Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meg x Reef pupdate

Tess ( harrjak Shooting star)

Pic at 4 months ( will add a new one once i get one!)

Jack ( Harrjak Finnagons Sinatra)

Mickey (Harrjak Taking the mick)

Tatty ( Harrjak New Edition) coming up for 6 months
Dish ( Harrjak Pure Indulgence)

All pups are doing fab in their new homes! So nice to see how they grow up.
A really nice litter!


Gemma H x said...

Awww so cute... almost as lovely as Meg x Boo litters... not quite though ;-) x

Lauren said...

hehe oh Gemma - how could you say that ?? ;)

Lovely pics :) :)

Seeing quite a few of them at the mo so thats fab :)

PUPPIES :) :) xxxxxx

Lauren said...

Awww Gem, how could you say that :) :) :) :) ;)

Pleased to say I have been seeing loads of them - best bit about pups is seeing them all grow up :) xx

Dani said...

All gorgeous Chel. See Reef and Meg in them :-) xxx