missed the weave entry :) very hard running zig again after just running meg and training the young guys, but was nice :) i look forward to running her more again

Chase will be training more now he is back in action off lead, so can start doing some gentle bits that will help him with his learning :) He is so gangly and goofy, he is great fun to train and i love him to bits, he reminds me of Jak in so many great ways :) x

Dai & Terra are still working on jump style and full height jumping, they are coming on slowly, but im not having time to take all my bits to the park to do any at the moment, so they can only do once a week at the barn on club night after ive finished training

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