Wednesday, 16 February 2011

end of winter?

I think is slowly coming upon us, at long last! i hope the better weather will pick jak up a little too :) he has some pain in his hip, making it hard to pick him up to take him in the van for nice walks, so for now he jumps in the side door with me giving help using his harness he has commandeered from chase as its padded underneath too. he is happy in himself and this week i had a lovely lunch time welcome of him standing on the sofa pulling his lips up in his silly smile, something i havent seen for a while, so im hoping it means he is feeling better in himself. His prostate was a little large on our last check, and his wee still contained blood, i have changed his diet, as he is such a fussy eater he wont eat dry food, so is on lifestages meat, with a little burns mixer which he is eating with gusto, so hoping he will feel stronger now he is eating more. I have taken Helens advice ( see comment on my last posting) and jak has lots of hugs every day, i just have to close my eyes and i know exactly the shape of him to hold, thank you helen for that :-)

Anyway, enough of depressing myself, back to some thoughts on things! I like to forward plan important things, ie breeding, which to me is important. Good breeding is something you dont see and hear of too often in our sport, and i was lucky enough to have an email and a phone call from a lady i knew of, but didnt know too well, who said i was the 'best and most ethical' breeder they knew of (yeah it shocked me too!!) and could i help advise her, so i did my best, and she seemed to take on board what i had said too, she asked if she could send me something to say thank you for my help, but i pointed out, what kind of breeder, trying to better the bc breed, would want something as a thank you? Just by thinking about the lines, the temperament and the health of the breed is what is thanks enough.

Now i think of myself as a good breeder, not the best i have no doubt there are better than me out there, but i do and always will try my best!
My plan is to breed and keep a red girl pup of my very own, to add to my line, im hoping Jinty and Tigger will make this happen! ( no pressure guys!) I know there is no reason i couldnt go out and buy a red pup, but to be perfectly honest i am fussy now! I also think that as i am having a litter, why not keep one of my own, instead of buying one in from similar lines that i may like.

I have made lots of positive steps this week into finding a field/ venue to train nearby, so fingers crossed it will happen soon, I have some pet obedience classes starting soon here in Exmouth, so things are looking up! I love training, and I love helping people that think they are stuck with issues with their dog/s and finding ways to help them..... on that note if anyone knows a way to make the hoover NOT exciting in the slightest please let me know, chase LOVES it a bit too much at times!!!lol! :)
My guys are doing well in training at the mo, im really pleased with their progress, dai is slowly moving to full contacts, terra is actually jumping and starting to weave at long last, meg is being meg, but slightly more controlled, with some fab directions now too...when i get my timing right!! Lots to work on following our jump/stride/turns workshop on sunday ( thanks Toni) but all things i can put up in our training barn :)
looking forward to friday and putting some into practice!

oh and an extra non doggy note - new Season of Bondi Rescue is slowly trickling onto youtube!!!
yay for the boys in blue ;-)

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Freddie said...

I've given up trying to de-sensitize mine to the hoover - I just don't hoover anymore!!!!