Wednesday, 20 June 2012

well well well!

Who'd a thunk it?!

Starting a blog with a well done from a show!!! that doesn't happen often now does it!

We went to SandS show in Taunton this weekend, and had so much wind we decided against putting up the trade stand! Meg and I came 2nd in the morning, and Meg and Lydia came 4th overall in the OJAC junior qualifier, meaning they get to go to Clevedon in December for the finals! Meg hasn't ever qualified for anything, so I am really please she could do this :)

Training of the guys is coming along well, the weather has meant its only been short sessions on and off,  loki is still way off of being ring ready, as is daizy, but chase is almost there for jumping classes at least!
All 3 are starting to show they show lots of promise, and all 3 are beginning to weave, its a long process, weaving isnt something that comes easily so i'm taking it at their own pace.

Chase is almost on complete uprights

and to finish, Daizy & Loki having a funny five minutes :)

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