Saturday, 6 July 2013

its been a long time....

Wow , such a long time since i updated!
SO much has happened since November, i cant believe i haven't updated my website or the blog since then!

So most of the time my time is being taken up with the adorable Jacob Michael Seabrook, Born on 5th April at 1.25pm, with a little pulling he arrived at a whopping 9lb 7oz :)
The dogs are great with him, he is used to their barking at random times, and only occasionally jumps!!
He likes meg the best, and will smile when she comes over to say hi, she likes to sit at the bottom of his chair so he can rub his feet against her :)

Daizy as predicted came into season right at the wrong time, it would of meant we would have had puppies and baby due right at the same time, and as we didn't know if i was going to have to have another c section we played it safe and held off, it does mean that the litter will go ahead on her next season, any time in July/August all being well :)

Agility wise, we haven't done alot this year, I have started training my guys again now, my hips ( SPD) comes  and goes so I've started to do more and more, I am running classes also at my field which is fun, ideally id like to make this my job!! I have another thing lined up, but will take a couple of years for me to be qualified to practice, so i have to wait for that one to start happening first!
We have competed in 2 UKA shows only so far this season, Meg has had a 2nd and a 1st :) so she isnt retiring just yet as she is still so up for it and is jumping well :) Dai, Chase and loki have some ring skills to learn still and daizy still isnt 100% focused :(

We have had a re-home dog here to stay, muffin, who we named Mabel, she has just left to live with a family in Cornwall with the hope of doing agility, she was a sweetie crossbreed, but an absolute nutter!!!!
Karrider Catch Me If You Can
13/03/2002 - 02/05/2013

The biggest change, is unfortunately the worst one...Ziggy, my gorgeous red head, went into heart failure and we had to say good bye :( the whole such a small wiggly dog could leave is immense, i miss her more than i could ever imagine, she was my one in a million, my baby girl, and my princess, she was everything i could ever want in a dog, i was very lucky to have had the time i did with her, but i miss her, every second of every day, writing this even months on, is harder than i thought it would be as i'm sat with tears and snot :(

Love & miss you zigs x x x

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nellie-bean's blog said...

Clouds and sunshine - such is life. happy times ahead with your little boy and sad times when you lose those you love. x