Tuesday, 17 February 2015


wow, not very good at this blogging thing am i!! proper slacker!!! 
OK how to fit a year into one post!

Lets see, new additions! 

Unfortunately we didn't see the arrival of any puppies from daizy and troy, fingers crossed for this year for her, i have decided to use Troy's dad however this time, and see if they like each other ;-) details for the 2 dogs are on the harrjak.co.uk page under planned litters :-)

Introducing Echo to the blog! She is a little rescue pup from 'The Border Collie Spot' a little sable girl, that will hopefully be able to play in agility later on, that future is uncertain as she has a shoulder deformity and the joint isn't formed properly. The specialist surgeon we saw says with good muscle build up and exercise there should be no reason not to work with her, whether she will cope if measuring into large, I'm not sure, at the moment she is still a good 2 inches below daizy at the shoulder, so I'm hopeful that at 8 months she has stopped growing and may just squeeze into medium.... but we will see, agility life for her, and me, isn't the be all and end all, just an added perk! 

My boys are now 14 years and almost 2 years, they are both brilliant boys, I'm a very lucky mum!! 

I've unfortunately no where to currently train on my own, my lovely little field is destined to house static caravans being repaired :-( so i am looking for somewhere local to be able to train, I'm joining in some local classes with caz, liza & fern, with Loki, Daizy & Chase, and occasionally echo too

The worst loss for us all this year was our beautiful boy Kipper, he is missed SO much its unreal! :-(
I still pull up at the house and expect him to appear, meowing, telling me how id abandoned him all day and how starving hungry he was... such an amazing cat, i miss him dearly, he sadly had a large tumour on his spine, that took over in the end, he was a good boy and purred the whole time, even as we had to say goodbye when his legs had been affected :-(

Kipper cat July 2004 - 30th October 2014


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