Tuesday, 8 February 2011

junior in the making??

Harry as you can see is beginning to understand a little more about handling and less about running like a fish out of water with arms and legs flailing about!!
Zig is ideal for him to learn with as she is pretty consistant and has a nice wait already! unfortunatley at shows she is very different and has always suffered ring nerves, so some days she has really 'off' days where she worries her way around a ring, at which point i take her out and we have a play instead, so it means harry gets to have some fun training her, and maybe running her at some uka shows, she is happier with lydia running her or myself and is more confident with us, so shows for harry will be meg and sometimes tigs, and hopefully lynne and amy will remember their offer for ykc run for him at DIN this year too!!lol!

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